What are you going to do once you get your V?


Not only about the device, but Selfies/pictures with the T-shirt, too. <3


X^p ha ha, I’m boring as well, same…
Open up while taking pictures of it, and post to share with friends
Load up some games
Have fun
Wonder the internet
Take it with me everywhere
Might go to the mall to get a full body screen protector being I spent and waited so long for it, Wana spend $100 or so to keep from scratches on the screen and body


I’m gonna sit with the box in my arms and cry for about 30 minutes. Then I will turn it on and wait the 4 hours for windows updates to finish while playing Diabolo 3 on my brand new custom desktop PC that I’m building tomorrow. Then I’m gonna paint for hours on the V!!!


Install McAfee. Twice. You can’t be too careful.


I hope for you that that’s a joke…




I’m gonna open the box and take a deep breath to savour the warm aroma of new tech… Anyone who says otherwise is lying :wink:


• I hope there is lot of those transparent cover plsatics which you rip off from the surface.
It gives me some kind of weird sadisfaction to slowely remove them.
• Also bubble wrapping would be nice.
• Also a box which is folded in such a manner that when you are unfolding your product you can get just a 1 pease of cardboard from it.
Yes, I have a box fetish, no I do not mind or hide it.
And Yes, I keep almos all of the boxes I get. :joy::+1:t2:


I’m gonna hug it and pet it for like a day and then load all the feel good movies/series that I can watch when I’m crying over life’s problems.

  1. Jump up an down for quite a bit
  2. Let the office know I’m not coming in for the day(s)
  3. Hug it
  4. Start it up
  5. Play with the RGB keyboard lighting
  6. Attach Arc Mouse
  7. Turn off all Windows privacy settings
  8. Connect to WiFi
  9. Hug it some more
  10. Do all the other things i do to a new Windows Install (shrink; optimize; backup in full; install f-secure & chrome & OS X VM (and Xcode emulator) & office & creative suite & slack & dropbox & gdrive & other tools; backup 2 in full)
  11. Hug it even some more
  12. Drill a kensington lock hole into the kickstand
  13. Find a proper thunderbolt dock
  14. Take it to bed with me (won’t know what the wife will say… :thinking:)


This does exist? Never heard of such a VM…


Yes it does, just one of many instructions:

Working in a graphical design environment I need iOS access regularly to access stuff my colleagues generate (specifically sketch & key files). Currently I carry around an airbook continuously to cater for my needs since my Surface Pro 3, that the V will replace eventually ;-), will simply not cut it.

So can’t wait to have it (meaning the V) in my hand and get rid of the 1,5 kgs of Apple stuff in my bag! :wink:


Thanks for the share! Will look into it.
However it is about macOS, not about iOS, the mobile OS from Apple, right?


I’m going to enjoy/get high on the new tech smell for a bit. Then answer the 2500 questions my 10 year old will have about it. Then I’ll get it set up and backed up. And then I’m planning to listen to some music with my awesome Skull Candy headphones. Some Robert Plant, Joe Cocker, Yo Yo Ma… And then I’ll be checking out some 4k vids to see if I can stun myself into silence with the display.


You’re right, my bad, should’ve said install OS X Vmware (which is what i need). [fixed]
But then of course you can run Xcode simulator on top of that to simulate iOS :wink:

Or you can look into:


What about installing Hackintosh instead of using vm? Probably won’t be perfect (driver issues) but it may work? I’m planning to install it once I get my V for the fun of it, will need to get a wifi/bluetooth adapter.


Give it a good once over and just get a feel for it. Boot it up, back it up, have a beer. Install my daily use programs. Install CS5 and then see how it likes running Premiere and Photoshop. Start moving things across from my MBP, figure out what accessories I need for work use and get ready to make the switch! I’m excited to carry a lighter, lower profile device around and not have to carry my charger all the time!


I’ll make sure everything is working, plug in a solid state external, load Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC and edit images on the road. That’s going to be my primary use. I can also use it for work email. It will be much lighter than my work laptop and faster too!


I’ll play Yahtzee on its back while sitting on the couch. Will guarantee three Yahtzees in a row. Every time. Very sharp.


I put new things on my bed too…even now.