What existing accessories you plan to get for your V?


For me, I will be getting a small Vertical Stand for the V. They’re cheap and portable, and that way I can work with a real ‘page view’ on word, especially thanks to our wireless keyboard!


@andybotty @netkid23 @SyrtakiVampir Tempered glass screen protectors are exactly what the name implies, tempered glass. This is contrast to your phone screen which is not tempered glass. Think windshield/windscreen glass on your car. Car windows are tempered glass because it is stronger, absorbs impacts better, and is safer because it breaks into little tiny pieces. However, it is slightly less flexible, which is why your phone screen is not technically tempered, but instead a proprietary recipe of scratch resistant, flexible, glass that is a bit softer and therefore can withstand impacts a little better. Anyways, windshields have a layer of flexible plastic laminated between the glass layers so if you get a crack or hole, the rest of the glass will still hold together. Even an entirely shattered windshield will stay in place due to this plastic layer. Tempered glass screen protectors are similar. The actual surface that you touch is glass, this is what makes them smooth and scratch-resistant. The tempering makes them absorb impact better and keeps them from slicing you up when they get shattered. And they have that thin plastic in between that helps hold everything together when it breaks.


Hey Pauliunas, I take it this is a reply to my post about the magnetic adapter? If so would you care to explain more? Do you think the magnetic field on the adaptor would play havoc with the internals? Didnt think of that one but you could be right. Let me know. Thanks.


I know this is a silly request, but could you make a cover for the V that is just a cover, that is, a dummy cover, just a flap that attaches to the base with no keyboard or anything else? I personally would like a folio case, but there are probably people here who like using their devices without a case always on it. Sometimes, they might want to carry it around with a little something extra to protect the screen but not something quite as heavy as a keyboard cover. I bring this up because I have heard of this before at TabletPCReview from several people, and it might be of interest to enough people here.


someone else requested that too. Good idea IMO. just a flap that magnetically attaches at the pogo pins or something


I am surprised nothing like this has been done yet on etsy, where people sell hundreds of custom cases and skins of all shapes and sizes all the time. This is slightly off-topic, but I think a custom tablet dummy cover or flap industry would be trendy and cool. You could custom them with your own photos and maybe even buy them with licensed graphics if it took off. It probably wouldn’t cost more than a buck or two at most for the seller to mass-produce the flap itself. It just needs to be fit to the magnetic slot across the bottom edge of the 2-in-1 device. So to any entrepreneuring people out there who want to give something new a go, keep this in mind!


I guess so far people have preferred having the keyboard cover with them even if it’s more bulks because that way if they do need to type a lot, they have the keyboard there. I agree though, a dummy cover would be great!


I bought a so called “TeansSleeve Keyboard” for my Asus VivoTab Smart.

It is an magnetically attached sleeve with a keyboard magnetically attached to it.
I can use the sleeve as stand and also as glass production with out workout the keyboard.


They could also make it colorful or to insert their own picture.


Well, the “glass” protector I had actually shattered like glass… You can’t bend it too much because it cracks, and it looks really similar to glass then. But of course, the adhesive layer is not plastic, so you can still peel it off when it’s shattered.