Weekly update 30.11


Hi community,

Another update from me this week as Konsta is still out getting things done.

Paperwork and negotiations

Last week I wrote about the right people finally coming together to discuss how we’re to go forward. The past week has been filled with more negotiations, and lots and lots of paperwork. Each handshake gets us closer to our goal.

So what kind of steps have been taken?

For example, accessories that were still stored in 4PX warehouses are on their way back into our hands. It’s a small detail, but it’s a crucial prerequisite for shipping them out to waiting customers through our new shipping partner. It will also allow us to open the accessory store we’d hoped to have available months ago.

That’s good news for those with a discount code, or for those just looking to pick up accessories that they forgot about during the initial purchase of their V. But combined with the preparations we’ve been making at the office, of consolidating all outstanding shipments into one system, missing accessories will be sent on their way to waiting customers once they are back in our care.

Support report

Once missing items and replacement devices start shipping out, we expect the pressure on our support staff to drop off significantly. Even so, we’re looking for an extra staff member to assist in diagnostics, which has been where the delays in getting back to customers has been the longest. The support experience should soon be far better than it has been!

And now…

There’s not much news in this week’s update, I know. We could make predictions based on where we are in the process, or based on the promises of our partners. We’ve done so in the past, and it’s not gone over well when things turned out other than predicted. So I’ll save the cheers and festivities for future updates when we have more certainty about timelines. Until then, know that the team isn’t just sitting around doing nothing.

Everyone’s giving their best to make sure we fulfil our responsibilities towards our customers.

Have an amazing weekend!

Weekly update 07.12

Thanks for the update.
Here is what I predicted earlier this month. Turns out, it will be true after all!!: https://eve.community/t/weekly-update-9-11/16456/7?u=punter
Nonetheless, your update sounds much more real, humble, and truthful than the CEO’s…so great job on the first step to winning back trust.
Have a good weekend!


Nothing good but also nothing bad. Looking forward till next weeks update. I still hope I get my money back before my birthday. (which is in january)


So since you’re negotiating a new go forward, one of your partners/sponsors/saviors backed out? Not that we can do much other than wait this train wreck out, but remember when @Konstantinos basically bragged that they turned down a 1m+ investment because it wasn’t the right fit for you; that was good.


So have the funds actually arrived? Unless I’ve not been reading between the lines correctly I don’t actually recall seeing anything saying as such? It sounds like they might have arrived but surely this would be a headline announcement? So have part of them arrived? None of them?


It is good to see the updates continue.

At least no more promises (which have historically all been broken) were made on the forum this time.

Best wishes to everyone.


The answer is almost certainly no. According to Eve’s updates they’ve put in a lot of work into making everything ready to go. But Eve still hasn’t shipped unfulfilled orders, missing accessories, or repair units, because shipping requires cash. We’ll know they’ve actually received the money when stuff starts happening. Until then, Eve is more or less broke.


I guess no news about actual device shipments? I would love to get my accessories, but without the V, it really doesn’t help much.


Yeah that’s how I see it as well.


I can think of few things that sum up the eve experience so well as receiving your accessories (a year late) with no device to use them on. Hopefully you won’t be charged extra for this premium service


I don’t understand why fulfilling orders has precedence over refunds for someone like me who backed from the absolute beginning and has been perpetually lied to, had faulty goods delivered that weren’t even as described or promised and have been returned into eves hands.

How after all that nonsense isn’t my refund very close to the top of the pile of things to sort rather than fulfilling orders taken way afterwards?


I additionally would like some clarification on this.

Eve says that fulfilling orders unfreezes paypal liabilities. Yet why wouldn’t refunding do the same? It would reduce the liabilities outstanding on their account.

Things like this, in addition to “a bank wire is on its way” never panning out nor have an explanation how a bank wire could be reversed are making me incredibly anxious and nervous.

I just want my money back. In 5 days, I’ll have been waiting an entire year, with neither a device nor a refund. This is not a trivial amount to me. I would like to just be done with this and be on my way.


Well, priorities I guess.
Deal with what you already have, and I’m pretty sure they’ve got the devices/accessories lying around on a warehouse.

Problem is with refunds, there is nothing but loss for the company. So with Eve having no extra funds (after making the devices), of course the refunds aren’t much of a headline.


I almost ordered a V then decided to wait a bit, then all the problems started being reported and the rest is history till now. I hope things work out for everyone who did order and are still waiting for product or refunds. I still have not bought a 2 in 1 and would consider an updated V if EVE ever gets things going in the right direction. One thing I can see is EVE has continued to try and fix their problems for a long time now. Hoping for the best outcome!


Then isn’t this just plain deception? They’re hoping to make money to cover their arses rather than being honest about anything.

I used to think Konstantinos was a good person. Now I’m really not convinced.


Not liabilities with PayPal I suppose…


I’ve always presumed refunds were pushed to the back of the queue to try and ensure not as many people opted for it, as the more refunds they have to issue the more leftover stock they’ll have sat around waiting for new customers to come along to clear said stock.


I have been waiting since the 16th December 2017 for a computer and nothing but unfulfilled promises. I urgently require either my computer or my money? I have asked for my money back but more unfulfilled promises. I own a business making a six figure profit but the way that this business is run is drastic. Please either money back or a computer NOW


No platitudes action please as I have been waiting since December 17 and I am fed up of unfulfilled promises.


I wish they could make good on their promises.

The reality is that any promises or commitments made by EVE at this point would only be broken next week.

Several of us were honest enough with ourselves that we were simply never going to get what we paid for and proceeded with contacting our payment processors.

Ask yourself why you are just now coming to this realization. You should be just as mad at yourself as EVE.

At this point, you likely have no other course of action but to wait it out. Refund or device, you are at their mercy.

I wish there were still options open to you, but the forum is an echo chamber at this point.