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Yeah, but, for example, Chuwi SurBook have enough characteristics to work with light images in PS, is good for browsing and work with .doc and .xls, but I don’t like how it looks like.

Eve V is great. But it would be greater if it would have cheaper version, that’s all that I wanted to say.

800 EURO is a price of a gaming notebook. ) Plus keyboard should be bought too.

BTW, i’m from Ukraine. If it will be broken when I’ll get it or it will broke duting the period of guarantee I should have to sent it back to China, right? Because, it is impossible to find details in my location.

On the virtues of a cloud-connected future

Keyboard is included :wink:

  1. Why post your concerns in this old thread? I don’t fully understand…
  2. 800€ is quite a good price; Chuwi ones come with Atom processores as far as I know. You won’t have much fun with it after say 2-3 years when it dies off.
  3. Warranty cases will be handled with the local warehouse, so you would ship to the EU warehouse instead of China where it was assembled.


800€ is a very good price for a quality machine with good components, e.g. proper CPUs and 8gb of RAM. I am currently really struggling with my Surface 3 with its rubbish Atom processor and 2gb of RAM

true you can get a thicker, heavier machine, but you won’t get the 2-in-1 form factor, touch screen, stylus (included) and sheer coolness! :slight_smile:


Can you share the link to the new thread please?

Chuwi comes with apollo lake and would be enough if you don’t want to play hard games on this device.

I’m not telling that 800 EURO is bad price. No, it is really good price for this device. I’m talking that it would be good if there would be one more modification with lower performance and lower price.



In which case you are after a different ethos than the Eve approach and this a different machine


Here are my 2 cents on it: (Personal opinion, nothing official)
Eve is delivering to bring you premium with a reasonable price. From a brand perspective it’s similar to what Apple is doing with the iPhones - they create their brand about premium.
And I feel below a certain point in terms of performance/quality (especially quality) it’d hurt the reputation of Eve if we created a device like that.
Yes, we had the T1 but that was our means to check on how much margin there was in general in the marketplace and to get a feel for various things like the manufacturing process and getting contacts.
Now, I don’t want to say we’ll never make a device below X € because that’s something bold - but I dare to say we’ll never create a device with obvious compromisses if it’s possible to iron them out for a reasonable price.


Is the giveaway (HERE) still working?
I’ve noticed it is getting close to the end of the countdown but then the timer goes up again.
I don’t know if the widget is broken or it is just getting prolonged, and I can’t find any up to date information around here…


I recall reading that it was extended by a day or half a day or something, but since for the life of me I can’t find where I read that, I can’t tell you with 100% certainty. If anything, I’m not worried about broken widgets…


2200$ not 2459$ :joy::joy::joy:


I’d really like to change my guess since the components of the V have changed from when I made my guess :smiley: