Weekly Update 21.12


Hello Community,

We are having good progress now and soon we’ll share more details! Here are the things that have happened over the past week.

This week in China we have shipped out first accessory orders with PCH. Deliveries to most countries will happen with FedEx express delivery. We have provided the tracking numbers yesterday and you should start seeing progress on shipments already today. For those of you who haven’t received an email asking for your shipping address confirmation, you will once all your items are ready to be shipped. Some accessories are still held by Emdoor, and we are working on releasing that stock as well so that all orders can be fulfilled.

Here is the sneak peak to our new shipping facility:

Stay tuned for the information on the V shipments!

Weekly update 14.12

Q: What’s the status of the V’s? Are they still being held by Emdoor?

It’s nice to see something being shipped again


Keep up the good work! :+1:


Great! :grinning:

Hope to get my V soon since my SP3 battery life now only got about 3.5 hours. :sweat_smile:


I guess my shipping status not having a year is true.


How about repair and exchange?


Hope to get my refund soon!


It’s really annoying to have always messages saying things are progressing but I bought the laptop more than one year ago, and who knows if I would ever receive it and what kind of technology it will have. I’m really thinking how you would think the early backers will promote your product or be happy with it when you never gave a real answer …

When Are you going to fulfill the order for people who bought the Eve back in December 4th 2017


I do worry about our EVEs sitting there for many many months with Battery self discharging. I hoping there not down to or below critical levels.
Does anyone know the self discharge rate of lithium batteries and is battery life degraded by time not charged


I am really happy to see that you guys still exist!!


Q: What is with repairs ? I verified my information 3 weeks ago and still haven‘t got any information.


I guess my November ship date will come true, because they didn’t exactly put a year on it.


Nice to see a status that ignores things that people are concerned about.

Where is my refund? Konstantinos, I think of you as a thief at the moment, you have my money, you have my v and I have neither.

I’d implore you to treat us with humanity and at the bare minimum feed back to us the progress on the bits that aren’t positive but I know from past form this would be too much to expect from you.


Received the magnetic sleeve 2 days ago and it shows a positive progress. Hope it can pick up the momentum for the delivering of the V and refund.


Dear @Southloop , I’ve been wondering the same as my delivery month says also November…


TBH, I think it’s way past the time of referencing the shipping estimator. It’s not based on GPS locations of your stuff, it’s smoke and mirrors for the past months to keep us calmer.

I’d advice to look at the recent delivery reports, that’s more reliable.

Waiting for that shipping no.


Still waiting for my V… It’s with Eve since May and it was supposed to be back by August… Then this happens… I really hope it’d get here soon.


Who shipped, and how was the accessories shipped before?


Li-ion self-discharges about 5 percent in the first 24 hours and then loses 1–2 percent per month; the protection circuit adds another 3 percent per month.



I sense a great deal of returns due to a 12 month battery drain. @Team, thoughts?