What about corrosion on the V?


Maybe this subject have already been discussed. I’ve found some information about that on the forum but I want more precise informations.
As you all well known there are a dehumidifier function in a lot of motherboards right now for years now. So if there is such a functionality I guess it has some use right ? Plus we often speak about Apple corrosion problem on iPhone which are not covered by warranty.
So what about the V? What’s the risk of corrosion of any electronic devices ? Do we speak about the circuits on the silicium or do we speak maybe about memory modules ? Which risks for the V ? Do we need to be extra careful about weather when using inside ?
So basically every basic question that a common consumer could have… I don’t have a degree in materials properties …


A good thought. in fact who knows what is going on inside the V (or any other 2 in 1 or laptop.
Because transportable the endure many temperature and humidity changes every day.
Corrosion concerns ?
All those temperature an humidity changes are quite a lot mitigated by the higher inside temperature once the V is started.
Damp becomes no damp inside because of that.
I use a surface pro 3 for as long as those things exist under a hot and wet tropical climate. From an air-conditioned office to a sun heated car, from a 40% humidity to a 70 - 90% outside.
It was a reason of concern off course. Well, the surface is still living, the keyboard looks really very shameful now, but everything is still working as a charm (let us be honest, just as a surface charm).


Ok but I worry that every other devices are with active cooling… and the biggest known problem of corrosion is about Apple devices because this case is not covered. And those devices are passive cooling so I was thinking that there were some relation between dehumidification function and active cooling.
Anyway I m not an expert in those kind of things, and if an engineer or someone of the team could step up that would be great.


While I’m no expert at this either I’d say the passive cooling even is a benefit: Without a fan humidity will get less into the V.
Btw it’s the first time I heard those concerns, never had any problems with my tablets or smartphones, so wondering how much of an issue it is.


Oooow okey I would have thought the opposite but why not.

And for those concerns, I know some people working in Genius Bar and i can assure you they refuse like a lot of repairs on iPhone and iPads because of corrosion so… and we are talking about Europe here so with a big customer protection about warranties.


Just a few examples: Research corrosion
Of course this concerns other products too. But you have pages and pages about that.


On top of this, I am curious as to what the life expectancy will be for V currently and how long it actually lasts. I think comparison between this prediction and realistic usage of time will be a great indicator of EVE’s foresight so to speak


How much most of us will keep it anyway ?


Crazy idea: since we do have some empty space inside the device, what if we fill it silica gel, similar to that small dehumidifier plastic that you sometimes get in snacks.


My wife uses a 15" macbook pro for 4 years problem free in the same environment.
A “coca cola over the keyboard” problem killed it 6 month after the accident.
The main danger here was keeping ants out. There too, the normal working temperature chased them always away.


I m sure you have all some part of the truth here but just a simple search will make you doubt about your personal experiences…


Just like every other computer. Don’t use it in the rain and you’ll be fine. Eve V is nothing special in that regard, it has exactly the same problems with humidity as 99% of computers sold in the world.


So every person complaining about corrosion on internet are just using it under water is that it ?
Anyway okey, but so what’s the status about warranty and corrosion?


Yeah I guess it does :wink: so do I need to remember you that some brands as Samsung for example does actually cover some corrosion ? Or as rock for mb for example


Lol dunno where you’re pulling this from, because Samsung has zero warranty in Lithuania. They just reject it no matter what. So really, can’t compare.
But what answer do you expect? Look, humidity isn’t only a 0% or 100% thing. It can be anywhere in between. So of course, every device can withstand some humidity, otherwise it couldn’t be touched at all. The question is how much, and that varies between different devices… But as I said, most of them nowadays are just the same. Eve V doesn’t have an IP rating, so not waterproof. Warranty will sometimes work and sometimes won’t, how else can you put it? Just like every device, warranty works up to some limit where it’s just too much humidity. And that limit is very similar for most devices. I’m not sure how you want it to be measured.


Okey yeah I don’t actually know if there is some kind of measurements of these kind of things. And for the Samsung warranty, it s from Samsung itself from Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels since I’ve worked with them from times to times but it’s a case by case basis.
Asrock, same reasons. So okey maybe they are just much relax in those matters in those regio but again I think it was worth asking.


“A case by case basis” - sums it up very well. On a case by case basis, anything can happen… Sometimes they make exceptions, and I’m sure Eve will make some exceptions too, but they’re just that - exceptions.


Yeah depends of the percentage mate, not really on the expression given for it.


Hi @boistordu,

Thanks for bringing up your concern about dehumidifier functions in mainboards and corrosion!

First of all, let me give a quick overview of what the dehumidifier function on a PC mainboard does. It’s a fairly rare function, but it will sometimes be found on very high-end, business and workstation boards. In essence, if the computer is left in sleep or hibernate mode, it will every now and then ramp up the case fans to circulate fresh air through the case. This can help avoid corrosion due to humidity in the long run.

As it requires case fans to circulate the air, it’s not something we can do with the V. After all, we’re completely fanless!

Though I do not have the environmental operating ranges of the V at hand, using any kind of electronics in a high-humidity environment is bad for its longevity. I’d say that how susceptible other fanless electronics you use are to corrosion in your operating environment, is a pretty good indication of how much of an issue it will be for the V. For most people, it will be negligible.

Then to corrosion. iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and pretty much all computer hardware, Apple or otherwise, do not like moisture. As such, Apple does not cover liquid damage under warranty. Neither does Eve. Using or storing electronics in very humid areas allows liquid inside the device, which can lead to corrosion.

@AML’s example of the soda spill is an example of that. Apparently there was no direct short-circuit that caused damage when the liquid was initially spilled, but over time corrosion messed up a component or circuit somewhere. Liquid is either a very fast, or very slow killer of electronics…

So to answer your questions about risks of humidity and corrosion? For the Eve V, these risks are the same as for any other modern consumer electronics. I hope that helps settle your concerns!


Yes thanks @Helios. That’s pretty much covers it. Do you have any from stand about how the company will react if they receive a V in client support with some corrosion who would have appeared on some components erratically ?