Weekly update 30.11


If anything is moving from one place to another, someone has been paid xD


My opinion that nobody asked for is that EVE either lost the investor and is looking for someone new, like the million/billion dollar company that initially they weren’t onboard with because morals; or they are trying to sell the company off and wash their hands.

Hope they prove me wrong and quick.


Nothing to prove. As we all told before, if good news would arrive After a year, they would not wait for a Friday to notify us


Yep, fully expecting tomorrows update to be another ‘we’re all working as hard as we can’ updates.




What do they have to sell?


Whelp. Guess this next update will be more of the same excuses.

Now officially a year without a device nor refund. This is a joke.


singin They see me updating, they hating.


Whatever they have left, I guess. Didn’t give it too much time, so take it with a huge grain of salt, obviously. It is just a hunch.

I believe there were some discussions on their assets in one of the previous update threads.

Oh boy, oh boy! Friday afternoon! Wonder want Santa has for us in his bag of update words of comfort and assurance?


New update topic here.