What do you think of our new website?


Guys, we have just updated our webpage www.eve-tech.com and our about us page http://eve-tech.com/about/ ! We have made the most changes to our about us page and landing page. How do you like it?

Is it better than the previous one?

  • Yes latest version is better
  • No, I liked the old page more

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Please make sure to explain why you have selected a certain option! Also, if something does make sense to needs improvement let us know!


Just want to quickly point out, you have a g too much in beginning under the T1.


Do you mean that press section?


On the start page, the “T1 was a good begginning. Time to raise the bar.” bit.


Appealing, simple, clean. Good job :+1:


We should mention more USPs(Unique Selling Points). Here’s an old list of mine, which shows how it’s better than my current device.


Intel Core <-- watch the caps :stuck_out_tongue: otherwise, pretty darn good! Like always, hehe :slight_smile:


I really like the new site. Beautiful work.
And I really want to know what it says on the box. Intriguing.


It says the specs :wink:


What do you guys think if the about uss?



Too many Startroopers XD.
And don’t show an iPhone, but that’s just personal preference.
Great job!!!
And add more unique specs to the main page, more unique features will capture more attention.


Hmm, this is a good idea with more unique specs. But how could we add more without makiing them way too many? Cause then people would propably ignore them. we would like to have more intrigue before launch ongoing :slight_smile:


I agree with you and Antony… Maybe a small popup?


I’m not saying put all of them there.
Put ones that matter most, like

  1. Waterproof Keyboard and Stylus included
  2. Thunderbolt 3
  3. Awesome battery life
  4. 4 USB ports!
  5. Fabulous audio
  6. 7th gen CPU

And add a link like this for the whole list:
For more details, check out the SPECS page.


The new design is great! ´Some suggestions and remarks are below :wink:

  • Make the pyramid bigger (the one between ‘THE BEST FLIPPIN COMPUTER’ and ‘together with you’ for a more powerful impact.
  • Maybe put two more (so you have 5) USP because filling that space I think makes for a even better impression. Or maybe as @Ervin suggested make it a pop-up.
  • I’d like to see that box up more closely :wink: btw why does the pf there have two colours like the geode concept had? Is this an idea we’re going to pursue? Have to say I’d prefer one colour only.
  • I’d put a hyperlink on ‘The Buzz:’ to http://eve-tech.com/press/

Then on to the About page.

  • Weren’t there 24 people in your team? I only saw 16. Actually 7 and 9 Startroopers :smile:
  • Then when you say the events in Eve’s ‘life’ the text in ‘Eve insider created’ is the same as the ‘Need for change’ so I think you forgot to edit that part :wink:

There also a handful spelling mistakes but overall great site experience! :grinning:


Agree with Artur.
My list was decent, right?
We can list out the other stuff in a separate SPECS page.


I’d say,

  • Best-in-class Battery Life
  • Latest 7th Gen. Intel core CPU
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • Waterproof and wireless keyboard (included)
  • Top-notch audio components


4 USB ports is an amazing feature. Heck, my laptop only has 3 :joy: :joy: :joy:

And @Konstantinos
Remove the sticker on the box.
More minimalistic, and the sticker says Skylake and front facing speakers.


I think the others I mentioned are the best :stuck_out_tongue: But between audio and 2 usb-c and 2 usb type a ports I’d say you could put either one :wink:


One more point doesn’t hurt.
It would make MacBook and Surface users jealous :grin: