Weekly update 9.11


What’s funny is that it’s already Tuesday and nothing from anybody.
Investor on Bahamas?
Konstantinos already pre-made an update of “no response from investor” and set timer for Friday ?


Can’t lie, its getting really worrying that now almost a week on from the ‘latest the funds would arrive’ date that we’re still none the wiser. I imagine Eve are finding it just as infuriating as all of us are, get the feeling it’ll be a Friday update as normal :cry:


You dont even try…
They claim systems were/are ready to ship, but they dont have the funds for the vendor to release those.
No new flash sale, the Dec flash sale…
Why frozen? - based on your logic all funds flowing into the paypal account for 20 months were frozen ? Then nothing would move forward in that time would it? And all sales including the Dec flash sale was plain stupidity as it did route the money to get on-hold by paypal? And they claimed themselves it works that way - we need funds to ship so that old funds get unfrozen.

See, bottom line is it does not make sense no matter how you turn it, a Paypal freeze that we first heard about at the start of 2017, but the team continued to use paypal to collect CC afterwards, refund request to Eve that when requested by Eve to Paypal, Paypal should have no issues to return from the frozen funds, a looong search for an investor although when there are funds and are frozen there would be no risk for an investor…
Reading between the lines - there are no funds, or those that are there are claimed (but still not sufficient) by vendors or authorities (taxes).
Eve is quiet on FB, Twitter since ~6 months, even their story on the web is not updated past IGG, they are in hibernation, i would not be surprised if half the staff they list does not work for them anymore.
If they would want to continue their business, then with a V2 with the new Y CPUs, for that they would have to be done till end of the year to release a V2 during next year together with other manufacturers.
No one will buy a V next year for more than what they were sold during IGG, which was 2 years ago, with a prev-gen CPU architecture.
They probably were searching for an investor for much longer than told, as part of the funds from the flash sale were apparently used to finish IGG and so they were counting on getting someone on board to deliver flash sale orders and keep going with a payback for the investor from the margin from a new product.

Sure, probably stuff happened, they underestimated what it means to ship globally and that they have to pay import taxes, or a too high number of units goes defect, or they spent already some money for nonsense like the docking station project, or too many people returned the V during the return period, or they had to purchase parts into stock rather than just the needed volume to fulfill orders - as the manufacturers have a min order threshold, etc.

But thats no bad luck or someone external working against them…


Can Eve sue PayPal? This whole thing is damaging reputation, sales and work flow.


@Konstantinos @Team I think is time for you guys to give some explanation of what’s happening. Over a week of the latest funds would arrived, Two weeks to Anniversary of orders, a month and a half to the year end.

I am not here specifically to be negative or swamp passive posts, but you guys should know more what have you done,



Feels like until December 2019 we still cant get machine or get refunds


I have no idea what you are really on about and it’s badly formatted so even trying to read it is too difficult.

Just a lot of stuff about PayPal. But here’s the thing they weren’t the only payment processor used. I certainly didn’t pay by PayPal.


You paid by CC right, Eve uses Paypal as a processor for the payment, you dont need to pay by Paypal -i.e. from a Paypal account…


We may never hear from them again. Seriously, the answers we have gotten from them are now just open ended “we will get back to you”. It is sad. Also, I did a quick look into their other discussion groups and nothing is happening. Other projects are on hold and I don’t see any communication. I would be surprised if anyone is in the office anymore. It is a sad state.


Let’s be honest, you have no idea what you are on about really. PayPal wasn’t the exclusive processor here. I didn’t use it and my transaction didn’t go through PayPal whether it was via paypal or account or just using their merchant facilities. I know exactly which payment processor it went through. But I will let you do your own research :slight_smile:


I hope Eve push some updates soon. What happened to the video stuff? That format worked but has died a death. I guess there is little to add other than investment pending.

Just seen the subreddit and a twitter account that are out there for disgruntled customers. Not surprising I guess.


I’m not expecting another update for a while now, if at all. As negative as that statement is it’s basically what Konstantinos said in his initial post for this thread “detailed update when I have substantial news”… if he never has any ‘substantial news’ there is no obligation to post at any given time. It’s not like previous posts where he’s implied he’ll post some news at the end of the week or sooner than that if there is something useful to say.


Yeah, if we get an update this week (which I’m hoping we will of course) it’ll be sometime on Friday.


I got Kons PM before dawn, he said the investors are still there, but they change the deal structure, and he is waiting for further details of it.

All in one sentence is that “The investment things haven’t been done”, and situation won’t get better until they get the enough investment. Seems like they still got a lot to do on this step.

When we can start to wait is when Eve got all its investment, then they can finish rest of steps by 2-4 weeks, hope it isn’t next year things!

And the only reason for kons to post weekly update is to prove he is still fighting, hasn’t give up, I am sure he may post a details update when he can, but now he doesn’t even have a ball to say anything.


Oh, so Christmas are close, after that the EVE will be surprised by Chinese New Year and story of delays will go on and on …


Eve negotiation team continuing to amaze and astound. From the money should be with us no later than Nov 5th to the investment things still haven’t been done in the blink of an eye.

I would LOVE to hear a detailed breakdown of the communication between investor and Eve, as very difficult to see how one of them wasn’t economical with the truth - either investor to Eve when they said money had been transferred and would land on Nov 5th, or Eve to community when they said same.

Very much looking forward to returning to standard issue ‘no news to report. I assure you we are all working super hard to give our amazing community exactly what they deserve we will triumph’ weekly update, with occasional delays sprinkled in courtesy of xmas, new year, and chinese new year.


I wonder how the deal structure has been changed, seems a little late to change the structure when the money has apparantly been sent? Reckon that’d have been a truer and more representative update rather than saying the money is still in its way and there’s issues. This actually makes me think the money wasn’t sent at all? Maybe it’s just me being a mix of paranoid and slightly cynical :smile:


Did he PM you on Discourse? Because his profile says he hasn’t been on for 2 days.


I guess the investment topic will take till 2019, who wanna bet?

Time planing is nothing EVE can handle, and they are not brave enough to say “we don’t know how long it will take” they just say something to make us calm, nothing else.


If you speak to people who have sought investment before some of these investors change things at the drop of a hat. One minute it’s an investment, suddenly it’s changed so that X of the money is now a loan rather than investment for equity. Not saying that’s the case here as who knows the details.

The problem I can see is the investors have the ultimate negotiating position as they know Eve need the cash. So they’re obviously going to push their luck, one would assume :smiley: . The best deals are always the ones you can walk away from. Dunno if that the case here, well it might be, but it leads to even more delays of course.

If ethereum hadn’t tanked so bad I’d have invested myself :smile: