Weekly Update 26.10


you are right, but that proves that the “estimated shipping calculator” ist just a lie :wink:
Which leads back to my question if you plan to show the more detailed “estimations” from this thread within the eve-tech website?


just for information: shipping is and was here (eve language) always meant as “leaving the factory in Shenzhen”. the steps afterwards (handling, packing the devices and the accessories, worldwide delivery to your doorstep) needs about two weeks at least…


Yes minimum - two weeks, but it could be over month and half … (so if everything works - expect it around Christmas).


Lovely, maybe at some point you can ship peripherals that were ordered in November 2016…


Next weekly update:

Yet we haven’t received the funds on our HK account, there are some troubles with the wiring funds which may take some time to fix it up. We have prepared everything for shipping your V, just wait another while and your V is ready to ship anytime!

lol if that’s true, I must be EPIC


We should host 4chan on this forum… We are way better!


kek. Just don’t let /b/ threads on here :stuck_out_tongue:



Please update the estimated delivery since the October in my order is probably wrong.

I’m still waiting for the delivery of my Eve V, it’s a simple Eve V - Estimated January/February shipping - Intel Core i5/ 8GB RAM/ 256GB SSD Storage



I feel like they are going to go back to a parts-related dilemma next week. The investor funds delay storyline has been playing out for a while, and it seems as though they need to introduce a fresher obstacle when delaying further next week.

It seems as though it has been a long time since Eve Tech has utilized the parts supply source problem, and so now seems a good time to introduce this setback.


These posters were really popular when I was a young adult but they said “Hang in There Baby”
I had one of course also. :sunglasses:
Glad to hear the money is moving and shipping may finally happen in November. I have been a long while without my laptop (mine didn’t make it in time unfortunately), but I am looking forward to receiving my V. (keeping fingers crossed…) I just want the wait to be over with and hopefully there will not be any working problems with my unit. I want to get it loaded up and start playing as soon as possible. I want these bad issues to finally be done with so the forum can go back to normal topics. I am not angry at any postings, I just want everything to get to a normal working company. The forum has been informative and I hope everyone at Eve has learned much from these difficult lessons. I appreciate some help I’ve received from a couple forum members as well. So I keep my fingers crossed and wait patiently for my V. I have a lot of new manga to load up!


It was my understanding, at least here in the U.S., that warranties always start on the date of delivery, not the purchase date. Am I incorrect on this? I like the idea of a free 2 year warranty and suggested that months ago on that particular thread. I purchased extra cords, adapters, etc. so I have everything except maybe a skin, but I’m not sure I want one of those yet. I’m not sure what else we should ask for if anything, but strongly feel that it should be represent a penalty to Eve to some fair extent. At least equal to 10% of the cost I guess.
Anyway, I’m curious if I have the warranty start date correct, at least in the U.S.
Thanks, Jay


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll update us as soon as they know anything. I don’t doubt they’re concerned about having illegally kept our money for 9 months in the slightest.


Purchased in December 2017, asked for refund in July 2018, no news, “support” keeps giving me crap …
Does your mysterious investor really exist ?


:rofl: I really laughed at that one.
I find the eve “bashing” useless to detrimental, but I can’t argue with humor :slight_smile:


Purchased in December 2017, asked for refund this month with my bank. I have every right to have my money back, but the ability to advertise the transaction i’d wish has passed since the transaction is too far back in time… fun fun fun


I think for most people who now want a refund the only was is through Eve themselves.

Anyway I’m really hoping this is the final delay we’ll all face, hopefully the funds will be with them shortly so they can get the units shipped to everyone waiting for their first V or a replacement. Then they can start work on issuing refunds.


Considering that they just updated my shipping information to November, the Xmas present I bought myself last year might actually not get here this year. :frowning_face:


Mine has also been updated to November, despite the fact I opted for a refund on October 15th, I was assuming it’d update to reflect that really :thinking:


Good for you…my screen never changed once I paid in December …at least you see your estimate …


Q: Hey, since the shipment is approaching so fast and I want to be mentally ready for the delivery - can I expect the coating-being-scratched-off issue to have been resolved? Or should I anticipate putting an extra piece of cloth (that I have surely put here somewhere!) everytime I get around taking the V out of home? Which will be often, BTW.