Weekly update 30.11


For me, beyond eve not delivering a year later, the deception is really the kicker.

I (naively) put a lot of trust initially in Konsta’s explanations which pushed me beyond charge back period. And now the entire view of what’s going on is completely clouded.

Like, what ever happened with the bank wire? Konsta said the button was pushed and the wire was on its way. That’s not a transaction that gets reversed easily (which is why eve is accepting only bank wire for payments). When that excuse expired, there was never any explanation nor transparency about what happened. Just “were bringing everyone to the table”.

Thus, at this point I just want to be done with this situation and move on. I joined to be part of a transparent community yet haven’t received that experience from the CEO or team.

Can Konsta get on camera again to explain the situation? There should be a Q&A to at least address people’s questions while they wait in hopeless limbo.


No fund, no shipping.
No shipping, more (overdue) refunds
More refunds, no investors on board

At least now we can safely assume that; I remember when Eve had constant delays with designing/manufacturing the 1st IGG batch. If they have good news, they’ll bring it ASAP.

But, if the news was delayed until TBA/end of the week, you bet there’s nothing of a happy prospect. That wasn’t bad in 2017, but in 2018… this is straight up deception/lies from a moral standpoint.

If by the end of mid-December (Eve week of Christmas) or heck, 2019 this still goes on… I don’t think even the neutral news from community manager would hold up.

I’m pretty sure, a 1 year delay on any law to fail delivery of product in any country means users have full right for refunds. Next step is just fraudulent.


@Konstantinos @Team, doing an AMA would be a good idea. i wonder how will you answer live questions.

Disclaimer - I don’t think you will, because a cooked spaghetto is this company’s spine, apparently.


That’s exactly, how it is. We all did wait to long. Now we can only lay back and pray.


At this point, I wish you the best in navigating what the future holds.


I am for the most part done here, I promised myself that I would come here on the date that I originally bought the V to see if things have improved and if my actions were justified in retrieving my money, I feel that It was.

I managed to get a decent surface to get me through this year and I’m quite fond of it, although the IO is lacking for obvious microsoft reasons, but for what I’m using it for its not a big issue.

If eve remains 2yrs from now and things have changed for the better, I may be tempted to try again, that is if I can get the CPU before it’s too out of date and the pen has more pressure sensitivity, I know its asking alot on the pen :joy:.


Almost 1 year since the flash sale. I hope there’s more substantial news this week and that we will have a tracking number soon in our hands.


There’s one simple answer to every question people would ask about the status of their orders/repairs/refunds: EVE doesn’t have the money to be able to ship/fix/refund anyone’s order. Until they do, nothing changes. End of AMA.


Yeah I knew as soon as I put in my request for a refund that I’d be waiting till everyone has got their V or a replacement V before refunds start being issued.

Obviously far from ideal (I mean as soon as the money actually comes in what’s to stop them from issuing refunds then? Beside my thinking that refunds were pushed to the back to try and make as few people opt for them as possible) but its what we have to work with.


I think you hit the point, it should be Eve’s some kind of strategy to keep customers’ order away from refund option. They even haven’t stopped the sales which is out of control. Let’s be realistic: Eve is not kind of technical charity, it’s a business, it need profits to live, though its idea is great.

And that’s why I am still here to keep my order, if I get my refunds after shipping why not I just wait for shipping? (As I still don’t see much strong competitors let me to land in)
That’s my opinion, definitely not only “my” opinion, then you know why Eve do that —
they want your order


IMO, if it’s not possible to provide shipping and refunds at the same time, it’s more than fair to ship things first for the customers that decided to continue on board and then take care of the refunds after that. In a perfect scenario, both would be taken care of at the same time as soon as the investment money arrives.


Except you know some of us are waiting for refunds from before Flash Sales were a thing – seems totally fair.


Refunds from returned V’s are other thing. I’m talking about refunds asked by customers that didn’t get the V at all after the flash sales, wich are the majority of refunds pending.


