Welcome New Surface Pro


I just wanted to say that it won’t be as expensive :slight_smile: in Europe and the US they included a very fair shipping/tax price IMO.

But you’re right about people trusting established brands more, but if the V will fare well in official tests by magazines, etc. I think that it has quite a good chance to compete with the Surface Pro. Even more the higher speced versions :wink:


I called a few Microsoft Stores and it appears basically all of them already have their demo units on display starting today.


Of course. May the fourth be with V! :-)))
But it’s hard to compete with the U processors, anyway.


May the fourth was my birthday, a date I’ll remember this year as the one where I didn’t have my expensive new V tablet and was pissed off :frowning:

Ce’st la vie


Where are you located? USA?


that is very interesting:

[2] Up to 13.5 hours of video playback. Testing conducted by Microsoft in April 2017 using preproduction Intel Core i5, 256GB, 8GB RAM device. Testing consisted of full battery discharge during video playback. All settings were default except: Wi-Fi was associated with a network and Auto-Brightness disabled. Battery life varies significantly with settings, usage and other factors.

Regarding this the battery could be way better than at sp4


Was it running Windows 10 Creators Edition or Windows 10 S?

They get additional battery life by marrying the PC to Windows 10S because of the limitations and streamlined areas they have to look for software /etc.

It would be ashame if they got the extra horsepower through Windows 10 S, it would explain how they came out with a stripped version for China (just limit what goes into the store for China)


Uh, buddy, you do know that USB 3.1 is twice as fast as 3.0 right?


We should really compare prices to other vendors instead of Microsoft’s overpriced Surface Pro.


After the tech sheet there is only win 10 pro available for it. No option for 10S.

I don’t think they would do win 10S, because it is meant to be a working machine. I don’t think company’s would accept 10S as OS.

I would like to see how much cash a retail store would want to have for it. In the Microsoft store even the sp4 is still overpriced.


uh buddy, you do know that 3.1 gen 1 = 5Gbps = 3.0, right? Our ports are 3.0.


Well, retail stores don’t get those devices for free, so they’ll have to stick to Microsoft pricing :slight_smile: unless they’re clearing stock, which is happening with SP4 now :slight_smile:


Ok, first I did not say anything you claim. Second even if they were the original price there where offers where you could get the keyboard and a surface mouse to it for the same price.

Retailers make those offers to be more attractive than the Microsoft store. If they don’t, why would I buy it from them and not from the guys that manufactures it?


So the new surface pro was announced and we are still waiting for our V
The day i feared has finally come!


Sure, but the difference is small. They can’t just cut the price in half, because as I said, they don’t get them for free :slight_smile:

And of course you didn’t say what I said… It’s my comment with my thoughts, it wasn’t meant to mirror what you said :smile:

@chriskirza why fear? Just look at their prices :smile:


@ pauliunas i was hoping to get my V before any kind of announcement about the new surface pro took place.
not so bad as it sounds.just in my eyes it is like new surface pro after 18 months and our V still a little more time.V is better, no doubt about that.


I would be carefully mention prices. A small calculation for you:
1400 igg price, that will be 100-200 more expensive in the shop like it was mentioned somewhere else.
About 120 for shipping and tax. The pen not included, so another 60 for that. That goes way near 2k if you include the supplies. And regarding supplies, it is more likely you get more for surface than for the V. And that for a device which I have to send through half Europe if there is something with it. That would be about 2 weeks minimum vs a device I could give my retailer next door and I would have it back at maximum a week.

I am a very critical person and all I read about the prototype testing let me have a bad feeling in my stomach. So if I find a good offer for the surface right now I have to admit I am more likely to buy that, even if it is a bit more expensive. Would be interesting if the devices come about the same time if someone will compare them directly. Right now I didn’t choose one or another. That decision will be in August, if the V is released till then xD


How many “supplies” do you need? Surface Pro 5 goes near 3k or 3.5k if you take it this way…


You mean that I need an adapter to get a beamer connected. Usb-c is the best price between 30-50. An dp adapter that works you get for 5. Dp is a finished standard that means any adapter I choose would work. That doesn’t count for Usb-c and thunderbolt. There is far more incompatible waste on the market. And if I think about the time I need to try all if they work and don’t cost 150 then no that means the price gap will get smaller. A U CPU is more powerful than a Y and it has the better grafics chip with iris. To answer your question finally I want to have the setup:
I7 with minimum 512 gb and 16 gb ram
Adapter for VGA and hdmi
Mouse (that will be one from logitech)

I use it for studying and for that it has to be able to run some Cad software. In that case Solid Works and Creo if you know that two. Maybe I need some programming software too, I don’t know that right now.


Sleeve - $30
Mouse - $20

Total is under $60…

Also, check out iKirin’s performance report, we’re actually beating Skylake U in benchmarks, and benchmarks are the weak spot of Y series. So the performance difference should be around 5%.