Weekly update 23.11


Hi community,

As you may have noticed, this week’s update is a bit different, and it’s not written by Konstantinos. For those who really just want the raw facts: No, things aren’t shipping yet, but we’re close.

Still here? Well, hi! I’m Helios, community manager for Eve.

You’re not Konstantinos!

Some of you may know me as that guy that keeps deleting your replies and archiving your topics. Of late, my job has mostly involved policing the forums and nagging Konstantinos to make sure every bit of information that can be shared with the community, is shared with the community. Soon I hope to be much busier guiding the crowd-development of new products and helping new users and the like. We’re not there yet, but we’re working on it. And this week is very different.

Like the rest of the community management team (it’s not a solo job, and I couldn’t do it without @nawthor and @iKirin), I work from home. That means that there are a few countries in between me and the Eve head office, and most of our communication happens through Slack and in regular conference calls with the team. With the investment hassle rounding up, we’ll need to get ready for future projects, and so off I flew to work closer with the team.

The delays in the investor payment mean that I’m not doing much in the community just yet, but that doesn’t mean that I -or anyone else on the team, for that matter- am sitting on my hands. There are regular conference calls in which Konstantinos updates us on what’s happening in China, and everyone is working hard to ensure we can move with as few delays or issues as possible once things are finalized.

So, what is happening in China?

That takes some time, because it requires people to meet up with one another. It’s not just Eve and investors, but also suppliers and our manufacturer who are involved in these talks. You’d think that in this day and age, international business could be conducted swiftly through phone calls and digital conferences. After all, that’s how I deal with my colleagues, most of the time. But Asian businesses (and Chinese in particular) still favor face-to-face meetings to conduct deals, and getting people from different companies in the same room takes some scheduling at times. Since his arrival in China, Konsta has been in a few such meetings, and everything is going well. Shipping-things-soon-well. How soon? Very. We’ll make more specific promises once things are more specifically confirmed.

Meanwhile, at the office…

Today I joined the team in checking every order for missing items or warranty replacements. Those should all be moving soon, but through delays and changes in partners some of the information is spread across a number of systems. Making sure we have everything in one place and ready for our shipping partners to work with could probably be automated and be 90% right. Manually it takes a lot more time, but it allows us to make sure things aren’t processed multiple times, overlooked, or done based on outdated information (like addresses). Each step takes us closer to getting every customer their products, and consolidating the order data also also allows us to get rid of some legacy systems that are currently making life harder for the support team.

Speaking of the support team…

That’s not the only thing that’s going on here. The team’s been supplying our investors, suppliers and manufacturers with the information they need, and a lot of time is spent handling support tickets. And that’s not just the people who were hired to handle support tickets. Designer? Support tickets. Product manager? Support tickets. Financial administration? Support tickets.

We are aware that right now, diagnostics take a little longer than we would like, but the main delay is with anything in need of shipping. Missing items and warranty replacements are high on our list of priorities, but the fact is that shipping anything takes money. With that issue almost resolved, we’re almost ready to close a lot of support tickets, some of which customers have been waiting on for very long.

The situation still sucks!

We know. And we’re doing what we can to make it better. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and we keep heading towards it. The alternative is to give up, and then everybody loses.

So what now?

The team continues to work hard each day to make sure we can move forward.
The goal is to make sure everyone receives their V and accessories.
That every defective item is repaired or replaced.
That every refund gets processed.
That the community can go back to crowd-developing awesome tech.
That Eve can be better at everything we do in the future, so that none of this repeats itself.
I’ve heard it talked about in conference calls, and now I’m seeing it every day in person.

But you didn’t talk about that one thing I was curious about!

You’re free to ask your questions in this topic. That said, if your question has been asked repeatedly and you still don’t have an answer yet, there may simply not be an answer just yet.

And as more things are confirmed, we’ll have more news for you, of course.

We’re almost there, people. Have an awesome weekend!

Weekly update 16.11

At least you finally gave up on giving promises you break all the time anyway. That’s the level of progress we’re achieving together here!!


The first apparently truthful and honest post i have seen from Eve that is not full of false promises, this one actually sounds genuine and gives me the first bit of hope in a long while that i may actually receive my V one day.


I thought the funds had been deposited three weeks ago, though. And now we’re back to soon but this time we mean it


Well, this post looks more professional, but it tells the same, that we have to read already for month (only with more words): keep patient, folks, we’re almost there. If I would see any chance, to get my money back, I would opt for that. But I don’t. That’s the only reason, I keep waiting.


