What are you going to do once you get your V?


I will watch a video on my V showing a video of the V showing a video of the V showing a video of the V…


That is exactly what I am going to do after installing Zbrush and test the PEN and the cooling system for hours!


Sounds very familiar, all though I also want to explore the writing, drawing and graphic design possibilities with a little coding grown in. I would really like to focus on evolving my creative side using the V as my primary everything.


I had big plans for it :stuck_out_tongue: but due to delays, I will pass it on to my brother who is quite interested in it. I was planning on using it but I’ve set the Surface Pro 5 up just the way I want it and it works really well.


hey its me ur brother


I’d be drawing all day.


I’ll start the autoinstall for all my programs I need and then start catching up on all the manga that I did not read due to waiting for reading on the V - once you get used to it, there’s no going back to a non-touchscreen or smaller screen to read manga/ebooks/comics on in my opinion :smiley:
And then I’ll likely start working on it & moderating the community :smiley:


Press the power button and type KCPOIVZSGEPDUJRL


I would be veeeery happy :star_struck:


10 PRINT “Hello World”


Going for clear installation rather than transfer - although takes longer.

Kaspersky then Office 365


So FSB first than NSA …


Why the hell do you use Kaspersky? I hope this was a joke!



I am patiently waiting for my Eve v i7.
Recently I started using Zwift ( cycling program which you can use to ride from your home with other people).

Do you think the Eve V will be able to run it ?
These are the sys requirements: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/articles/203193315-What-are-the-minimum-computer-requirements-for-Zwift-



‘Barely’ - jokes aside, I think my first notebook (old HP Pavillion with a 16:9 widescreen before FHD became a thing) could have run it without major problems. :slight_smile: And that thing would’ve turned 7 or 8 this year if it’s GPU didn’t die :stuck_out_tongue:

Your V will have no problem running it. :slight_smile:


Perfect! Excellent news


First thing I will do is smell it and touch it! Then I will pass all documents needed into the V and actually start working on my oldie to convert it into a server. :stuck_out_tongue:


Search for the do not tamper strand of hair from Konsta’s cat and work on cloning konsta’s cat!!!

Jokes aside
set everything up run install what i need start using for school might make an unboxing vid
show it off!

New fresh look for our community!