Weekly update 23.11


And now count down for a week to those anniversary purchase of Dec 4th.
Still deadly silence.


I received a similar email a few months ago (I posted it here) that I would be receiving my refund at the end of October. And we know how that went.


The guy asked for the latest update and that’s what I provided.

  1. I did not support a startup but a supposedly-grown-and-running company. Selling on a website is not supporting a go-fund-yourself page. So the worst that can happen is that we’ve been robbed. It’s not the risk we were or should have taken into consideration because again, the company was supposed to be grown and ready for business.

  2. You have no right to assume whether that amount will be life changing for anyone or not. What kind of a snob would even say something like this? That’s really inconsiderate. There were students with savings for these things for example. Quite devastating, I would say. I don’t expect students to have another 1500$ to spare for yet another computer.


Well, not that I was expecting an update sooner than Friday but once again I’m hoping tomorrows is a good one! Hoping the email sent to someone about their accessories shipping wasn’t a one off and it truly is a sign on things starting to happen, who knows if this is the case maybe we can all be pretty happy by Christmas either with our V’s or our refunds.


At this point, I would be more than happy with a tracking number by Christmas. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


Yeah I imagine most people would be! I’m just trying my hardest to stay positive about it all which isn’t the easiest thing considering how long we’ve already had to cope with numerous delays etc.


As aHEB, I received the shipping info around this period last year, and received the machine around 3rd Dec… it’s nearly 1 year since V arrived in my hands


And do you like it? Is it all still working?


I’m in kind of similar situation. My kb is dead. It either not connects, or flicker, or press right arrow continuously. And sad thing, I’m waiting for my third replacement. I had similar issues already. But my first V had dead screen (reworked frame, jammed cable) and over sensitive = button (like I have right arrow now), second was flickering like crazy. And now this. Add peeling AR coating on to of this. I wasn’t enjoying my V since previous December when I got my first one with justa buggy kb. I loved it. Now I can’t recommend V to my friends. It’s too complicated.


I have a feeling about today’s update, someone will speak out again instead of Kons.

Then we know what’s happening, ready to move on next week guys.


Yeah, I don’t think anything good will come up AGANE.

If they actually had good news, they would have reported earlier… of course.

Why would you have to wait until the next FRIDAY… to update unless there is nothing going on/not progressing. I’m 80% sure it’s gonna be another weird delay.


I’m a HEB and I’m somewhat satisfied with my V. I had one replacement due to a faulty keyboard connection and the one I have now sometimes get ghost touches and the fingerprint sensor has been dead for months. I’ve been using brotec airglass screen protector since almost day one in fear of the AR coating peeling off.

I also downgraded when I got the replacement so Eve owes me 400$ for that. So not 100% satisfied, and I do wish I’d rather bought a SP5 in hindsight, but at least I didn’t get ripped off.



to those who willingly paid the amount and if it is a life changing amount, i regretfully say that those of “you” does not think before you buy.
For students to yet spare another $1500? i dont think so… there are much more cheaper alternatives which are having much better performance. It is totally the choice you made.
So what kind of snob argues for the sake of words are not to your liking ?

Not all start-ups uses “go-fund-yourself” way for starting up. Even major brands might close down due to poor planning/managing or other unforeseen factors.

i see no point debating further as now we are not here to fight each other but to get more information from EVE. Personally I would hope to receive my lowest end m3 -V by end of the year. Lets just hope for a better outcome for all~


My family member is just finishing up with finals and end of term assignments for their first year.

I can only imagine the pain they would be in if we were still waiting on an EVE at this point.

Home for the holidays, I would be ripped to shreds for having to explain why EVE let them down.
(They had a PSU with a damaged connector that was causing issues… at least we had a spare, something EVE is still back ordered on even today)


Ok, that’s finally enough for me. I’m filing a report with the local police officers today. I won’t let the one year milestone pass by silently.

If this has to go to court, it will.


Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for todays update, Konsta’s profile seems to show his last post as 3 hours ago.


Well, you’ve shown that clearly, you don’t think before you write. I had waited 6 months for the V to go live on the store which was advertised as fully functional. I reaaaally thought about it and took the risk. That’s on me. For believing in the company and trying to support them while getting a sweet device. Guilty.

Well, 1500$ or 900$, doesn’t matter. If it was somebody’s budget, they have none left and have to start collecting from scratch. Something rich snobs wouldn’t understand. If I had 1500$ for a goal, spent it on that goal, then I don’t have 900$, I have 0$ for the same goal (because I was robbed of my 1500$).

1500 - 1500 =/= 900

Hope this is clear enough for you.

Also, I am not a student and I am lucky enough to be doing ok for myself. Still, 1500€ was not pocket change for me.

Wut? :smiley:

Yeah, well, this one did, so eat it.

Yeah, but not like this. It would’ve had to be some major f-up for a big company not to bail itself somehow.

Oh, I see. You responded with words, sometimes even without much sense (see ‘Wut?’ comment) and now you don’t see a point in debating? Prff… Ok, this ain’t snobbish at all. :rofl:

Personally, I’d like mine by that time too, but I don’t see that happening.


It’s absolutely true.

If good news come, Konsta would not wait till Friday.
So it’s another delay.
I still personally don’t believe anyone is working there in China etc.


Well, considering we’re very nearly at the end of Friday I’m not expecting it to be great news or as you said, we’d have probably had the update already. I was hopeful it’d have been good news though :frowning: