Weekly Update 23.02


Hello Eve Community!

Now I finally have a proper update to give. Here is the news all of us have been waiting for so long!

All of the tracking numbers will be provided by Sunday night 25.02 this week!
All of Eve Indiegogo backers no matter the region will have a tracking number by then! We have uploaded some more tracking as it becomes available today.
Most of the remaining Vs will arrive to their new amazing owners next week!

Read full story below:

So here is a bigger picture/ story:

Remember those devices that were stuck in customs for a random check last week?

They were released only today. We had to provide tons of information about product certification, shipping and other stuff all week long. For the past week the team and I have been pushing UK customs and 4PX all day long to get them released asap. It was a very bureaucratic process but it’s over now. I can confirm that Vs are now safe and sound in the warehouse being carefully packed and scheduled for pickup by DHL! I have to say that all of the top people from 4PX like their CEO and operations managers were working very hard to get devices shipped this time around. They will keep working through the weekend up until every single device is shipped :slight_smile:

Ok nice to hear that finally my device is shipped. But why did you all go radio silent on us? Is Eve not community driven anymore?

Dudes, you can’t imagine how much we treasure the community. In fact every time I see a comment from any user mentioning how tired he/she is of waiting or reading all of the frustrated comments on the forum I feel terrible. Most important thing I want you to take away is that you are our core value. Eve does not exist without community. That’s it! That’s one of the reasons I am very excited for the upcoming live stream so that you could see our faces and literally see how passionate we are about eve.community and the future we will build together. We need to unite and focus on creating something wonderful together. We know we can be very unprofessional sometimes, we know we don’t always deliver on our promises, we know that as a customer our problems (customs, supply chain) are none of your concern. We are improving bit by bit, step by step. We are operating in a very complex market in which our competition (benchmark) are few multi billion technology brands. We are sure we can do much better than them over time. And with your support we will get there and become the tech company of the future!

Now that our motives are clear, back to the original point. I really wanted to give a lot small updates on the last mile shipping but unfortunately it did not work at all. As different customer groups had very different situations and every time I would post a mini update in threads it would spark a lot of confusion and misinterpretation. Also the shipping process is pretty complex on the back end and not all the customers have enough time to read all of the topics and understand how it works fully. In that case providing more updates only creates more confusion and makes people way more worried. We had a lot of cases in customer support where a user would have his tracking number already and it would show estimated delivery date tomorrow, but then after reading an update in the community they would contact us worried about some customs delay, etc which had nothing to do with their shipment.

We really believe that community is not the best medium for shipping updates and we will not be using it for that purpose in the future. Email and customer support channel are much better for that purpose.

And now that we will have all Vs moving again this Sunday, we will start restructuring the community to what it used to be: one awesome tech family!

This post is super long and feels like some sort of essay but I really want to make sure that our stance on the matter is clear. I really don’t want anyone to think that our silence = less focus on community. On the contrary: it means that we want to get everything shipped and then with new forces focus on making this place great as it used to be!

I will now get back to pushing guys in the UK warehouse to get more tracking numbers to you before Sunday already. Have an awesome weekend. And I can’t wait for this coming Monday by which all of the Vs will be on the final leg of their journey!

LB Shipping Corner
LB Shipping Corner

Phew! :grinning:



Ohhh, you mean like an audit? Well that’s perfectly normal.

Well why didn’t you say so? If you HAD JUST INFORMED THE COMMUNITY-

…oh. Hmm.



Alexa, remind me at Sunday, 23:59 to check for tracking number…


A trecking number could be nice, but so many people have a trecking number und nothing goes on! Rhe same procedure as every week!


First and foremost, thanks for the update.
Now a few comments on my part:

  1. Don’t ever again make a promise you’re not 100% sure. And that also means don’t believe what you’re told just because someone “promise” you something.
  2. When a promise has been made and is not met, COMMUNICATE immediately after the deadline and explain what’s going on.

For example, you told us that the custom audit was supposed to be over on Monday. It obviously wasn’t.
OK. Fair enough. Customs are quite often n administrative nightmare. But you should have told us on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning max. something lijke “Guys, sorry, they keep asking us for more paperwork. it’s going to take longer than expected”.

And one important thing: “shipping done before CNY” shouldn’t have meant “tracking numbers have been created and then nothing else happen”. “Shipping done before CNY” should have meant “the products have actually been picked up by the transporter and they are actually moving”… except of course for the unlucky 10%.


Does that mean you are not going to apologize at all? I was completely disappointed.


[emphasis mine]
I totally agree.
One more point though.
Customers/backers (whoever is on an email list) should have the possibility of
===> managing the kind of emails s/he is getting, <===

  • promotional
  • shipping updates
  • other…
  • other…

This is not the case for the moment.
I for one unsubscribed inside of a promotional email … and did not get the (4th Dec FS) updates anymore.
A support member had to put me manually back into the shipping update email list. (I hope it worked…).

