Weekly Update 28.12


Hi Community!

Hope you had an awesome Christmas. This week a lot of our partners have been on holidays but we are moving towards getting the Vs shipped. By now most of the people should have received the accessories that have been shipped out recently. We are looking forward to 2019 and hope that it will be a year full of progress!

Happy new year!

Weekly Update 21.12

How are you moving forwards to shop them? I hear it for the last 3-4 updates. Same phrase. Nothing changes. Simple question - do you have money in your hands to pay for everything in order to send them or no - that’s it. One question.


I ordered a V, hdmi cable and screen protector all at once during the February flash sale.

Was I supposed to get the accessories early? I have not received any shipping codes.


Still waiting for my warranty replacement keyboard… also not even shipping information yet. Can you tell us when will be shipment of the warranty replacements so ?!


Konsta, now is the best time for you. One month of peace and quiet. Christmas, next week: we’ve done nothink coz new year. Two weekes: we are going to China bullt. Sorry mate but your infos are full of nothing. You haven’t answered any questions from community, you haven’t commented hard situation with Unbox Therapy. You haven’t told us what about The Investor. Sorry mate, I respected you for your bravery to compete this task but right here right now I think you should be gone because as a CEO you are responsible for all this st, these are your decisions, these are your mistakes. Maybe you took to many things for your shoulders but still, this is and was your decision as a CEO. One year of mistakes at least. You weren’t ready to be CEO and this is effect. For me, if this words that there is any investor is true, it should be his first point to change you for someone that have knowledge and experience to be CEO. I don’t understand how you can read all of those posts and tell us to have a good week. You are so calm. Mate, whole year of waiting for 1.7k$ computer is game over for some small companies, students etc. And for all of this you gave us nothing, week after week. This is a lot of money for me, don’t know situation of all of you guys. I have this luck that I have V from HEB. I can’t imagine what are the feelings of people who don’t have one.


I haven’t received accessories, or shipping notices from your site, so I guess I will have to wait for the V(Which I also don’t have) before I will see accessories. You have proven one thing though, If you want the best tablet PC, we should have all just bought a Surface Pro and lived the dongle life, because by now we would have been all looking at the next new thing, and thought about mothballing the current gen computer. This experience should have taught me to not trust anything and get my money back, I haven’t yet, because I don’t really need it to pay my bills, but I won’t ever take anyone at Eve seriously again.


It would be nice to see some of the people who this claims to have been shipped replacement parts to respond to this thread. Makes it a lot more believable.

Also, refunds. Jan 2019 please!


Well that was full of no information.


Couldn’t agree more, when launching his company and securing our money he bothered with us.

Now we get this poor attempt at interaction. Disgusting and pathetic


Disgusting and pathetic.


We just had christmas and the next party is around the corner (tonight!). So I wish everybody a fantastic New Year’s Eve. :laughing: :rofl:

No really, I wish everybody a happy new year!


Another year, another day without a tracking number.

Guess I’ll wait for the CNE to end:


I’ve been waiting for a keyboard since June, is there somewhere I need to sign up? Cuz I havent been contacted by anyone🤔


Same, I got a temporary keyboard with the wrong layout after a warranty case with promises my new keyboard would be on it’s way soon. Now unfortunately I managed to spill coffee on that keyboard and I’m unsure if it’s going to survive at all :frowning:


The keyboard is alcantara right? So did it soak up the coffee???


Yeah, but not enough I’m afraid :cry:


@Konstantinos, Happy New Year.
Any update regarding refunds please, I am one of the original Indiegogo backers.


@Konstantinos sorry for skipping the NY greetings as my relationship with eve tech is certainly not happy.

What do you mean by “most ACCESSORIES shipped”? Does the keyboard (warranty in my case) count as accessory?


Sorry to say you’re not likely to get a reply here. Seems Team Eve are running silent. Definitely Konsta doesn’t do any follow ups. Better try their support


Wont make a difference lol.