What do youall do with old V when buying new V2,,,

everything is in the title.
Depending on WHEN the new V2 comes out, what do you all do with the old one when you buy a new one (in case the original still works)?
Sell it on Ebay? :smile:
give it to your wife :rofl: ? / or child or cousin or friend, mother, father, grandma… :no_mouth:

or sell it on Facebook in your neighborhood? :roll_eyes: (I don’t think so…)
no, serious question, though…

I managed to sell my old Surface 4 on ebay, was real lucky with that…


I’d probably leave it as a media consumption device or let my family use it for the same purpose.

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I ordered my Eve V (i7 16gb ram 512gb ssd) in Dec of '17 and received it in May of '18. I’ve had it for about 2 years now, and though I’m on my 3rd keyboard, the V is still a great device. If the new V comes out in a year or so, it’d be time to upgrade. I could sell the original on eBay or Amazon for $1000 maybe, and use the money to go toward the new V.

I will use it as a backup device when the new V gets damaged or is lost

My HEB V from December 2017 is already retired. I use it as backup device and would never think about selling it anywhere. My actually used SP6 is a candidate for sale when the new V will be available because it has no soul (I really like little defects and flaws… They make a device unique) and the screen of the SP6 is so bad in sunlight…


It would be awesome to get a cashback from eve itself once buying a new eve V, but I think it won’t worth the trade, how much could eve evaluate it? 200€ for the i5 version?
At the end I think it will become a stationary PC always connected to an external monitor in my father studio.

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I’m thinking of using it as an home automation hub. Mount it to the wall somewhere and have a camera doorbell, camera surveillance, light groups. All the fun stuff

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why, no coating?

and another question, why did '17-V retire? was the SP6 better?

were they all BT-only keyboards or replacement keyboards from EVE?
I somehow never intended to use the V keyboard and turned out it actually did have too many flaws (without being defective) so that I sold it. I use the BT-only keyboard I bought for my SP4.
I wish they would sell the V2 with only OPTIONAL keyboard. I don’t need a connected one.

The first and second one’s came from Eve. Both of their pogo pin ribbon connectors broke. Now I’m using a Brydge keyboard for Surface Pro (black) as my new keyboard, and it’s bluetooth only. It’s pretty good and it makes the V like a real laptop, but it lags sometimes.

There’s no coating on the SP6 screen and if you increase brightness for better visibility the battery is down immediately… The V was better in middle brightness than the SP6 in full brightness…
The V get retired because of a screen crack that disabled touch input. And after 2years of use my desire to buy new tech is getting irresistible…

Speaking of selling Vs, does anyone have a relative price history on the V? Interested in a timeline for the V2 and how its price will drop over time. Specifically for the i7 16GB model. Thanks!

Maybe I will use mine as a portable retro gaming station :slight_smile:

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Do you run emulators or something like retroarch? (which also runs emulators, but is more packaged…) And which consoles? :smiley:

Running LaunchBox as front end and retro arch in the background,on my V for on the go Retrogaming.
Systems are:
All Nintendo
Sega Mega Drive
Neo Geo
PlayStation 1
Commodore C64 and Amiga…

If it still works I will use my “old” V the way I used it before.

Plus I will use it to read in this community about all the errors and defects with the V2 and how you will be left allone with writing mails to support and get no answer at all.

When my V is broken I will do this with my Surface Pro.