Welcome New Surface Pro


Dear Community!

It’s the moment we’ve been all waiting for long. New Surface Pro has just been announced.
We have prepared a little welcoming picture:)

Here comes Microsoft’s pricing:

Comparison to other 2-1, HP Spectre x2, Surface Pro

The new pen seems super cool.


the new SP starting price is US$ 799 if I hear it right.

Well, type cover ($129) and pen ($99) sold separately.


Add like $500 if you want the cheapest one with 8 GB RAM


Check out the pricing. Oooh now we can’t wait to announce V’s pricing!


The low performance differential between the V and U processors in Kaby Lake needs to be spotlighted to show a beneficial price performance (on the entire PC, one with a U and one with a V, I don’t think the differential will be great, I am not sure how they will squeeze 13 hours out of it unless they are shipping with Windows 10 S, which allows them to control much more. That would be a terrible move on their part, but quite expected.


So you already know the prices;o
I have the feeling eve and surface pro 4 mid-prices will be quite similar.


I wonder if the ‘tilt’ functionality on the Pro is a software thing, or a hardware thing? Is this some functionality that can be added to the V, or other tablets, at a later date or is it unique to the Pro only?


Ouch, the new Surface Pro pricing is the same as it was for Surface Pro 4 at launch, but this time it is sans the pen. So if one wants a pen the pricing really went up another $100 for essentially the same device updated to Kaby Lake CPUs


Here’s info on pen compatibility according to the Verge.

The new Surface Pen will be backwards compatible with older Surface devices, but that doesn’t mean the new tilt functionality will be available on older devices. Microsoft’s new Surface Pro ships with this new support, and Microsoft is planning to add tilt to the Surface Studio and Surface Book later this year.

So other devices can support tilt, but it might be up to Microsoft to roll out that support. Not sure if we can get it on Eve V or not.


The prices are really high :-(((. BUT have you recognized the i5 and i7 versions do have the U Processors. The i 5 version does come without any fan. I do not know exactly whats about the I 7. Thats definitely a little revolution to drive the U Processor line without a fan.

By the way to be fair: I have to mention the m3 Price: in Euro it is only about 700 Euro which is a way more than a 100 Euro less I payed for my M3 V. So at least in this point V won’t beat the surface pro.


umm… you forgot to mention LTE on surface :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s super handy. Thanks! :smiley:


The RAM difference is a big deal to me at this price point. I personally don’t want to spend this much money on anything that is only 4 GB RAM


Nope, no good for me.


The i5 model is completely fanless. :smiley:


…coming later this year.


Me neither. But Eve has to make their mind up for Pricing the M3 Version. If they want to charge more than in the IGG campain I promise they wont sell many items. The majority defeniely will go for the well known Microsoft Surface Pro, I guess.


They’re advertising it as a laptop. That was basically the most surprising thing to me :sweat_smile: the pen sounds cool as well, but expensive…


The cameras could be a big deal to some people. The quality of Surface Pro cameras will most likely be very good, as they support Windows Hello.

Did any of the prototype testers showcase the V’s camera quality from Skype or such?