Weekly update 9.11


For that point I have asked him, but he didn’t answer me lol, I won’t be surprised if there are more problems on investor things, he just said everything should be OK, and I wish it is OK, however the real situation doesn’t seem to be O.K. :cry:

I PM him on Wechat


I dont expect anything good in the message tomorrow but I hope he’ll still post something. These posts keep me alive every week as I still hope to get my money back because it is a lot money for me (student)! I just can not loose my hope!


No please let us know! Pleaaaaase.
As i said, with Eve it is not about what they say but what they dont, same here with you.
The Germans would say you create a ‘Rauchwolke’.


No, the real situation is sadly not ok. Hopefully it will be soon though.


Same, here.
Then again, refunds have been pushed back to EoY ;(


Has that been confirmed by Eve themselves? Not seen anything in my emails to say so (but it sounds about right).


They bulk emailed on at least some of the support tickets. The usual, delayed again, end of year, totally working on this really really hard, totally sorry.


Cheers, don’t think I got an email, I’ll check my junk box.


It concerns me that there isn’t a consistency in the information being provided by Eve. The community should be receiving the information rather than messaging individuals and those individuals report the resulst back to the community 2nd hand. Please don’t misunderstand, @Lin I appreciate you reporting your communication here, but surely we all deserve to know what’s happening 1st hand and if @Konstantinos has time to message you individually then he has time to post the same message the community as a whole.


Nope. no one has a “right” to get information about shipping or other things per community. if Kk is reacting smart now, he should stop any communication until to the point of investors money on their account.


If they hold shipments and refunds long enough (till October 2019), they can get a great addition to EVE team. Justin Trudeau will be hopefully out of work and available. He has no knowledge how to run business/country, but he is great in apologizing, looks good on camera and even can cry on demand.


I disagree, I’m not asserting a ‘right’ to information, rather that communication updating details already provided to the community should not really be transferred through community individuals, instead it should be posted directly in this community by the source.

I also strongly disagree that he should stop communicating until money is on the account - for all we know at the moment that might never happen! The lack of transparent communication is what has degraded this forum to the state that it is now! In the absence of information people will fill the gaps with guesses and assumptions, some will be positive some negative…. as time goes on the negative seems to win and it’s a downward spiral for everyone.


I agree, @Konstantinos should keep up the weekly (at least in my opinion) updates until everyone has either got their V or their refund, the lack of communication just causes people to speculate as to what is happening which is far from ideal.


What if they are just collecting funds from new purchases then calling them “investments” here in the community. Then all the estimates are just predictions of when the funds from purchases reach a certain amount. If new purchases are getting fewer then it makes sense that “investments” are always delayed.

All of this can just be an improvised ponzi scheme. One that is already failing.


I am honestly thinking that if investor story would be true, then info about transfer of money would come in the middle of the week from Konstantinos, and not on tomorrow update.
The fact that he didn’t post anything is showing that nothing is true and tomorrow it will be a regular update which was set couple days before in advance.
Like for real, investor can’t ignore his “investment” for a week.
These guys know that we can’t return money anymore and they just waiting when no one will post anything here anymore so that no one would sue them etc.
That’s my thoutghs.
Because after agreement with investor and a transfer, in my opinion, nothing can prevent money to come.
Firstly, there always were two investors. Money from both of them can’t be on hold at the same time.
Secondly, I am pretty sure that “big investor” has more money set in transfer, then the private one. So even if Bank blocked big transfer, small one would go through.
Thirdly, Bank can’t hold our money for almost a year in a processor. They were released by pieces. I am sure that real problem which appeared is that these small pieces were given away right away for salaries for couple people in support etc etc.
That’s why right now Eve simply has no money. Even our money already went to this people. If you think that they still “on hold” from Bank for a year, then you never did business guys.
I don’t understand how some people still trying to defend these guys…
They didn’t steal money on purpose, but because of their want to receive salary all our money eventually disappeared by small pieces.
Try to say something against this, “positive” guys.


Which is great with you supporters is that you don’t realize your double behavior.

If it were a big company from which you wouldn’t be part of the community, you would have exact opposite behavior of what you have now. You have criticized the management, the company as a whole. You would have written to support, to their twitter PR account, you would have flooded their Facebook or you would have written to your local consumer association or even in some cases authorities.

Saying that you believe in the project doesn’t help. The project was konstantinos and his idea. No more « working » Konstantinos delivering proofs of his idea working, means that the project is dead.

You can’t sustain the idea that one year later of non-delivery there is still a sustainable project behind that or even any project at all.

Whatever the reason, this story of investor are false advertisement. And you, active supporters, have only the word of some people working for eve without actual proofs. And even those people, I’m pretty sure are reaffirming words coming from Konstantinos himself without having seen those investors or anything related to it. It could totally be like someone else said, a demand for loans to different banks.

As this whole mess could totally be an accidental ponzi scheme.
This is not because some of you have received their Vs or even let say 65% as Konstantinos has claimed, that it would not be a ponzi scheme. The story behind it could be that the majority of the less priced models have been delivered and most of the higher end models haven’t. And the whole reason of it could be a bad business plan.

