Weekly Update 28.09


@Team excuse me… we now have 2 main investors. Are they able to provide inhouse software RnD for Eve? Or they are only providing $$$ for Eve as a project group to work out


If you read the updates you know what they provide.


I am a 4 Dec Flash Sale buyer of an i7/16GB/512 Eve V - still waiting grumpily in the ‘last chance’ saloon. My bank says I could still refund but I haven’t. I read people saying on other threads that after almost 1 year’s delay you can get better kit from others now so I read the specs and look at the prices (in the UK) and even after 12 months the V looks a good buy to me (excluding delays, service and support so far of course). I type this after the recent Surface Pro non-event, still no USB-C? Seriously?! It’s black and a bit faster, hmmmm. I hear the soon to be ‘fixed’ and slower processor warnings and they don’t look much slower for normal work (depends who you read, I know) and other kit for sale appears to suffer the same issues.

So, my questions to Konstantinos are:

  1. Will my order come before it’s first birthday?
  2. Will it come with all accessories orders, including the windows upgrade?
  3. Will I subsequently get some form of compensation more than the $50 store voucher mentioned months ago as I would hedge my bets and get a second keyboard just in case (and or a second pen?
  4. To encourage me to keep mine will you put some cash and people into support for software issues and hardware replacements going forwards?
  5. Finally, to help me to feel good about supporting Eve will you finally - and before the 1 year anniversary - sort out all other customers with: refunds, what they bought, missing accessories, broken stuff and related support cases, and fix the known issues in software so we all have usable devices with a future.

Then, my friend, we’ll be able to say you delivered (eventually!) under difficult circumstances, persevered, and kept your word in the end - enough to be trusted with an ongoing business where others can support you and give strength in areas you lack. Not least cash flow and logistics!

Come on Konstantinos and remaining colleagues, one last push. Do it for us. Do it for yourselves when you look in the mirror.



Refund from the bank while you still can. Then wait for Eve to get their act together and place an order then. There’s no/little benefit waiting out.


Thanks for your reply. My brain knows you are probably right & wise but my heart still wants one ASAP. Currently I must be near the front of the queue, especially compared with if I order later.

Hopeless optimist that I am, I still have hope that it will be an early Christmas present :slight_smile:

Are still in the game or have you cashed in your chips? I pose this question to any who read this thread. Just curious. Dave


I got a EB order and received my unit in Dec/Jan. Was fine to begin with (besides the loose type C connection and the poor BT connection when keyboard was in wireless mode) but then the keyboard keys started to scratch off the anti glare coating.

Spoke to support where we went back and forth for over 3 months before I gave in and just went to my credit card company) and get refunded the full amount + interest.


Q: Did you guys manage to get rid of the anti-glare coating being scratched off by the keyboard?
Q: When will you be able to give us names of the investors? Under what conditions?
Q: Would you issue an update earlier in the week if things started to go smoothly?

Weekly update 05.10

Guys, you all speaking about moves shipping on your website…I am also 4th Dec buyer…


Have you contacted the support yet?