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How well will the new Surface Pen work on the V, does anyone know? (don’t know how to tag Consta). Does a different pen need to be calibrated or are they good to go on the V as long as it supports Windows Ink (I think that was the name). Will the performance be the same.


I don’t think the base prices quoted for the New Surface Pro include either the pen or the keyboard – which are both included in the price for the V (for hyper early birds at least)


Just write @, start to type the name and click it:


The pen was included ONLY for the hyper early birds. As I said: I paid over a 100 Euro more even with the special offer of the IGG campaign. So even if you’ll add a keyboard you will hit the price of the campaign. AND of course you have to add a certain amount of euros they want to charge more. I guess it can’t beat the price of surface pro, at all.


Why do you want to use the pen of the surface? As far as I know you won’t benefit from the higher resolution, because this is caused by a different digitizer and not by the pen itself.


The pen is included in early bird orders too:
###Reserve Eve V i7 Limited Bird
Second Batch for IGG is now available! Secure IGG special price for Eve V i7! Pay 399$ now and the rest later (Jan 2017), to lock Eve V i7& items below at the price of 1408$ (800$ off the traditional retail MSRP). During the IGG campaign the payment is fully REFUNDABLE! Read more: Perks section. Taxes included in the shipping price for USA and EU.
###Delivery content:
1 x V Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB ROM
1 x V Pen (39$ value)
1 x Alcantara Keyboard (25$ value)
1 x 2 year warranty


That’s right. I meant it will be not included for the items sold in the shop.


The keyboard is €159 extra, and you still get 4 GB RAM with that price, which IMO is not acceptable.


I think the new SP is great but I am really excited by the V. Especially when considering the cost differential. I also think other companies are releasing interesting products. I like the fact the our choices for flexible computing devices keeps improving.


Interesting to see real Street Price after 3 months, dont have any experience for the former price development but guess its lower…


Main thing. I didn’t expect it coming out that early. To be honest : I don’t think I’ll hold my V-baby in my arms within you’ll get the new Surface Pro (15th of June) :frowning:


But it was never stated that the pen is not included. On contrary I’m 99% sure that keyboard and pen will always be included (maybe someone of the @Team can clarify this?). And what do you mean by paying over 100$ more?


A 100 Euros more. I Paid exactely 818 Euros. If you change the Surfaces price I. Euro you be charged about 700 Euros. So it is Over a 100 Euros more. That is what I meant. And I thought the 39 Euros in the brackets show you, that you normally have to pay for.


Aren’t US dollar prices always without taxes??


So If I understand you @thedrawer correctly, the new surface pen with its 4000ish pressure sensitivity and tilt support will not be able to harness those abilities on a Eve V because it’s not in the pen itself?


That is what I know so far. I may be corrected but I think it depends on the digitizer which is built in the item (screen).


What @fanoftech4life said. Euro prices are usually pretty much the same number just with € instead of $ behind it. The 128/4/m3 Surface Pro will cost 949€ without keyboard and pen (http://windowsarea.de?p=165763 German, but European prices should be [roughly] the same).
So, if I take your 818€ you get 4Gb more RAM, the keyboard and the pen for 131€ less. Even if the final V has no keyboard or pen it would be cheaper.


Correct, prices in the US are presented without including sales tax. Sales taxes are calculated and differ based on locale (state and local levels). Where I live, sales tax is 9.75%. Other states/cities could be more or less.


Don’t get me wrong. That is not my point of view. I just wanted to say, that @Team needs to recalculate the M3 Version. I can’t wait to get my V finally and I would buy it once more immediately. But the people out there will trust a company like Microsoft much more than kind a new established company like Eve is. While the big advantage of having no overhead costs the drawback is the high shipping and custom fees which have to be paid by nearly everybody except buyers from Finland. For the Surface you just have to go to your favorite shop pay the price of the tag and take it away. That is what the majority of the people want whether we want to hear it or not.


Please stop using “3.1” when you’re talking about USB 3.0… That makes it seem like V has better USB than Surface Pro 5, although it’s the very same thing. I don’t like that Eve uses this sort of tactic to make people think they’re better…