Weekly Update 28.12


Support is radio silent for several months…
Any advises on making a formal and legal complaint ???


They tried it from several users of the Eve V reddit but since Eve is using a Hong Kong based shipment/warehouse/etc. it is very hard to sue.

It’s like they prepared for this, kudos.


Prima sort villainy right here.

65% shipped - right…
Most accessories shipped - uh-huh…
Chinese company hard to vindicate from Europe - check.

What’s next, hiring a bunch of small, yellow people in welding goggles and overalls?


Talk to your payment processor and try to get a refund. Varies on your processor and country laws.


No news about the shipment of my replacement keyboard. Had to resort to buying a new portable set of wireless keyboard and mouse in order to get any work done.

What’s been a great device has now turned into a shit-storm, backed by everyone here.


I did receive my Kickstand replacement just before new year’s eve.
But no replacement keyboard in the package, still waiting for it as well.

I did also buy the Brydge Keyboard (normally for Surface Pro, but perfectly fitting the V).


What about refund orders ??


Can u share the link which one fit the V perfectly, is it the Brydge 12.3


I’m in the same boat. I previously had to resort to sending support an email every hour until they responded last summer. Since getting a promise that I was definitely on the list, I’ve heard nothing. That’s nearly a year with a broken keyboard. At least I have a device.


Yes, it’s the Brydge 12.3, you are right (for Surface Pro 3, 4, 5 & 6). I have the version without expanded storage (a bit cheaper, but still pricey).
Available on their website and Amazon. Be mindful of the keyboard configuration, they do propose others than US Qwerty.

Only the color doesn’t fit with the V. But it’s an excellent Keyboard, with a very impressive battery.

EDIT : a black version of the Keyboard (so fitting the V also in color) will be available soon as it seems on their website.


So I will preempt the announcement from @Konstantinos tomorrow, we are working very hard, we have finally gotten the material at our original shippers to our new shippers, and will be sending shipment information to you soon. Does anyone want to take odds that that is what they are going to say tomorrow?


Chinese New Year excuse? Etc


A) NY excuse (any excuse)
B) partners not back from holidays
C) other partners preaparing for holidays
D) investor/shipment bottlenecks

How do I make a poll? Let’s vote on it!

Nothing new to report - no answers to questions for which @Konstantinos asked himself :smiley: #WheresYourTegridy


New update topic here.