Weekly update 9.11


It may be exactly the opposite, your reasoning is pulled from air.
As i am reading now, this 2 investors thing is going on for months, the money instead of arriving as it should now apparently was not sent in first place.
Eve simply last year did not have enough funds to even deliver to IGG, they probably used the funds from the flash sale to finish IGG and are probably searching for an investor since the previous year…
Investing into Eve means covering their loss, dealing with possible lawsuits, tax evasion stuff, etc. and believing into the success of the next product that pays for the loss from the V and delivers a nice profit itself.
The V is obsolete 2 years tech with its price not dropping, even when the funds arrive today regular sales could start when again? - February?
Who would still buy for obsolete tech with a reputation of maybe never be delivered?


Ok I get that you have problems with money transfer, but it seems like you had two investors, 1 a major equipment mfg, and a private investor. Shouldn’t the major equipment investor be the one that is controlling the fabrication/assembly of the computers, and the private investor be the one that is funding the delivery?


Yeah I never use the eve-tech site to be honest. the community is saved for me


I honestly think this is now just cruel.

I backed via the Indiegogo campaign in December 2016 and eagerly awaited the delivery of my new device in April 2017. At the point I invested I knew the risk of these funding campaigns going sour, but with a previous success of the Eve T1 and Intel stating their support for the project I was pretty confident that my $1,765 was a relatively safe investment for a pretty cool piece of hardware, and it was designed by ‘the people for, the people’.

I kept a look out for the campaign updates as I’ve had a few of the campaigns I’ve invested in just go silent and run with the money, but no, this one was going great. I’ve had other campaigns I’ve evenutally had messages saying they have run out of funds and cannot fulfil the pledges unless they can find an investor, annoying sure, but at least they were up front about it and I could get my anger out, remind myself that it was a fledgling company trying to do a new thing, write-off the money and just move on. That hasn’t happened yet…

Then there was the display issue, not cool and major delays. We grilled the Eve team a bit but, frustrating as it was, because of the information flow from Eve we understood that they were trying to find a new supplier and ultimately we got a better display for the trouble and even a 1TB SSD upgrade for some.

Time went on and I actually received my Eve device in March 2018 but was missing some of the accessories which I was promised would arrive later. I was really pleased and bought an MS Office license for it and splashed out on a few other bits of software, big mistake – the display died in July and having claimed on the ‘2 year warranty’ I was told I would receive a replacement as soon as possible….

Following the increasingly sparse ‘weekly’ updates I’m becoming quite despondent. Eve appear to be lacking any real impetus and the information flow is appalling. It’s as if the community isn’t worth Eve’s time anymore and the brief posts are simply to show that there is someone still out there, we are treated with contempt and they don’t actually tell us anything useful. I am now of the opinion that my replacement device will never arrive. You could say that I’m lucky I received a device at all, I know that a lot of you haven’t yet, although I wouldn’t have bought the additional software if I’d never received the first device.

If Eve had come out initially and said “sorry, we’ve run out of money as it cost us more for the new displays than we had budgeted for so no more devices”, then we’d all have got really annoyed but we could grieve and move on. Instead they did a flash sale and continued to sell and falsely advertise the device as if it was a finished product!

They now continue the facade by suggesting there are ‘investors’ that have been ‘selected’ because they believe what Eve are trying to do with community-built machines – except that this whole mess has ruined the community they built in the first place.

I’m certainly no expert in company finance but if Paypal had frozen funds, then why can’t Eve tell Paypal to issue refunds to those who have requested it, thus satisfying the refund claims and potentially allowing the remaining funds to be released to pay Emdoor for the devices?

If investor(s) have agreed contracts then how can they have completed the ‘selection’ process and then suddenly be uncontactable after a payment has supposedly been made?

If there really is more than one investor then is the investment of the other investor(s) contingent on the payment of the first? If not why can’t the money from the other investor(s) be used to start things moving again?

If the payment has been made and the banks are holding it for due diligence then surely they will have told Eve that? With a company account I would expect that Eve should have an account manager at the bank who can find out what’s going on at either the Investors bank or Eve’s, that’s what account manager are for, especially since this is not going to be a small amount of money! I certainly wouldn’t want to bank with an institution that won’t tell me what’s happening to a large amount of money I’m supposed to receive and won’t help me find out.

I can’t see how Eve don’t know more about what’s going on!

I find the recent phrasing of “taking longer than some of you expected to get back to you” rather sarcastic and misplaced – Eve has people’s money, whether it was invested through a crowd-funding campaign or paid through the website sales. You can’t expect people to be ok with the fact that currently our money is gone and things have dragged on for so long that we have no recourse to get it back either through PayPal or our credit card companies.

