What are your plans for this Christmas and New Year's?


This is the question I constantly ask from everyone as we come closer to Christmas and New Year’s!
What are you plans dudes?! We have such a diverse community it would be great to hear!

As I just got engaged I will be going to meet my fiancée’s parents :slight_smile: On those days expect slow replied :smiley:


I’m going to my dad’s for a week. Nothing fancy, but it’s the longest I get to see him each year, so I really enjoy it.


Gonna be playing around with my V and relaxing wth my family :slight_smile:.


Gonna stay home with wife and kids this year. No hopping to everywhere this year.


Visiting my children with my spouse: one in England / Oxford and one in the USA / Ohio.


I’ll be visiting my girlfriend and taking the time off :slight_smile:


Spending some well-deserved time away from classes with my girlfriend and family. Hoping all community members can put aside frustrations and differences to enjoy this time of the year because after all, we too are a family! Happy holidays! :christmas_tree:


Crying under the empty Christmas tree I guess. :sob: Asking myself what crimes I’ve commited, forcing Santa Claus to hold back my Eve V. :sob::sob::sob:


Well my plan was to play with my new toy but like @UschiUschinski said, I probably did something really bad this year to be punish so hard… :sob: :sob: :sob:


Visiting family in SoCal; celebrating my daughter’s graduation from college; Disneyland :heartpulse:



In HK spending it with my extended family! Great times. Have fun at the in laws KK hope they’re fun. Mine are (no sarc).


Hopefully not dying. That would be my top priority.
Besides that, figure out what in the world I’m going to do next year as I’m graduating from my bachelor in a month… Damn that’s close…


Spending next three weeks in Thailand doing some scuba diving, eating great food and just chilling.
And hoping that when I return back home in mid of January I have finally received my LB Eve V!

Is it too much to asked? :wink:


Good Luck! :joy:

I’m going to spend time with family :grin: while studying for exams :fearful:


Frustrated at home without EVE. Can’t prepare my device for next business year.

  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Make stuff
  4. Try not to aquire debt
  5. Watch fireworks(2018 sydney)


Im gonna enjoy napping in kotatsu, as watching TV show and movies, surfing around the web, visiting Eve community to find “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” topic, and dreaming of my V to come. If you do not know kotatsu, please google up to imagine how nice it is.


I heavily focused on crypto world in December! A lot of news which benefits trading.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m already on holiday here in lovely Asturias, northern Spain, visiting family. We’re getting together for Christmas. Then I’m heading back home to Barcelona in time for the new year’s celebrations, which we will probably do near the magic fountain.
Three Kings day (6th January) has normally been a low key affair in my family, but given I’m a limited bird, maybe Melchior, Caspar or Balthasar are going to bring me my V! @Konstantinos have you spoken to Three Kings Logistics?


Christmas? Spain with family if possible.

New Year? May be spending time with family at home (Bangkok).

Anyway, I expect to celebrate Christmas’s “eve V” or New Year’s “eve V” this year.