Weekly Update 26.10


Dear Community,

Good news arrived at the last moment :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree:. I Just received a call from the investor that all of the bank issues he had were resolved and that funds have been wired to our HK account. It normally takes 5-7 working days to receive funds from Europe account to our HK one. Funds should show up in our account latest by 5th of Nov. This is the news we’ve been waiting for! Can’t wait to start shipping! We will keep you updated in detail on next steps once the payment arrives!

Q: When will the support be upgraded so that the process of support requests will be fastened ?
A: As we get Vs shipped out we will get more support so that your experience will improve substantially! Very sorry for not living up to standard just yet!

Q: Will the accessories that were ordered with the V be shipping as well?
A: Yes they will be. In some cases, for the sake of speed we will prioritize V shipment but deliver accessories shortly after.

Q: Can you please give a detailed plan of execution regarding refunds done to customers who returned their V’s April-May?
A: It will follow the same process as for the customers of the period before.

Q: I am only interested to know the realistic shipping date for my replacement with no further delay.
A: They will be shipped out along with the current open orders. We have replacement units prepared.

Q: What is the timeline for next steps as of today? Please provide estimated amount of time that every task/step requires. Shouldn’t be a problem since you probably have it somewhere near.
A: Receive funds -> Pay the rest of Windows licenses-> Confirm that customer address is still valid - Receive and inject Windows licenses -> Pay out balance to the manufacturer -> Ship all of the orders out. Missing accessories and warranty units don’t need to wait for the windows licenses. Process above should take around 2 weeks from the moment funds arrive.

Q: Who is the investor? Who is the second investor? The deadlines of them being anonymous have passed, haven’t they?
A: We have told as much as we could about them in this update: Weekly Update 14.09
Our investors don’t feel comfortable sharing their information in our forum. They are companies with other investors and they don’t want to have their information publicly available. For investors, their reputation is the key and there is no gain for them sharing all of the information publicly.

Q: Will you give us details regarding the EVE business entity? Tax numbers, business address, management names?
A: All the key details are available in order confirmation (PDF receipt) and our webstore terms & conditions.

click here for additional details

Click here for Terms & Conditions

Q: Is there any way you can actually prove to us that your investor exists and is committed to getting you back on track?
A: Would be great to have your suggestion on the best way to do it without publicly disclosing their names? As mentioned we are bound by strict NDA with them.

Weekly update 2.11
Weekly update 2.11

Which bank in HK are you using? Your claim is ridiculous.


Thank you @Konstantinos! It’s a real treat to get an update that says in essence ‘wait another week or so’. We’ve not heard that before!


great news though let’s hold off celebrations until the physical shipping of Vs happen as well as refunds for the rest of us.


What about customers like me who paid in 01/2017 and we promised a refund in January 2018 “within the next 30 days”? :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_thermometer: :roll_eyes:

Is it still planned for end of October (which would be now) as promised in the last message from the support from September?


So +1 week, under the it’s happening, for real guys, this time we’re not kidding, probably guise.

Looking forward to reading next week how the transfer hasn’t arrived for technical reasons. Actually, exactly like your refunds! :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you please give more valid information about refunds?


Still being faithful. I just hope I end up receiving a device this year. :wink:


:sailboat:I’m in the same boat. For customers who don’t want to wait anymore for the device, how much longer until the money hits our bank accounts?


Whoah, are you saying that you’ve been waiting almost 2 years for a refund?


If we ever receive a V it will be over a year since ordering ! Never heard anything like it. Still sceptical it will ever arrive and work, but still have my fingers crossed.


1 year waiting for the V, then one year (and still) waiting for the refund…


Well despite the fact I’ve gone down the refund route (on that note a quick Q, should my order status have changed at all? Still says Paid/Unfulfilled at the moment?) this is a good update with the news everyone was wanting :slight_smile:


I am just a humble dec 4th 2017 purchaser who want his refund. Bottom of the list for us. ;( no real answer on refunds.


The purpose of wiring funds is so that the money is there immediately. The money does not physically go to HK. If it was wired it is there already. Also, in the world of international business the bank holding the funds does not need to be in the same country in order to pay from it. Something seems a little fishy here.
The circus continues


Just my two cents — In my previous job, when we received / sent money from shanghai, it wasn’t always instant. Money to / from China usually has to go through some red tape.

This is especially so for large sums and if the companies are unrelated. IIRC the first time we send money to a new recipient we had to declare and present documentation to establish the relation.

The Chinese are were quite strict on money going into China, and money coming out of China is was usually subject to AML procedures. (Past tense because since I left that company I haven’t had reason to arrange transfers of 00’000s or 000,000s into or out of China, therefore not sure if things have changed.)

Granted it is stated HK and not China and I don’t know about wiring money from EU, but HK is still a SAR of China so the same restrictions might apply.

5-7 days seems long but we don’t actually know the amount being transferred, so again — delay might be dodgy but also really might not mean anything. Red tape sucks.



A week to wire money, it’s quite long… at least the investor doesn’t give out another delay. Things shouldn’t take another while after Eve gets their money, a few steps still need to be done according to Kons’ plan like the injection windows license. This is not delay, but still cost our time… (But overall IT IS DELAY) Whatever imo physical shipping may take place at least Nov

That’s quite nothing to celebrate, some of the customers including me are still waiting for the device, some are struggling with support, replacement, refunds… maybe after all these nightmares end, at least we can not to be that sad.


@Konstantinos, it’s exciting to hear the money has been sent, and hopefully support will step up now.

Q: Just a quick question as I too have usually experienced some delays in payments done via wire transfer though no more than 2 or 3 days. Has the investor provided proof of transfer or are you updating us just on what the investor has said?


Only thing for other guys who are waiting for the device.


I’m confused. The company labeled on orders is:

Fortress Tech Distribution Ltd.
China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central
Hong Kong
Company number: 2459104

This sounds like your distribution partner, or something, not the eve-tech.com company. Am I mistaken?

Your crunchbase, linkedin, and website imply the company is headquartered in Helsinki under the name EVE-TECH OY.

This seems fishy. I’m assuming people are asking so they can properly file complaints. Thus, they don’t want the chinese distribution company, they want to know the information about your headquarters in Helsinki.

Q: Will you give us details regarding the EVE TECH OY company? Tax numbers, business address, management names?