What are you going to do once you get your V?


First: I will stare at the awesome display.
Second: I will try out the USB-C to HDMI, VGA and DP adapters lying here since february.
Third: Decide which pen I prefer: the one that comes with the V, the Surface one or the new Surface one. They are also already waiting here.
After that: putting the device on the desk, the keyboard on my laps, writing my findings here, knowing that this can’t be done with any other device out there… :smiley:


watch porn? … :sweat_smile:


I will be delighted by the fact that I will be able to write Ø, and then go on with my life using it the same way I have been using my prototype the past couple months.


Do you mean the vanilla Windows 10? Im not sure if its been changed recently, but the device ships with the necessary drivers, while vanilla Windows 10 might have to pull some of the drivers from Windows Update. That may suck when the WiFi driver is one of them.

Also personally I love getting the brand-new feel of the OEM image (example: the wallpaper) compared to vanilla Windows.


yeah, bog standard windows 10 allows you to make back ups, so i just wondered why use Acronis over this. i was (simply) thinking that I would get windows to make a back up once I’d set it all up, installed drivers etc.


I have a colleague that bought a surface pro 3 not long after I pledge the EveV, ohhh I can already picture his jealous face when I shove this in his face!!!


surface pro 3 isn’t exactly a high hurdle, it’s two generations old! lol


I’ll start by installing Helicon Remote and EasyHDR. First one for remote controlling my Canon and taking Focus bracketing/Time Lapse shots and the second one for playing with HDR pictures.
I’ve been thinking to get Dell UltraSharp U3417W to accompany my V, have any of you experiences of that or curved ultrawide monitors in general?


of course, it was in 2016…


surface pro 4 was out in 2016 tho… but i’m straying off topic, bragging to the world that we have the coolest 2 in 1 ever will be priceless!


I bought that monitor. It was delivered, I set it up, plugged in my computer and sat there and stared at it for a couple minutes then realized I missed the mark. Packed it back up, returned it to the local Best Buy (purchased online) and swapped it for a Series 6 Samsung 40" 4k screen.

More pixels, more inches, $300 back in my pocket.


Who’s going to see if it blends in a blender?


@dartarian1 said he would :wink:


Use it for remote access for my work-station at home. And teach my self how to draw and shit.


So… nobody is going to change the default background to an Eve V inspired one?

I can’t believe it :innocent:


My 8 month old baby daughter can do a great job of teaching you how to shit :wink:


Reminds me of that youtube clip, with that meditating horse head person and than a little girl running through the scene while shouting ‘my poop is coming’ :rofl:


If I ever get one, my first order of business will be to start building a thunderbolt dock for it with a rail system at the front into which the tablet can slide, with the power and thunderbolt connectors positioned so that it just slides into the dock, receives power, and is immediately connected to a graphics card driving multiple larger displays. This idea I have is why I consider the Eve V and other Thunderbolt 3-equipped tablets to be the potential “One device for most needs” machines. If it can work, then I’ll be using platforms like this for a very, very long time.

  1. Take a picture of the V.
  2. Proudly post it in this forum (I think a “show us your V” topic will be there at this time).
  3. Do all the other things.