Welcome New Surface Pro


Huh… I guess I misread your sentence:

I read it like 5 times and every time I read the last word as egpu :smile:


If you read the techsheet there is a description how.


I wonder how the cooling of the new SP looks like since it use a U class CPU without a fan…
(imagine a fanless V with a U CPU :raised_hands:)


That is the cost of quick startup

It has improved over the years, but it will still use some power to maintain the state of the machine while in a sleep / hibernated state.


Yes, but I don’t need it to be that fast… So I’d like to know if there’s a way to disable connected standby or whatever it’s called now. I don’t want WiFi and other stuff to remain running while it’s sleeping, I’d prefer it to be running in such a low power state that it’s barely enough to prevent RAM from clearing…


Every device can, but you’ll get shipped a special unit where it can’t be turned off :wink:


The only thing I the SP5 has that I really wish was on the V is that tilt enabled pen. If that was the case it would be a complete no brainer, now it is a case of weighing stuff up against each other.


@pauliunas Your Avatar: Is that, how you look, if somebody says The Eve? :joy:


Yes, with
powercfg.exe /hibernate off

I use this for my laptop and my Win10 tablet.
I rather wait a few seconds left on startup than to have to charge the device on every single power on.

More about this command:


Pure speculation: Since the SP3 and SP4 can also get tilt function with the new Surface Pen via Windows Update, I think it is also possible on the V.

You just need to buy the new $99 Surface Pen and fire up Windows Update


Nope, that disables hibernation… We are talking about draining the battery while sleeping.

And also, disabling hibernation doesn’t help a dime about battery life. Hibernation is just as battery friendly as turning it off completely. That’s what it is - it saves RAM contents to the hard drive and turns itself off. There is a reason why computers hibernate automatically before the battery dies - it consumes exactly zero energy but lets you continue your work once you recharge the battery.

Anyway, if we’re talking about sleep, I don’t want to completely disable it, I just want it to behave like it did with older processors: don’t keep the tablet online, just give some power to the RAM :smiley:


iKirin already confirmed, that it should work and I think they will try it when the Vs are on their way to us :smiley:


Yes that is essentially the truth, yes. I even put on my special staring glasses so that I look angrier :smiley:


Same for me. I don’t care about the pen pressure, I just want the tilt fonction and maybe the ms latence ):


Can we set up a laundry list of things we want to go through with the EVE team AFTER the delivery of batch 1 and batch 2 Vs?


With the current latency the SP4 and V has, using the pen in lightweight applications to draw like Leonardo or Krita should be a pleasant experience.


disabling connected standby:


why all the mystery about the final retailprices ??
I am in need of an upgrade from my fridge sized laptop and soooooo on the edge of purchasing a surface pro 4 ( prices have dropped to 1599,- Euro for a i7 16GB model…
Considering that the new update will support tilt pen and the dial thingie… ( if I ever decide I ever need it)
9 hours battery life is plenty for an average Joe like me…

But… I want to be part of this “underdog movement”/ “fck cooperate multinationals” and “to cool for school” kind of club…that Eve V offers + plus I reckon C-port could be a handy dandy thing to have on my further laptop…

I am looking and looking for a the final prizes, but all I can find is “early bird prizes” , a lot of speculated prizes and guys chatting about their privet lifes… ( what is all fun and all)
I need some real info PLEASE


Except that the real battery life is 4 hours or less :slight_smile:
And that we have Thunderbolt 3
And that Eve V is fanless.

Actually most of these things don’t matter to me either, but if I had to choose between the two devices for the same price, I would choose V because I might need them in future. Oh, and that 1600eur price probably doesn’t include pen and keyboard…

It’s very likely that the update will also roll out on Eve V :wink:

Just wait for May 29, there’s something secret going on that they’ll reveal :slight_smile:


I suspect pricing will be announced at computex. No promises, but that would make the most sense. So soon!