Welcome New Surface Pro


Wish we still had a Microsoft store in Omaha. The closest option for me now is Mineapolis.


Don’t feel alone, there is a bunch of people who felt pissed off on no-birthday days :disappointed:
When the V arrives they will all be pissed on (poor english, but logic somewhere) :astonished:.


If you pulled all that from the MS shop floor demo unit… YES! YOU LEGEND!!!

Like. A. Boss.

Sadly they don’t have demo units in the UK yet (that I’m aware of?)


This article mentions the Instant-On feature: “The Surface Pro now behaves like a tablet. The power button instantly turns the display on with no visible booting or loading. It’s an impressive experience.”

Is this instant-on feature is a confirmed reality with the new Surface Pro?

Does the Eve V support also reliable and fast Instant-On?


@Konstantinos, thanks for making this comparison table for us. It will help us make an informed purchase decision. Could you update the table with some updated information:

  1. Microsoft Surface Pro battery capacity is 49Wh. (According to the very reliable Lisa Gade from MobileTechReview, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g4xbZOhNBM )

  2. Now that the Eve V keyboard is developed, could you include the complete physical dimensions and weight of the Eve V including keyboard cover for us.



Yep it is! Modern standby. Basically V behaves like your smartphone would with screen off.

Below is the link to the video demonstrating it.


Ok so its not instant on…but its pretty dam quick.

Login screen in 13 seconds

Screen on in .5 seconds.

Good enough for me…but instant is kind of awesome. Maybe available after some tweaking and OS updates?


I did. They gladly accommodated me. :smiley: The only downside was I was unable to run HWiNFO, Geekbench, or 3DMark since all those require admin permissions, which corporate strictly disallows customers from having at anytime.


I think MS has it 0.5 sec too. As it takes time for backlight to activate:)


I think the camera used for windows hello is a different camera than used for video and photos. At least it is on the SP4.


Is it possible to use the hello camera to improve photos? Imagine if both cameras took a shot and it’d merge the photos. Would be cool to see the results.


Yeah. I think it could be improved further with driver/firmware updates. My Dell Venue Pro 8 had an issue where sometimes it would take 5-10 seconds or more to turn on the screen, and eventually, I don’t know if through firmware (I keep all my devices very up to date with firmware, BIOS, etc.) or through OS updates, I haven’t had that issue in years now.


FYI: Here’s some tech talk about Windows hello and its hardware requirements/recommendations.

Surface Pro has an infrared camera :camera: to aid in facial :person_with_blond_hair:recognition (info grabbed from @Hifihedgehog’s excellent pictures).

And general hardware design guides for Windows 10 by going down to the roots of webpage tree :deciduous_tree::

Just in case, if anyone is interested in the nitty-gritty of device design for Windows 10 :nerd:, enjoy!


i like how the new surface pro kickstand can go down to a 10 degrees angle.i helps a lot if you want to draw


Can I turn this off? :smile: Draining the battery while just laying around not being used… That’s what I want it to do the least :wink: Even my W700 without this feature does lost a lot of battery juice when I leave it sleeping, and I really don’t like it… Leaving it like that overnight should only reduce the charge level by no more than 5%, it’s ok.


With the Surface pro 4 i7 for example you have to mention that it’s using the Skylake i7-6650U, which defeats the i7-6500U (for example of the Asus Transformer Pro 3) especially in multicore.

All values (exept the one of ikirin) were benchmarked by Units, i had in my Hands.

The Benchmarks of my prototype (V i7) are bad, probably because of an defect in it’s cooling System. @Konstantinos said, that Benchmarks of the V i7 (made in engenieer’s tests) should be some percents better then ikirin’s V i5 Proto.


Ah, I thought it was using the same i7 as everyone else :smile: but I think we should be comparing i5 models because we have exact numbers on that (sorry, your results don’t count :frowning: )


Now with the results of engenieer’s prototypes (like you have seen it from Konsta).

I think it shows very well, that the i7-7y75 and i5-7y54 Cpu, we have in the V are very well integrated and can beat others with the same CPU and also some Skylake U processors. Going into multicore I think we can’t reach the i7-6650U because of the Y-CPU’s TDP limit.

And one other thing you should think of, is that the i7-6650U uses the Intel IRIS Graphic instead of Intel HD, which brings another increase in GPU Performance (when you want to speak of Performance with an igpu :relaxed:).

But in the end my Point regarding Overall Performance:
Egpu over Thunderbolt 3 isn’t possible with the Surface, so we can get a huge overall performance increase with our V.


If you use eGPU, the integrated graphics don’t really matter :stuck_out_tongue: I guess you meant without eGPU?


I don’t know what you mean. Were’s the error in my post?

what i meant:
Surface = no TB3 = no EGPU
V = TB3 = EGPU = Overall Performance increase