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This thread got severely derailed into a discussion about whether or not the future is in the cloud. I’ve split it off into its own thread, starting from the following post:

As @CheesyFeet was still on-topic, I’ve included a quote for his post here. I did move the post over to the other side, as it’s what sparked the off-topic conversation and makes for a good starting point for the offshoot thread.

Now, let’s get this thread back on topic: the new Microsoft Surface Pro!


AnandTech’s review, just published yesterday, corroborates my findings:



And the reason for comparing a i5 with a i7 is what?

On the virtues of a cloud-connected future

I would definitely buy it if it had pen or keyboard. Or better ports . I a man looking forward to some new 2-1 to challenge eve V , like acer and Lenovo


Surface Pro (5) repairability according to iFixit is 1 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair).


Finally, they have out-Appled the Apple!

On the virtues of a cloud-connected future
On the virtues of a cloud-connected future

I think, there will be about the same number for EVE V …


I think it will be better.
At least the SSD is not soldered.


Review: “Battery life still sucks”

(Check out 6:27)


Microsoft should not have soldered the SSD. I don’t like the lack of repairability in these devices.


Maybe they did not want to have “issues” like some test models of V had.


I think it’ll be actually at least a 3. Why? From what I’ve seen (for example with @mirv’s teardowns), the only part that is difficult to replace is the screen. After taking out the screen, there’s not much glue or similar to take out and parts look to be easily accessed. :wink:


Do not underestimate Microsoft, especially with Satya Nadella at the helm. They did a refresh this time around to give them more time for a complete redesign for the next iteration.


Well SP is plagued with problems every time. Their QC sucks


@Lukas_Fikr We don’t want to have ‘issues’ either. That’s why we had test models :wink:

@Spence People seem to think ‘refresh’ is a bad word. If you have a good device, a spec bump may be all that’s required. And whether or not it’s perfect, or whether or not the V kicks its ass, the Microsoft Surface Pro is a good device…

On the virtues of a cloud-connected future

@Helios - I know and I’m happy … those “issues” were problems with SSD connection.


Also remember that Nadella ordered an Eve V. I’m sure Microsoft with shortly thereafter dismantle it and attempt to reverse engineer the device. Nadella’s not going to sit idly by as the competition ie. Dell, EVE, etc. comes out with 2 in 1s that have 12-14 hours of real world usage vs. Microsoft’s 7 hours with the Surface Pro.

They key is to come as close as possible to the V as they can in terms of features and quality so they can continue to charge premium pricing. It’s far harder for EVE to make significant headway if their main advantage is only price. We’ll see what happens with the Surface Pro 2018.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/intel-backed-eve-v-project-challenging-microsoft-surface-pro-2016-11


A recent CNBC update.


Very interesting project!

But just for work with word, ecxel, browsing and light PS it is too expensive.

Would be great if devs will creat a version that would be cheaper and have lower characteristics, but with same design and fingerprint.
Thank you! And good luck!

P.S. If you will start new crowdsale using Bitcoitalk forum, I can help you with bounty program. :slight_smile:


You get what you pay for and the quality of product and features you get, the V is very good value, much better than the surface equivalent