The community is being swamped with negative comments simply because people are unhappy with the situation and there is no other avenue to express ourselves. Instead of kicking us a bit further down the road of hope with each vague update then just rip the plaster off and say that Eve don’t have any more funds! We can all be really upset and then walk away and move on with our lives. Instead I feel obliged to keep checking back each day for an update in the faint hope that there will be a post saying “we got the funds, production and shipment are rolling again, everyone can be happy and you’re guaranteed to receive your (soon to be obsolete) device in the next month”

Here’s to the ever fading hope that the “detailed update when I have substantial news (which is phrased to basically say “you probably won’t get another update for more than a week, so don’t expect a weekly update”) will eventually say something positive and more concrete than the current posts.


Good TL;DR of “V, the journey”, for new ppl. Imho.


Are you saying that the forum links were not removed from the website?
I’m pretty sure I have linked from the website to the community previously. To expect people to Google for a community site that they may not be aware even exists rather than have a straight forward link on the company site seems rather suspect and unnecessarily convoluted to me!


I agree.

The sales should be stopped on the website otherwise there will be more people caught up in the current financial mess, which in turn will further damage the Eve brand and deter any future investment.
Replacing the web order page with text explaining that sales are suspended whilst the backorders are being fulfilled is at least more honest. Once all the existing devices have been shipped then Eve could have a relaunch campaign and drum up some enthusiasm and sales again.


Incredibly well stated! I for one believe I will never get my money back. What Eve had done is more than me losing my monies, It is fraud and just not respectful. They deserve all the bad will and future consequence they get. The only way they can avoid all this is to get the money and get things going again. I hope that happens but it won’t. Again, thank you for this great post.


Thank you for taking the time and properly writing out your perspective and opinions. I and I’m sure many others appreciate it.

Again @eve-tech it comes down to communication and honesty. Please pay attention.


And they are constantly rejecting your calling, aren’t they?


im starting to think the investor backed off…

but uhh, this definitely ruined my study this year. saved my money for eve instead of buying a laptop, but instead i got no money and no laptop.

been hoping for it to come, but nope i just got nothing.


I wish I had read the forum first prior to impulse purchasing my V in April 2018.

Too late for PayPal refund

Was hopeful for a delivery by October when “investors have been locked in”.

Had to purchase a Surface Go in the interim!

I am still hopeful for my device but it’s going to be a 2 year old product by next year.


Here’s my two cent;
To eve, and especially every customer. This money is extremely important. To the investor, it’s not that of a big deal. Sure he doesn’t want to lose money, but I think that for the investor this money injection is less of a financial hurdle then the eve V was for some or the people here. These investors have other interests with higher priorities.
So it isn’t a surprise that the investor isn’t… Well invested as we are ironically.

For how the money is being transfered. Everyone who hasn’t transfered a million usd or more can’t imagine what kind of hurdles everyone needs to jump through. And no I don’t know either.

I get the frustration, honestly I do. But the reality is that if you bought the V and can’t get the money back. You can either commit and get the V somewhere in the future. Or demand refund and get that somewhere in the future. Everything else is even worse for all parties involved.


That or lawsuits…
I guess it is commit to getting the V or the refund, but with a limited time frame.

I mean, if this goes on until December/Christmas 2018 or (if the community still defend the practice…) 2019; we’re pretty damn sure there are no investors caring enough to fund.


I, like most of you, now want my money back. We all know that is not going to happen, and if we return the units, which most likely will have shoddy components and will need replacement or repair which will never happen, we will get the runaround about refunds for shipped units or some other weak excuse. I am very upset I lost $1,700 and can’t think of any other recourse.

BUT I did buy the unit because of good reviews by The Verge and MobileTechReview. Do you think if we reached out to them (I recall one of the reviewers saying they know the founder) they could get more information out of him? They are trusted reviewers and their word is what pretty solid and I am sure they would be upset if so many people who purchased this vapor ware lost their money. What do you think?


I thought Linus already had a disclaimer on their site.

But tbh I wouldn’t call the verge a trusted reviewer. They haven’t been for a loooooooong time. (See how to build a pc video for example)


Just want to say that I’m still here.


Correct, Linus & Danny Winget have added ‘no longer available’.

The issue is that “demanding” it doesn’t do much. Thus the frustration. Most people trusted eve, delay after delay, until they passed their ability to chargeback. You can imagine without having that recourse the type of helplessness some here feel.


@Konstantinos, just wanted to know again, did you receive proof of payment from the investor or did you just take them at their word that payment was done? If the proof of payment was provided surely the banks will be able to provide you with an update? And if you took them at their word, that seems amateurish at best…


No that’s you putting words in my mouth.