Lets be honest, waiting with the refunds is just another ponzi scheme strategy:

  1. they get funds
  2. they dont use the funds to refund, but to pay longest waiting suppliers to release at least some of the stock
  3. they ship some of the Vs
  4. they use the returns for warranty claims
  5. they get new orders in, use that money again to pay for past due invoices
    At the end of the day, the between the lines statement of 'we refund after shipping is:
    Even with an investor, there will be another bunch of IFs.
    The suppliers that wait to get paid are at the top of the list, customers at the bottom.

Besides, i think it is highly likely that an unprecedented large amount of users in EU will ask for a refund within their 2 weeks return right period after they get their Vs - its 2 years old tech, customers waited a year and simply dont want to deal with Eve, etc…

Logically Eve should do the opposite - ask the buyers if they want a refund before they get their V, i am pretty sure there are folks who are solid on their decision to return it right away.
Eve would spare handling costs for returns and they would have fresh stock to sell (you cant resell a return as new-for the same price).
But Eve is not doing this, why? Because they need every penny to keep the ponzi scheme alive…


A Discount code was mentioned, how did people obtain this, as i have been waiting since my order off the website on April?

i am aware people have been waiting longer, but really want to know where i stand in terms of the EVE order, i have completed other research about consumer rights


The discount code I received was just a £50 (or maybe Euro?) gift voucher for the accessory shop.


Thank you, of course i want this investor issue to be resolved first and i receive my product, before i ask about any of this properly.


Nice update, knowing the part is coming back to your hands seems like a good progress considering you guys were stuck in a negative loop.


Nope, Still not Past Tense.


Well, guys. This is just getting salty.
(Which is understandable, since y’ know Eve and the V hadn’t been delivered to 35% of the paying customer for almost a full year. Thus dissapointing customers dependant on actually getting the machine for their jobs/duties).

And there are the Debbie Downers on the forum, which nobody likes to hear on a person, but relevantly they’re not really wrong on the idea of bad news comin’ around (which passing MONTHs, this has been going on).

Really the people who bought, technically pre-ordering with full price, are waiting for
A) Fund coming to actually deliver the devices (bless their hearts and wallet for enduring such void) or,
B) Refund.

Cause hey, they might be tired from all the sh#t, and be better off spending the expensive margin ($500-700) for a Surface Pro 5/6. Or get something else, because they can if they have their money back. Maybe, a normal laptop or optimistically, and Eve V2 because hey, the V1 (like any other 1st gen products) have issues.
(e.g. V type cover last 7 months on some report v.s. MS’ type cover that last 2 1/2 years–check that on reddit for durability)

Salty or not, all we do is wait for NEWS/feedback for next NEWS. That’s it. And perhaps focus on what we want to be getting next for the news. For example IMHO (in my honest opinion):

My opinion: All this transition from CEO/Konsta to Community Manager, and focusing on the issue of inventory/missing shipment (for this last 2 weeks). Was a great way to de-escalate forum pent up anger/complains from the FIASCO that was Eve’s misleading hopes/words for the last 1 month/more about: Investors/money/deals are coming/processed but truly… it wasn’t as a projected done deal (I’m not saying they’re not trying yo.)

But: The actual news we would care about like

  • Current actual issues e.g. if Eve has any commited investors or not (we ain’t asking for who it is, it’s a yes or no question, we’re sorry if this breaks your confidence or special NDAs, whatever)
  • How would Eve actually process refunding (who’s fund will it be, sorry for asking). I’m pretty damn sure Eve is at a HUGE loss in this, they are as an indie company taking inventory risks.*

Just like MICROSOFT is taking “inventory risk for their OEMs” with their Surface Brand as quoted from Satya Nadella. The difference is because of they’re EXPENSIVE price/margins and because of Windows OS sales they can recover.
With Eve 100% fund =/ 100% product met, sure but the risks to making business mistakes like this is critical. Like more critical than usual OEMs (like H.P., ASUS, etc because Eve isn’t established yet). So how will it be for the rest of the 35%, if for the worst all of THEM demand refund?

2 questions like that answered would be intriguing/productive. But indeed, will be PR homework for officials to work with. And I don’t think they are easy questions to answer if there are no BEEF to begin with.