Apart from what has been said, I do enjoy a bit of background information in this post. Here’s to hopefully getting funds settled soon.


Hi Helios,
it’s nice hearing some positive stuff!

Q: A few weeks ago I got an e-mail that said that there were some changes in company structure, but I’ll get another e-mail by the end of the week when and where I can send the V to, so that it can be fixed. I understand that this got delayed because of the delay of the money of the investor, but can you give some information when that will be? Not a certain date, but maybe a timeline of things that will have to happen?



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I thank you for the newest information. What is missing from the this post is why after being told the deal was closed and the funds being transferred did the whole thing apparently blow up. What was the breakdown in communication? Surely all face-to-face meetings occurred prior to us being told that the funds will be available within the 10 days claimed.

Finally can you give us more insight into when we can start the refund process and actually get our money back?

Thank you.


I’m ready for the second product to be developed. I would argue more time should be spent on designing the form factor.


I would argue that your company needs to focus on finalizing the first project, getting things to people who paid a lot of money for product they’ve yet to receive and refunds to people the people who have rightfully requested their money back before you move on to future ventures. Some of us have been more then pantient with only to be disapointed at EVERY turn. Hearing that you are not putting 100% of your efforts into righting your wrongs does not instill confidence in me as a customer and looks bad on your organization.


I’ve got everything crossed we’re nearly at the end of the problems you’ve been having.


Thank you for your post! That was really really nice to read!


I don’t get where you’re coming from. Doubting their sincerity is one thing, and I honestly can’t blame you for that, but I’m pretty sure nobody mentioned not giving 100% towards righting the wrongs. I personally don’t doubt that Eve is giving 100%, I’m just unsure if it’s enough at this point. Not much to do but hope for the best.


Can confirm, am Chinese. Is very common on business discussions that 研究研究 turns into 烟酒烟酒 and wastes a shitload of time.


Well, here goes to something. This has already been way past anything good for a deadline…

Soon it’ll be 2019, and it if it’s still nothing than we can deduce there is really low interest in “investing” in Eve. Feel sorry for the people who will pick up the slack because it’ll only be refund mania.


I stopped lurking this forum since my V arrived back in feb
now that I read some threads… all this looks depressing
my keyboard no longer works (already sent a ticket), need a new one even if I need to pay the $89 price tag :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m not putting their sincerity into question, I’m putting their goals into question. I’m not saying that they are not trying to fix what went wrong with their orders, but if you’re having such a huge problem with delivering your product to begin with… why start a seccond project. I understand the business point of view it makes sense, because investors don’t want to hear about broken promisses and the past. They just want to know what you’re going to do in the future in ensure their investment is worth it and will ensure they get money back from this.
But from a customer’s point of view… this just means that they cannot be focused on delievering the product anymore, it means half of of their attention is now geared towards a new project and their ressouces are no longer going 100% towards compensation and/or completion. information like this is just demoralizing when you’ve been waiting this long and especially if you’ve had to put your own projects aside because you need this said product and there still is no garentee of when you will either see delivery or reimbursement.


@Team We are not saying that we don’t respect your hard work you are doing and suck situation you are in. But the true fact is you guys are not designing the second genius V, nor other fantastic accessories, you are just struggling at the simple basic problems: shipping, warranty, refunds, these are not the great things we appreciate you to do, but the basic business responsibility as customers all pay you. So now do you know why someone in previous post said “We have to let them to always say something, treat them hard like the employee” ?
We hope you can understand that, it’s not hard.

Since here is not a negative post to destory anything further. keep good working @Team I am here still keep my order for hecking almost 1 year, and ready to be wait for another half year, hope we can see the good results you move towards asap


For all those frustrated or confused, or who wish Eve would do more, it’s not complicated. My guess is Eve has just enough cash on hand to keep the lights on, if that. Wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of them aren’t taking a paycheck. Went through this with another small business very recently.

Bottom line, if Eve doesn’t get an money from an investor, they’ll probably go out of business. It takes cash flow to do business and Eve doesn’t have that. Plus they were a very small fish in a very big pond already, so I doubt partners and investors have much motivation at this point to expedite their dealings with Eve.

This situation sucks. I love the idea behind Eve and believe the people working there work very hard (even though they’ve clearly made some mistakes). But don’t expect anything until they have the money.