Weekly Update 26.10


Thank you @Konstantinos for continuing the updates. As difficult as it continues to be to hear them unfortunately. This is still better than not hearing anything.
Question: What percentage of the V’s are complete? (built complete, licensing injected, boxed up and ready to go)
Question: What can we do now to confirm our addresses? (I can log in how and check a box if it was available)

Money transfer/wire transfer/bank transfer all take time. The time varies from country, account types, and transfer types. When I do a bank transfer from an exchange to a bank (both in the USA) it takes about 3 days. I agree 5-7 days seems long but I don’t know the trust relationship between the UK and HK on financial transfers.

On a side note!
If it doesn’t ship out till December I can give my wife the same gift two years in a row ; ] Last year it was a late Christmas present, this year it will be an early Christmas present! Wont I be popular ; p

Weekly update 2.11

Only in Finnish:


Huh, their sales figure doesn’t reflect the flash sale.

Translated from the website:

EVE-tech Oy’s net sales amounted to EUR 132,000 in 2017 and employed 4 people. Net sales increased by 135.7 percent. The result for the financial year was EUR -30000 and the operating profit margin was -5.6. The company’s equity ratio was 2.3 per cent.

So what’s going on with the sales amount? My guess of 3 possibilities:

  1. Assuming the average purchase price during the december 5th 2017 flash sale was €1500, that means only 88 people purchased an EVE?
  2. Are they not reporting their sales under this finnish company?
  3. Perhaps the website just isn’t updated to reflect their december 5th flash sale?

Would it be possible to have some clarification on the distinction between the finnish and hong kong companies involved?


Hi Konsta,

I was one of th original Indiegogo Backer and still waiting for my refund as I never received my V. I was told that by he end of October I would received my refund but as you had stated I would have to wait for another month or so. Can you please provide a clear and accurate timeline of when I will get my refund please?


Since I’m fairly sure @Konstantinos will not be returning to answer any follow up questions, is there anyone remaining in the Eve @Team who’d be able/willing to talk to your boss and get back to your customers?


This sounds awesome!

And this leaves a bit of a sour taste. Hope that there aren’t any more hiccups to come.Crossing my fingers that it will all work out from now on.


As for this, I don’t know a good answer to it either.


Like it is our task to get information about the investor!


I suppose it reflects IGG stuff


Wow u have been waited for 2 years?


Q: What do you think of @Lukas_Fikr’s idea as a way of providing compensation for users who had bad experiences with Eve (i.e. V buyers still waiting for their device).
Link to post:


That restart was meant for all EVE V owners …


@Konstantinos, I will happily work on proving that the investor exists without violating NDAs.

Just let me read the NDAs.


LOL! Yea, technically the NDAs are usually not under NDA, and if we can read them I’m sure we can put our heads together to figure how to not violate them.

+1 for creativity.


Yep. This works for me. Plus ideally a spare tweaked keyboard that fixes all the issues of the current one (and adds a charging light if that’s possible?).


Agreed. It’s the owners who actually have faulty devices with no support that have lost warranty time for nothing. But ideally that would be great for all V buyers


Have you thought about becoming a private detective?


Wait… Does EVE think that the warranty of the not-yet-shipped devices started on the day of purchase? Because that’s ridiculous and most likely wrong from the legal point of view.

And maybe I’m being restitutionary, but it seems obvious to me that they restart the warranty for those with the devices, because support is non-existent since the beginning. So, I expect to have a 2 year warranty from the delivery date. I reckon all of the users are entitled to it.

As a compensation I’d like to see a free connectivity hub, but that’s hardware, it’s expensive, and it’ll be 5 years before EVE will get it out to the world. So reimbursement for the shipping will be fine,thank you.

Q: @Konstantinos, can you please explain the discrepancy between the HK and the Finnish entities?

“Process above should take around 2 weeks from the moment funds arrive.”

Q: So MAYBE we can expect the devices before Xmas? Over a year after the order :confused: I guess at this point we just want to get this over with and it’s not like you have the power to speed things up…

Q: Can you please give us a screen of the transfer received? Obviously, blur out what is bound by the NDA - investor’s name and specific address, but leave sth to verify it by - a date, an amount? Or sth else, I’m sure we have legal scholars here and they will be happy to point you to what could convince us that the transfer was made and things are on track.

" For investors, their reputation is the key and there is no gain for them sharing all of the information publicly." - they could share SOME or ANY information.

Q: are you saying that being associated with EVE is detrimental to reputations? Is this something like “success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan”?


Do you plan to update the “fake delivery info” within the eve-tech website?
Because your webpage gives still the fake hopefull “this month” shipping.

As you have pointed out the device can’t be shipping before the 5th november
you should update the “shipping calculator” to reflect that data instead of pointing always to the same month.


Actually, I believe @Konstantinos implied that the devices will be shipped not sooner than NOV 19 with the approx 2 weeks after the funds are received and the 5th being the expected date of receiving funds.


Should start a sweepstake on whether they are delivered before or after 4th December - 12 months from purchase. I know which side of that line I think mine ‘may’ arrive !