What existing accessories you plan to get for your V?


If you plan to buy that MINIX adapter - look for generation 2. First generation had some problems.


Be careful, leaving a magnetic adapter inside when carrying the V around could damage the port.

By the way, anyone knows what HDMI adapters actually work? I bought one from eBay but it didn’t work with my prototype.


@pauliunas When I get my EVE V I can test MS Continuum dock (USB-C) and I’m planning to buy (probably) Huawei Mate dock later.


Heh, I meant a simple HDMI adapter, not a hub :smile: it would be a waste of money to buy those when I already have a USB hub and I don’t need any other ports… I’m looking for something under $10 that gives me a single HDMI port and nothing more :slight_smile:


Got MS Continuum for free. I saw them around 15-25 CAD on kijiji.


3 USB plus a USB C PD…

It has 3 USB-A connections, plus a USB-C (PD compatable…probably) in about the same size as our reference charger.

I’m guessing it supports PD, since it’s designed to power a MacBook.

I didn’t see the voltage details in the specifications, but it looks interesting…


Used doesn’t count. And even 15CAD is already above $10, so just nope :sweat_smile:


15 CAD is less than 11USD now. And they were unpacked not used.

For me main issue will be - how through charging will work.


I frankly don’t care if the seller says they used it or not. If I’m not buying it from an official store with official buyer protection and warranty, it just doesn’t work with me. Oh, and those second hand sites usually don’t ship to Lithuania.


Could we please keep this thread to posting accessories and not discuss the pro and con of cheap devices or the pro and con of various states of used hardware. We already have too much other threads clunged up with this.

On topic: I will try a pretty cheap Aukey portable hub as I need VGA and HDMI pretty often. This one allows even USB PD.


Does anyone know a good USB-C hub for HDMI, VGA and DVI? I couldn’t really find anything that isn’t insanely expensive :confused:


But you are not only one, who could be interested in this device …


Yes, but neither are you :wink: And neither is Lithuania the only country where they ship. They usually ship only to the US, and that isn’t preferrable because we have people from all over the world here.


They ship to Canada too … And you can get delivery service from USA or Canada to most of the world.


Yes, me too! I have looked into this Acer BE270UA 27", which is around 500 euros and about what I’m willing to pay. I have trouble finding info on it, as the BE270U model seems to be more prevalent, but it doesn’t have an USB-C connection/hub as far as I know. Even Acer’s own site fails to provide any clarification…

Here’s the only reference I have.

@dibadibadu what model do you mean? I’d be interested in checking that out :slight_smile:.


I’m checking out LG’s 27UD88-W. They also have the ultra wide version. I like the LG stand even tho its plastic. My current monitor is fine so I’m having a hard time justifying purchasing one right now. First world problems eh?

If my current monitor doesn’t break by the time i get the V, i will probably stick a normal USB-C hub on the back of it. Clean and sleek.


This is the 2017 hp envy 34 curved display. There’s also a 2015 version with speakers right and left of the display… But it’s around 1000€…


Thats a TV…:laughing:


Wow, that’s huge! Nice! If I’d put that in my office spot, I couldn’t see out the window :laughing:. Maybe my productivity would rise and I could justify the price?


The Lg version for 34’ is around 750.http://www.ebuyer.com/739136-lg-34uc98-34-curved-ips-qhd-monitor-34uc98-w?mkwid=sWA3N2WiH_dc&pcrid=51630194939&pkw=&pmt=&gclid=CjwKEAjwz9HHBRDbopLGh-afzB4SJABY52oF8JTXg19Hvh30UnCGAecbVSuI5WlBbbKWPiGiqL9njRoCzDLw_wcB

My mistake, only USB 3.0 on that.