So please if you have the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::smile: work on a possibility to
managing email list
Thanks :wink:


It does sound like something didn’t go quite right there. We’ll need to ensure the various mailing lists are organized in a robust manner. We’ve had one update mail end up with the wrong recipients and it caused all sorts of panic, and the situation you just described isn’t ideal either.

Something to put up for discussion in the next meeting!


Production update for 4th Dec Flash Sale? Supposed to ship Feb/March. Already Feb 23.


Thanks for the update and your hard work all week to get these released. I guess this is good news, but I do have to agree with VK_Friedrich though, it wouldn’t have killed you to post a very brief reply just to let us know that movement on Monday for the stuck UK/EU LB/1TB ones didn’t happen as the audit was still ongoing. I don’t see really how that would be confusing. It would save us all the eager waiting and speculation and complaining all week long. Anyway I’ll take this update as another ‘1 more week’ and hope for a pleasant surprise :sweat_smile: fingers crossed the code actually comes by Sunday and that we don’t have to wait until next Friday for another update if it doesn’t. :crossed_fingers: sorry trying to stay enthusiastic… once I get the tracking code I’ll get excited again. Cheers.


That was a very long ride for all of us but having finally the tracking number on Sunday night is really great. I hope that the shipments will not take too long. I hope that will my V soon. When I will get the tracking number, I will be so excited to receive my V :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


I really really REALLY want to believe this… but fool me once.

OK, Monday morning I am buying a surface if I don’t have a tracking number, then Friday I am buying a surface if i don’t have my V. Can’t have any more uncertainty.


Thats not a very smart move. Just wait a little while longer. Trust me its worth it!


I’ve been trying to keep out of the debate on delays in shipment and disappointed backers. However, I feel obliged to make a point:
I bought a V for one reason and one reason alone. To support a venture which I believed to be worth supporting. I buy my hardware through my business and have the opportunity to buy whatever I believe to be a suitable tool for my needs. As a result of the decision to ‘support’ the eve Project, I find myself struggling with a decidedly slow machine and wondering if the v will ever arrive so I can put the aged machine to bed.

I accept that there may be delays in delivery, be those due to customs checks or incompetent transport companies, but the problem that rates highest on my personal ladder, is that I have absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that my V actually exists. I’m a limited bird backer who did not opt for the 1tb upgrade. I have a vague impression that my request for a windows 10 pro upgrade may have caused a delay in my machine arriving before Christmas, but I’m really not sure.
I would like to think that support could contact me and tell me that my machine is actually in transit. If I knew that I would be more inclined to accept that delays happen. My issue, however, is that I have received precisely NO information whatsoever to repeated requests for the same.
I therefore find myself just being a grumpy old (very old) b*****d


We have been hearing that for SOOOOOOO long though :sleeping: when is enough enough? genuinely?

Also, have to say that I think that a 5 mins update + maybe 15 mins of additional answers from the team would have saved a HUGE amount of anger and infighting in this community in the last few days. Weighing the two up, I know which would win of it was my business.


@Konstantinos. As a LB from Australia I was provided a tracking number on the 15/02. Based on previous updates from Eve I expected my device to be delivered end of this week or early next week.

However, It has not moved since the 14/02 as per 4px tracking and dhl has no record of the package .

Disappointing but it’s a first world problem :grin:.


I believe it only when the number is there! You have announced too much and have not done!

A tracking number does not help, when will the Vs be sent and handed over to the shipping service providers like DHL?

You already write that not all customers keep their Vs next week in hand.
Eve could not keep his promise again. Today is the last day of CNY and not all Vs are delivered!

Eve just does not learn from mistakes.

greetings from Germany


I hear you I really do. You may have known me a little while back when I was in the same position as you.(Ranting in the forums :wink: ) When I got my V a week ago, I’d say for a startup company, they did an awesome job and hence made a beliEVEr out of me.


I second your scepticism. All the news about tracking numbers and no movement makes me nervous. As you pointed out: Konstas’ message brings mixed feelings.
Great that they are released from customs. I hardly believe that all packages are packed. Our experience is tracking numbers are generated way before packaging starts (which makes sense to me by the way). DHL takes its time to pick up the packages. Either it is like Konsta said: Packages are packed and only need to be labelled with tracking codes and delivered to DHL, then it maybe DHL gets them Monday night and we might see them Tuesday or Wednesday. Or tracking numbers are generated but it is not properly packed and ready for DHL. Then we are - estimated from past experiences here in the community, at two to three days to pack the stuff, two days to alert DHL, two days to deliver. So another week from today on.

It is not so that I do not trust Konstas’ words but the past shows it can turn out to be different.