Weekly Update 26.10


Use a microfiber cloath regularly.


I contact the support team and they change my estimator afterwards.

As you might already have guessed, it’s delayed.

So, I would advise you to not rely on the estimator.

But just in case, contact them if there is some error and that might affect your order somehow.


You know, I just ordered a brand new ipad pro. And you want to know when it will arrive? NEXT WEEK!! With a sad eye I have to admit, that cancelling my V was the right thing to do…
I truly hope that everyone who is still waiting won’t get disappointed.

Cheers Solid


Not going to lie, I’m really tempted by the new iPad Pro’s as well, they look great! :smile:


Well, the whole 7nm and lighter profile is the reason for me to get the new 12.9 model; though I have to wait for week 1 reviews just to confirm if it has 6gb of RAM first.

Even if ironically Apple is beyond over price and greed, e.g $150 price hike and no free dongle. It it still more reliable.

I have an original 3rd gen iPad working for more than 6 years, and now swift 10.5 that I would trade for the new 12.9 since the profile is palatable now (down 25% smaller and 1.7 lbs to 1.4 lbs.)


Yeah no one seems 100% sure if they have 4 or 6 GB of RAM (only that the 1tb model has 6GB at the moment), certainly no issues with reliability here as well as I’m currently typing on a 2011 2nd gen iPad. If I could get another 6 or 7 years out of the new Pro I could even stomach the price! Although Apple do seem content to just put them up repeatedly.


Can someone retrieve me the schematics of payment processor?
Thanks in advance
Edit: founded


And what was the link to report fraudulent companies again?


Have you reported that to support?


October has passed and still no computer delivery!.In the news release on 10/26 all we got was more non-definite shipping or delivery! Some notion about investors setting up banking links to the Hong Kong builder (remember the computers that will come out of this place will have old components past their warranty periods) who has been holding the units until they get paid.

We know now that Eve has investors but forbid that should ever be shared with those of us who have been screwed for the past year! I guess on bright spot is the company is loyal to someone or some entity - not the customers!!

So, I plan to apply for a refund if there is no actual delivery provision provided for the equipment I purchased. I assume the refund process is going to be a freaky as the wait for the purchased equipment. My optimism has been severely torn apart from this experience.

Imagine my surprise when I did not get a confirmation of shipping of my equipment when I went to the order page to see the status — now it says Estimated Delivery - November … golly I think I have seen this before.

For you polly-anas out there … yes this is a negative post. I’d like to get the computer I ordered before I die. And you know what else - screw you.

I wonder how may customers out there have passed away waiting for Eve to deliver???


If the NDA’s really are as tight as Eve say they are then their hands are pretty much tied regarding announcing who the investors are, I dare say Eve would probably like to tell us who they are for our peace of mind if nothing more but from the sounds of it they simply can’t.

I’m hoping the refunds will go through quite quickly once all of the devices have been shipped, seem to recall that was always their scheduled plan. I.e, ship units to customers awaiting their V or a replacement V then deal with refunds.

Hopefully tomorrows update will bring the news that the funds are in their account (although I reckon it’ll be Monday as Konsta said as surely if the money had arrived I dare say we’d have seen an update).


When will repaired units ship? My V’s been with you guys since July and I really hope I could get it back ASAP.


I sent my V back in April for a refund…


Late now, still no update, we know that late update is mostly bad…

I really hope no more delay happen within this month


I can see it being bad news as well today, slight glimmer of hope being that @Konstantinos did say the funs will definitely be in their account by Monday at the latest so I guess until Monday has passed we shouldn’t worry too much?


Konsta’s profile shows his last post 2 hours ago, so expect an update soon.


I’m not expecting any good news either but I certainly can hope. I just want my refund. And I agree, if there was any good news of funds arriving they would have jumped all over these forums with the announcement. I would think they are desperate for some good carma at this point. I expect about 3-4 sentences saying something about it is coming next week. make sure you have your address correct and are fully clothed. Or some bullshit like that. Anyway, I can hope right? that they are so busy processing the V’s and refunds that they forgot to update us compainers. Yeah right! LOL


Well it could be a few hours earlier than normal then…… Maybe good news afterall? :wink: