Weekly update 23.11


I will try one last time. Who said that, and where? Until this question is answered you’re just throwing around speculation that they’re working on something else instead. I might skim most posts here because nowadays there is little actual content, but I never read this from any source that is to be taken seriously, which would be the Eve team and nobody else.

So where are you getting this from?


Oh, dear!
Looks like, March - April 2019 real progress … if at all …


Thanks for this update, I guess everyone is more hopefully right now that things will lead to a good ending. I am looking forward to hear next Friday’s update like this one!


Don’t know what’s satire and what’s delusion on here.
Still want you to make a massive success of this all eve


So about my refund said the HEB 1tb consumer who received a broken unit with none of the HEB engraving that had been promised twice.

Eve is honestly in the thesaurus as an alternative to “failure”


Well, practically yeah…

It is sad because all this hinges on one thing that is the funding… (and perhaps better plans of using those funds, and not being stuck on frozen accounts again).

Other than that it’s the Waiting Game. This thread is still nothing practically… just using the blame shifting technique because we’re all tired of Konsta’s bad/false news (of next weekend, for sure). I guess instead of Eve officials posting, we’re gonna be seeing community managers shielding.


For sure, @Konstantinos ain’t Jeebus, he won’t take all of EVE’s sins on his shoulders. Time for others to step in.

To be fair, I wouldn’t handle such pressure well. But I am one computer/tablet hybrid short of praising anyone for withstanding this whirlwind.

Props for a skilful waving of a carrot on a stick in an elaborate post. However, despite the Friday posts, whatever their content, anything other than “We’ve sent your V, here’s the tracking number” is irrelevant and not worth a gram of trust.

That’s not to say to stop posting Friday smokescreens, but If you sent me a video of my V being packed and shipped, I’d still take it with a grain of salt. This is where I am with trust now.


Hi @Helios. Seeing as things are going so well, I guess that means that the confusion over transfer of funds from the investor has been ironed out. So it would be just super to get a brief overview of what happened, and how it was Eve could go from promising that the funds would arrive on a particular date, to two weeks of near silence on the matter.


Did no one else notice that there was no mention of the funds from the investors? This is just more smoke screen. I firmly believe there will be no more V’s and probably no refunds for those waiting. The money is spent, there is very little if any coming in. Websites says December shipping for orders placed now. Just tried to see if they will accept orders. Yep, they are still taking people’s money. Someone needs to shut this scam down.


Hi… When the refunds will commerce? Last time I checked you were supposed to contact and refund the orders last month - Octomber. I have filed several complains on your so called ‘support’, but there is no answer. Where are the refunds that you promised the people who filed a refund ticket?


You should have received a new mail that says something like, refunds are supposed to be issued by the end of the year.


Can you post this email on here please? I never got this.


If you are not in for a refund you wouldn’t have received it.


I don’t recall having recieved an update re my refund either. I just presumed as the prior info we’d be sorted after all of the orders had been shipped.


"We know that this has been a very frustrating time for you as an Eve customer, and for that we truly apologize. We really want to make it right. Please know that our team is working hard to issue the refunds as soon as possible and we are almost done with a major investment round that will help accelerate the refunds.

We want to thank you for your patience and let you know that we aim to issue the refunds by the end of this year. We are taking this seriously and very committed to make things right for you. We will also provide you a compensation for such a delay. We will update you on the situation soon.

Thanks again for your patience while we work through this.


For the guys that haven’t received an update.
I dunno maybe different people have a different timeline.


I suspect that there are precious few who have any more trust that EVE will deliver before the 1yr flash sale anniversary.

I’m here checking purely out of curiosity.


My wife starts asking weekly for the money.

Still waiting for the refund and I haven’t received the mail yet.

I need the money for a new ktm 790 adventure r oder 1090 adventure r. Just waiting for the 790-adventure-r to be released so I can make a test drive.


So sad to go to this thread and see same uncertainty, same nervousness, same depressing feeling of having been wronged that I experienced in this very forum a year ago. So lucky that I did get my V mid-January and it has not broken down (even though it has a tiny crack in the corner of the display after falling from a chair onto a carpeted floor). I really feel for you guys. But thanks to this forum I at least know how things stand. So now when people ask me about the device I use I tell them how nice it is, but then I warn them not to order because then they will have to wait & wait & wait…


I fortunate than you a bit.

For me, Everytime I pass PC or Laptop shops, my wife will ask me about the V. :roll_eyes:


Oh, that was the worst part… that look she was giving me… with the underlying suggestion that I am a fool for giving money to an unknown company far away and still not having the product a year later. :smiley: