What can I realistically expect from the warranty?



I was just wondering what I can actually expect from the warranty given the current status of Eve-tech? When would replacements be possible and how long would a repair be expected to take (if repairs are possible)?


Edit for context: I’m a HEB i7 owner and my V is bricked.


Ur best guesses are when at least 3 months. (>plug>) you should to everything u can to protect ur v like it’s ur own child. I recommend a case. Oh what a coincident, im currently in the process of finalising a case* for the V available in just 2 weeks* (i hope) for some euros €1?.??:slight_smile:


3 months doesn’t sound too bad, I guess! Haha I’d get a case if my V wasn’t already dead! :stuck_out_tongue:


Interested 202020202


At the moment? Until they get a free flow of Vs out of the door. I was talking for support for 3 months and still hadn’t got a date for a replacement V. Ended up going to my CC company (UK) and getting a full refund from them + interest.


How does that work with a warranty replacement V? How long did you have your V for before you needed it to be replaced? I’ve had mine for a bit over 6 months and it just decided it doesn’t like turning on anymore, so I didn’t think a refund could be possible at this point.

Edit: Just brushed up on my Australian Consumer Law:

It seems a refund is within my rights.


In my country there is this similar consumer law as mentioned,

Lemon Law
The Lemon Law took effect on 1 September 2012. It is a law that protects consumers against goods that do not conform to contract or are not of satisfactory quality or performance standards at the time of delivery. Under the Lemon Law, businesses are obligated to repair, replace, reduce the price or provide a refund for a defective good.

The provisions of the Lemon Law can be found in Sections 12A to 12F of the CPFTA.

But how do we file a claim from this team? They don’t even have a office in my country. I’m sick of waiting game from my LB delivery LCD, housing issue, 4px till now my open case of a DEAD V in my drawer for more then 2 mths. All I got is their replies same as usual
Quote “Our goal is to have it shipped as soon as possible. Once it ships, you’ll get a tracking number.” Unquote


Vague estimated dates, frequent extensions to those dates, and ultimately disappointment and dissatisfaction.


This is exactly what I’m afraid of. I waited like 12 months to get my V in the first place (time from purchase in the initial IGG campaign), to have it only work for 6 months, and then an open ended replacement would just drive me over the edge.


The next line from what you pasted is this:

The Lemon Law covers all general consumer products purchased in Singapore

Pretty sure it doesn’t apply to products purchased form overseas vendors tbh. I suppose you could go ahead and file a case in small claims, iirc the filing fees should only be about 100 bucks but I doubt they’ll be able to do anything.


UK consumer rights are very strong in favour of the consumer. So it would still apply the replaced V.

[quote=“jimimatthews, post:6, topic:16078”]
How long did you have your V for before you needed it to be replaced? [/quote]
Just under 3 months before I saw that the keyboard was scratching the anti glare coating off the screen when closed.

In the UK, I would still be able to get my money back from the credit company.

Here is the act for UK residents: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/section-75-of-the-consumer-credit-act


This is another thing making me consider the refund, it’s all well and good if you get a perfect V first time but if it arrives with a broken screen I’d then have to wait X amount of time till I get a replacement. Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem if they had a steady stream of V’s being delivered but currently they don’t.


That’s excellent to hear! I’m definitely going to try it once I hear back from support. Thank you!

@yaustar how long did the refund take?


2 weeks. Had to go through a few calls, get an independent report of the state of the V, ship the V to the credit card company etc. The credit card company covered all costs as well.


Sounds like a bit of work, but worth it for sure. I hope I can do the same. Still waiting to hear back from support :confused:


Same here. My V doesn’t turn on anymore. First response from support was quick, but with standard hints which did not help.

The next conversations took longer and longer (with 6 weeks delay in between). All of my question asking for a refund were not answered. I issued my problem in the end of may. They promised me a replacement in June… So far i got nothing.

Then last answer an hour ago: They are not willing to give me a refund and the replacement will be shipped “during august”.
This really sucks. They have lost me as a customer. No more eve.


That’s really not okay.

Perhaps try to bring it up with your credit card company like the fellow above, if possible. Read up on your consumer rights for your country, in some countries they can’t just deny a refund.


@jimimatthews - Same problem here, bricked. Last email from Eve indicated that a replacement should be sent in August (2018?) so I remain hopeful. I’d be curious what the aggregate failure rate has been for delivered units. I know from this thread that I am not the Lone Ranger here.


Hopefully you get your replacement soon! I still haven’t heard back from support.


@jimimatthews If and when I have a replacement in hand, I will so inform you and hope yoiu will do likewise.