Weekly update 23.11


Sine then, I shop PC parts entirely on internet. (To avoid the question.) :expressionless:


It’s hard to trust anything.

3 weeks ago, a bank wire was supposedly in motion. Was it cancelled? Or did Konsta just lie to us in order to buy time? Apparently it didn’t go through, yet it’s comical how opaque everything is being handled.

Months ago Konsta said he’d stay in China until everything worked out, yet apparently has been hopping back and forth.

How many eves remain outstanding? Before the number 60% was thrown around (without any verification or evidence).


I try never to bring up the topic of anything computer related as my wife’s ears perk up and she starts asking me the exact same questions! I can do nothing but see how interesting the floor looks!


“we’ll need to get ready for future projects”, seriously, future projects ? You can’t EVEn deliver “past” project.


I signed up for a refund in July and I never recieved this email. havent gotten anything from the company since July 4th


Glad it’s not just myself who never recieved that email, just out of interest has your order status changed on your order page? Just wondering as mine still says “paid, unfulfilled” and I’m wondering if this should have changed?


I’ve got the same status, paid unfulfilled.


If I were you, I would contact support and ask them to confirm your refund status. I hadn’t heard anything after completing the survey form so emailed them only to be told that they had no record of me requesting a refund.

I was sent a link to a similar survey. Upon completion, I emailed support again to confirm cancellation which they did.


Has someone else recieved this email? Can´t believe that it just happened in german we say aus heiterem himmel (out of the blue)
I hope they manage it now.


Is this the sign things are finally starting to progress? We can all hope so anyway! :slight_smile:


As fellow german, I can only say “hoffentlich”!

Hope it’s the sign we were waiting for!


give us some extra information. When were the accessories ordered? Why is the balance 0€? Did you talk to support before? etc…
This could be the sign of: no more talking… actions are speaking now


I can’t not bring up the topic. Every Time i use my surface pro she get a reminder for the money.

When she asks, i just answer the money will come back.
Then she asks: are you sure?

Yes. No. I mean i am not sure, it’s just a bit of hope.


hey i ordered at 4th dez. last year my keyboard is faulty this is a replace unit. the adapter is some kind of compensation cause of the delay. the sleeve is ordered and payed since the flash sale last year. i was in contact with support since my keyboard was faulty in april/may.
Did I forget something? You want to know more? Let me know.


Surely if it was the sign that things are finally progressing beyond waiting another week etc then wouldn’t someone from Eve actually want to make a statement about it? This seems to be an isolated case for the timebeing, hopefully it is a sign things are finally getting there though.


This is what I am most curious about as well. Shipping some long overdue accessories is one thing. The rest of the flash sale buyers still waiting on their tablets are the ones I am really curious about.

There are reasons for hope/optimism. I’m not sure we can infer much from what little has been sent out, as of late. Those without units or refunds get to play a guessing game for another week.


Yes, I think they should all sell their houses and live on the streets to give you all your money back.


Not quite sure what you are getting at.

It’s not like people bought units with the expectation that they would be funding something other than their tablets.

If you are aware of a clause or notice that describes how the money was going to be repurposed for charity, do share. I saw nothing of the sort when I read through the purchase agreement.


Since my previous laptop died on me… i have been waiting for soon to be a year for the 2-1 without a personal computer for personal activities and school. All i could use are my mobile phone or company computer.

Not pointing fingers at who is right or wrong since it is always a risk for supporting startups.
What worst can happen other than money paid and not getting anything.
I believe that all who purchased Eve V, the amount paid wont be a life changing amount, but to many, it is still hard earned and could be put to better use while waiting for the unforeseen.

It definitely be awesome if things can get moving soon.

Some statistic on how things are going would be great for those who are still impatiently waiting.
Stats that some may be interested would be:

  1. % of fulfilled orders for Flash Sales
  2. break down of fulfilled orders for Flash Sales by Device Specifications
  3. % of fulfilled orders till date
  4. % of backed out / refunds request till date
  5. number/% of refunded cases

Some other informations that could be provided

  1. outcome from meeting with investors
  2. sincere estimation delivery or refund date instead of constantly pushing est. delivery month by month

All this details and stats would allow those who are still waiting with faith to be slightly more re-assured.
Also it helps for future projects for those “possible customers” to be able to trust EVE.

With that said, hope questions/doubts from all others including myself will be answered in the upcoming weekly update 30.11.


Ummhh… No money in safe box, even for warranty items, and we thought 2 years we would get proper support warranty without much fuss, may be the warranty money essentials to keep hope live was diverted for something else?, it’s a fact that we are not so good in managing promise!!! A % of cost is always kept aside expecting a % of wear and tear (warranty), if you have missed for people like us (the original backers), and don’t mind even my v is not working due to Keyboard, sleeves paid in full still not arrived after 2 years, missing accessories, etc. Make sure the new supporters of Eve are not made to wait for another investor for 2 years under their warranty period. Please.