Were refunds a mistake?


I heard back from support today, and they thanked me for reaching out to them and for my interest in still receiving a V. But the refund form was final :frowning: But as they get closer to the shipping date, they’ll see what they can do and get back to me…

So… I guess there’s a chance I’ll get a V, a chance I’ll get a refund, and as always, a chance I’ll get nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes it was one big mistake, should have sold it, by now it would have been sold for sure.


Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you;re getting at about selling something :confused:


I’m a EB 20202020200


They haven’t shipped the units yet. If people start receiving good working units, reconsidering may be an option. In my mind only if specs improve and/or price drops. Even then I am skeptical. Wait to see what ships and what reports are on those new shipped units.


Oh yeah. Support would have to dramatically improve before I would suggest anyone even look at a V.


My own opinion… If I have known how things would happen I would never put a euro in this project.
I was a backer and received my Eve with nearly half a year delay… And then the nightmare began.
After only 3 months, the keyboard (which was not working correctly) got broken as the Pogo pin system is not reliable.
The stand screws went off …
The warranty process is horrible. 2 weeks for getting the first answer and I am not waiting from May to get my replacement parts.
I just bought a Mac. I just hope this company will realise how amateur they are and reimburse me.
I asked but they deny it…
Don’t buy it unless you like putting money in trash


Yeah, support does seem to be pretty bad. My limited personal experience hasn’t been awful, but far from great. But so long as nothing goes wrong, it doesn’t matter how bad support is :wink: But then again, something usually goes wrong eventually…

Given that most detachable 2-in-1s still use 7th gen processors, the CPU isn’t great, but a refresh certainly wouldn’t hurt given 9th gen has landed for the desktop side of things. and I agree that watching with skepticism is probably the best idea.


Wow, that is a pretty bad experience…
Hopefully Eve keep their word (eventually) and deal with warranty claims and you can get a replacement or a refund…


Truth be told, the best thing that you can do - if possible - is call your credit company/Paypal and try to get the refund through them.

Do not get your hopes up high that any other outcome will prove satisfactory.


For people who really need to device soon and can’t afford to keep waiting, trying to get their money back through other avenues is probably the best solution for them.
But for many people, that option has been lost, unfortunately.


Asked for a refund in July. Yet to see anything…