You don’t want to acknowledge this possibility but you are only consumers here. Don’t forget that. And even some of you are pushing in that sense since you are encouraging Konstantinos to not speak freely and deliver all the informations. Which is classic 101 business PR. Which is actually bad PR. This have always been bad strategy and have been the main reason of the force of the plot theory. In cybersec community we had late examples of that largely examined by Troy Hunt about a badly advertised breach of security for example but it’s not the only one. (which you can read on his blog by the way)

Should I list all the problems so far?:

  • lying about the delivery in March
  • Using the excuse of the Chinese New Year.
  • waited 7 months before explaining the payment processor problem
  • not giving the actual payment processor since most of you are talking about paypal, but I can’t get out of my head the fact that CyberSource was mentionned too and also that the schematics to explain the problem came from cybersource too.
  • not tracking our money… Basically the model was, we put our money in big MoneyPig and then Eve decides what is produced first and who gets the delivery first. I’m sorry but I didn’t pay through Paypal but through a professionnal credit card so actually my money was without any protection and so most probably directly acquired by Fortress.
  • NEVER answered to any Paypal inquiries, my wiki is proof of that. Do Paypal have at least the right email adress? Did Konstantinos lose his password? The least EVE could have done is to answer with an automatic message saying the funds are tied up. Since when do we conduct business like that and not answering mail from finance institution or authorities? I certainly never conduct business like that.
  • Setup a system where you have 2 different legal entities, one in a trusted juridictional territory, one out of reach of any legal action (China). And I didn’t know that before to order. If I would have known that I wouldn’t have ordered actually. To take an example where you can actually trust parties, Purism who actually build or assemble your product in USA and so it’s a made in USA product where you can legally rely on.
  • lying about the transfer. If there have been any transfer at all Konstantinos would have received proof that payment.
  • still lying about the investor situation. They want to change the deal? There is no actual reason if they exist, to do so. We, as a community, don’t say different things since Late May. The discourse haven’t change neither the content of the posts.
  • still lying about those funds. Where are the funds? Certainly not in the payment processors anymore. They can’t legally stock up funds, they have to re-send it to the origins. Did anyone see their account grow back again? Don’t think so.
  • they have units already produced… They want to be honest? do the right thing? Send the units already produced even if it’s without keyboard or without windows license key. Retribution can come later in that case because the customer will have something at least. People can operate their units without windows licence key and without keyboard.
  • Since the paypal problem came forward during the indiegogo campaign, and if it’s not a ponzi scheme, it would have been very simple to warn customers earlier and asked them to ask refund from their banks or Paypal.
  • If there was a real deal from the beginning between fortress and paypal, why paypal triggered the inquiries? the system could have handled automatic message saying that they have the funds and are releasing small amount by small amount.

And I forgot to add 2 essential magical points to me:

  • because they didn’t track their PayPal activity, they didn’t know when people were asking refund. Then magically at some point, like if they actually asked to their man in charge of the China entity, the guy opened his Mailbox and acknowledge all the PayPal dispute to know who had asked for refund. A bit like if he discovered that he had a mail address for that.
  • all the new units sent to customer who had a failure on theirs, in place of repairing it (even if I know in Europe if you claim a problem inside a 3-6 months range you can get a new one no questions asked). And even some of the people like Arthur did manage to keep their old one. I know those kind of protocol for keyboard like for logitech but clearly I wasn’t aware of that for device for 600+ euros ^^

There are way too much inconsistencies in this whole mess. Way too much absurd things when it comes to delays and time to answer.
You want to read a really good Business PR about a failed company?
story of takeeateasy.

It’s time to acknowledge that the business plan was bad and the project is dead. It’s time to liquidate this firm and see if it’s possible to compensate the customers.
CEO, working people needs to be accountable for their actions, that’s why we have laws. IT’s not an NGO’s nor it is a cooperative or association. So for People in Europe I would ask you to do a statement to the police for non-delivery and forward to your bank where the money originally came from or to Paypal if you wired the cash directly to Paypal and asked for the trace of where your money did go to.
It won’t cost you anything just a small amount of time since it is basically just a form to fill at your local police station.
I will do the same thing next week or this weekend. And in the same time I will send mails to some lawyers and consumers association to see what is possible to do in a class action for european consumers.

And in the same time, please, supporters stop posting. For the most part you had received your product and you apparently don’t care about how you did get it. Your only proof has always been Konstantinos and his words. For that you don’t defer from an Apple Fanboy and you have the same syndrom of everyone in the tech industry who have the feeling of being part of something. And don’t worry I’m not an anarchist, I own several phone including Iphones, and in contradiction with most of you I own several configurations so in that sense I am part of several community. But the biggest difference between you and me, I’m not defending against winds and seas the industry who is linked to the community I’m part of.
At some point, like Louis Rossmann was saying yesterday about the T2 chip in Apple products, enough is enough.

It’s time to pull the plug on this thing.


Now that is certainly an interesting thought. A very quick way to jail, but at this point it is all a scam anyway. :frowning:


Incredibly well said and I 110% agree with everything! Report to authorities, see what can be salvaged, pay back what can be with the assets recovered and move on! There is no report coming, there is no help. It’s over! @Konstantinos if you ever do read any of this, You have been warned, lawsuits ARE coming!


Liquidation to compensate the customers? Lol.

Liquidation is the last thing you should want as a customer, because basically then you’re officially SOL.

It really is to their credit that they haven’t just given up in this shitstorm.


First my dear wickedly, you don’t know what has been already paid nor how many contracts have already been filled. So you actually don’t know how much would be tied up in debts.
Second, you don’t know which quantity of assets do they have.
Third, I really prefer and have a lot more trust in official authorities than in continuing this project. My end goal is not to retrieve my money but at least some of the people who have actual problems in their life like this student earlier would have the possibility to be compensate at least a little bit.
But apparently you don’t care about those nor do you really know how the routine with a curator really works in Europe…

And why I don’t hope to retrieve anything from this? Because I’m pretty sure that my money was not held up by PayPal because of the kind of transaction I’ve made and so I’m pretty sure that my money has already been used up to build maybe your tablet, darling :wink: which is outrageous by the way.