Weekly Update 28.09


This, IMO, is the most interesting part of the post to anybody who does business internationally.

For customers awaiting their Eve V who are happy to roll the dice, then you continue being you.

But let me reiterate to those of you who are nervous about this endeavor that you should reach out to your payment processor as quickly as possible to see about a refund.


This is quite disappointing.
I’ve been getting more and more nervous as the time has gone on.
I want to still trust this company, and I want a V, but should I really take the refund route? Or do I keep waiting?
I’m more and more unsure every week. :frowning:


I’m in the same situation, I really want to support Eve and get my V as I still think it’s a superb product. But on the other hand I really don’t know what to do!

However if Microsoft have anything on show in their upcoming event I might have to start the refund process through Eve. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll still try and support Eve in the future even if this is the case as I genuinely do want to see them pull through and go on to create over devices using the community to assist them.

Edit, realised I put I didn’t want my V whereas I’m merely torn on which way to eventually go.


This company is the worst ive ever seen


I’am a student who spent ALL My savings on this device (4th december) so i could use it for my studies/projects in school. What you guys are doing should be illegal


Ahh the sound of hollow promises as usual.

@Konstantinos I’m not entirely sure anything you’ve ever said to me has been truthful.

You sell hope and that appears to be all you sell


We need to get Bart to assist:

Not long until Chinese New year can be blamed for the delay again.


If you need the money, don’t wait for Eve-Tech but contact your payment processor directly. This should be the fastest route.


Thanks for the update.
Offcourse not the update we hoped for, but that’s clear to everyone.
It must be very diffecult to sit down and write these updates…

Q: I received a €50 voucher some time ago, didn’t used it yet. Hope I still can and hope it will be effective. Is there something else done for people like myself who have been waiting this long? I still support Eve, but feel a bit left alone by now…


So unfortunate! The private investor ran into non specific difficulties with the bank because it’s such a big amount. Seeing as this individual makes investments for a living, there is no way they could have expected such a delay. First the payment processors freeze your funds, and now the banks freeze your investors funds …Just can’t catch a break! This is all so plausible.


I really appreciate it and happy about the update. Ill be waiting for the refund



I am curious what the voucher was for? Are you a flash sale buyer or earlier buyer? I am a flash sale buyer who has never gotten a computer or voucher, just wondering if I missed something I shouldn’t have.


I know this is the case with some Middle Eastern money transfers though should have been anticipated and dealt with prior.



May 8 2018 I received an e-mail " Your order shipping update from the Eve team!

" in which Eve gave me a webstore-giftcard of $50 for all orders placed between December 2017 and April 2018. I didn’t used it yet, because I first want my Eve V to arrive, and give me a better knowledge of what extra’s I might want for the $50. So, yes, still waiting patiently… I hope you received the same e-mail and you still can find it Jsrail. Best of luck! greetings from the netherlands


Waited for so long… after receive it is broken after 2 months… waiting for a replacement for 4 months… This is entire process has been a big disappointment and I could not express how regretted I am from supported EVE in the first place… I have a brick of 1500€ in my office that is becoming more and more obsolete everyday … This feedback feeds look like the support interaction that is running out of excuses for a long time… I basically throw up 1500€ to the garbage… Shame on me… I should know better…


Still waiting, woop!


…Still waiting + 1


I’m still waiting and i want my Eve V i5 with all the specs ordered.



So now my official ship date window is October. Just to clarify. Q: Why is it when you mean 10/31/18 23:59:59, you put October?

Q: Will my accessories ship with the device?


My shipping has also gone to October. Are we looking at the end of October for initial shipping though? If so that means expected delivery would be well into November, maybe even December?