Weird AZERTY layout



Hi there,

I have ordered my V with an AZERTY keyboard. I’ve received an AZERTY keyboard but it is not the common one, the numbers are downside of the key (&1| is key 1). Now I can’t find the representative layout to choose in Windows.

Anybody knows how I can find the layout in Windows? Or has Eve his own layouts?



When did you receive your keyboard?


With my V in April. .


Send pics of the keyboard


Just like mine :roll_eyes: Support stated that this is the normal layout :joy:
As a (a sort of) remedy you can use the windows Azerty outlay and make the top row to respond correctly by one of the keyboard remapping apps like Microsoft Keybord Layout creator (I used version 1.4)





I didn’t know that this kind of software exists. :grin:
I don’t find this layout in the whole internet. :laughing:


I think it is the Belgian layout that was designed for V’s, it is quite similar to the French MacBook keyboards.


@richardying It is not the Belgian layout. The Belgian layout has numbers up not down. The specifications of the Belgian layout is characterized by some char like the ! Or the \ who are not at the same place.

@Mik But this layout is one of the standard known as french numerical. It is also used on laptop computer to replace a num keypad. In contradiction of what you may think, windows doesn’t bundle with all the layout in the world. Linux does and so does MacOs more or less (because of the linux base). So you won’t find the 10 variants of the french layout for example or anything like it.
Don’t worry you are not the only one to complain about this,

here specifically for the keyboard with cherry MX switches mechanism like in the logitech where the keys are upside down:

You could try something like this trick maybe:

the explanation of the layout:


lmao, nothing is right on your keyboard indeed.
I received a proper azerty for my part, except it stopped working, do you want it? :joy: