Weekly Update from Eve 02.02



“Latest updates about your Eve V order”

This email was intended to target some of the NON INDIEGOGO buyers only.


Let’s do this! Update time.


1. Limited birds and 1TB upgraders :hatched_chick:

Super excited to announce that we have shipped Vs yesterday and they are going through China-Hong Kong customs as we speak. :truck:

This time we are trying out new ways of shipping for some of you as we working on improving delivery experience.

Some of the devices will ship :airplane: directly to the end users from Hong Kong warehouse while others would go as before through local warehouses.

We will let you know through email once the tracking numbers are available! You will be also able to see them through BackerKit.

As we are using different shipping methods people within same region might be getting tracking numbers at different time.
Tracking numbers are expected to start coming starting end of the next week.

Thank you all for patience and support folks! Phew :slight_smile: We are almost there!

2. Flash :zap: Sale Buyers

Newsletter with updates is on it’s way to you today! :email:

3. V software improvements and updates :hammer_and_wrench:

Make sure to follow latest improvements and updates to the V in this topic:

@Xinjie is updating it constantly!

4. Project B

Project B is moving forward and @Dario is cooking :stew: Step 3 as we speak!
We have discussed with Mozo just a few days ago, to brief them about the work done so far, and they are super excited about the process and the potential product

Can’t wait to share an update with you next Friday as you are getting closer to you receiving your Vs!

1TB Shipping Corner
Shipping Update 26.01
One Liner Update 9.02
One Liner Update 9.02
Community Digest 11.02
Shipping Update 26.01
Shipping Update 26.01

Having read the comments from the many naysayers over the past few days and I comment is “shame on you of little faith”


YAY! Thanks for telling us the good news, really appreciate it. Hope I’ll get it as soon as next week (Maybe tomorrow? I live in Hong Kong so hopefully it’ll get here soon.)


I sure hope that news letter was sent to the wrong group.
I just received mention that my V would be produced after chinese new year, even though I’m an LB.


I’m an early bird and got this:
We wanted to let you know that:
Everything is going smoothly and according to plan with your V production.
We are preparing for production in March once Chinese New Year is over!

*must be bad internal process. Who should i trust? Email or Konstantinos announcements?


I’m a HEB (received my V in december) and received the mail as well, so just a mistake. It is just the mail for sale buyers don’t worry.


Fuck everyone just calm your tits for a second. I’m sure it just got sent to the wrong distribution list. The update above is clear as daylight. I am LEB as well and got the same email.

@Team, @Mike, @Konstantinos you might want to clarify for those losing their minds. But I’m nearly sure it’s just the wrong distribution list you selected for the updated email.

LB Shipping Corner
1TB Shipping Corner
Dbrand skin on my V :)

Hi @Odin_go @Virgiliu-Maximilian @olires @rubikcat @Shenlong and everyone else that got this mail!

Sorry to tell you, but we just mixed up the lists a bit it seems! Your LB V’s are obviously produced at this point in time and we just mixed up the lists of Flash Sale & Limited Birds!

So, TL;DR: You V’s are in shipping, we just used the wrong mailing list :smiley:


thanks for the reply


whoops a daisy ! . . .


Received the same email, glad I checked the forum first :sweat_smile: exciting news!


Hey guys!

I am super sorry! We have accidentally send a newsletter to the wrong customer group (some of the flash sale buyers). We will send out indiegogo update right now to clarify. Super sorry!

The correct update is the one in this post!

Shipping Update 26.01

Why does the update reach Flash sellers before LB?


In case you did not read it - this update is for LB :wink:

The Flash Sale update was sent out after this update and sent to the wrong group which is the whole cruffulfe in this thread.


Wonderful news. I can stop being a naysayer now :slight_smile:




Come to papa before CNY please.


This was a mistake! Supper sorry once again. Please disregard that email. Community update is the update!


This is the link to Indiegogo update https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eve-v-the-first-ever-crowd-developed-computer-laptop-tablet/x/15001809#/updates/39. Too bad it is not April’s fools today.


it may be a good idea to amend the main weekly update post (and please change the title to weekly update so people know that’s its a weekly one). clarify what happened with the email and reassure everyone that their devices are in transit. :slight_smile: