What existing accessories you plan to get for your V?


Those forwarding services are hella expensive, so it’s cheaper to just buy a new, unused adapter. And most of the time they’re actually scammers and never ship the parcel to you.

But we’re deviating from the topic…

Back on topic: I’ll have to get a couple of USB C to A adapters and carry them around because those C ports are quite useless anyway…

And I’d love a rugged case if it doesn’t obstruct the back (cooling issues).

Also, what do you guys think about a simple fabric cover that connects to the keyboard connector, but has no actual keys or contacts on it? Just to protect the screen when carrying it in a bag. I’m thinking about selling my keyboard to someone who needs a second one, so that would be awesome :smiley:


You sure? In the description it only says it has VGA, not HDMI, and the port right next to VGA does look like USB-C, not HDMI.


Come on, since when is 30EUR “cheap” for an adapter? :neutral_face:


Oops - thanks for pointing this out.
Then I will take this one:



If only.


I have a 34" UWQHD monitor (LG 34UM88C). I have to say that I am very pleased with it and that it sin’t to big for most desks. And it is great for multitasking, having 2 programs open next to eachother can hit the 16:9 limit. With an UW I have never encountered a lack of space when trying to place 2 programs next to eachother. And the splitscreen technology also helps a lot. Having a program at full use at 16:9 and still have a 5:9 part of the display over for quick searches or such. I think I well never get away from an UW monitor. oh and the QHD also is great. I prefer this over a multi monitor setup fpr multitasking.


yes, that’s the reason I bought the 34’ display. And connected with the V I can run 3 programs at the same time. I’m planning to set the V in front of me in flat angle to write and sketch on it with the pen when necessary…


Or use a slightlx dmsller screen and have multiple virtual desktops open. A elegant solution too i think.


@Team: Is the V screen sized closely enough to the Surface Pro 4 that I could use Surface Pro 4 tempered glass screen protectors like this one on it?


The indiegogo V’s all come with a glass screen protector. So you can have one specifically made for the V!


For non-backers, will these also be up for sale?


While it has not specifically been said, it would be crazy for them not to…


Then I am just one folio case away from purchase and that also is looking likely too. I am thinking I will probably go with the i5 model. :smiley:


worst case you can always buy the protector off one of the indiegogo backers who doesn’t want theirs (there were a few) It was a free “birthday” present from Eve to backers.


Are you sure that the screen proctector will be made of glass and is not just a foil?


I’m 99,9% sure, if it accounts for anything :smiley:

Edit: 100% :wink:


Is a glass protector made of glass it does it protect the glass?


I don’t know about this one for the V, but the tempered glass protectors I get for my mobile are really just a fancy, thicker, harder plastic or at least feel like it …when actual glass breaks, it breaks - when my tempered glass breaks, you can peel it off where it’s loose. Bottom line though, it gets the job done and I definitely appreciate Eve adding the protector to the package.


Damn, now you got me confused :smiley: I just assumed that glass protector is out of glass and not some other material to protect the glass :thinking: maybe someone from the @Team has to answer it anyways :no_mouth::sweat_smile: