Weekly Update 21.09


I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it…I might just get my EVE and I think I like it!
I’ll take the day off work. I might just go beserk, I’m gonna sit by my door and wait for the delivery clerk.


It is confusing to me why refunds are delayed till after units ship. He is claiming investor funds will clean up the mess. So why are refunds dependent upon orders shipping. As soon as they get money why can both things not be done?


If praying is the symbol of loyalty to the god, eve could be my God since I prey to eve everyday to give us the heavenly vessel… The V. :slightly_smiling_face:


So if these people will be getting their accessories, is that when I can expect to get mine? Every time I ask support I feel like I’m brushed off with excuses that may sound like valid reasons but if I need to wait a year… You/they can at least say so…
When I backed this, I was thinking after I get my computer, its done, long wait over… But looks not still waiting for the small stuff @Helios


It is my understanding that they have 1. Spent our money already on parts or 2. It has been sitting in someones mysterious bank account collecting interest for 10 months with a “Funds locked” notification. Either way it frustrates the hell out of me.


It’s coming to Friday and the end of the month, Again. You sure this investor’s got your money?



Will you pls address warranty issues in your next update as well. PLEASE!! It’s infuriating how your company gets away with just staying silent on warranty issues.


I do wonder what tomorrow’s update will bring, really hoping its news of V’s being shipped in the next week or so! :slight_smile:

I say this as Microsoft are holding an event on October 2nd which will surely have some updates to the Surface line which could certainly try and tempt some away from waiting for their V. Dependant on gets updated/announced of course.


Q: I ordered accessories with my EVE will those be coming as well?


It is my understanding that your money is not in eves hands. They get it from the payment processors at the time when more units are shipped. And if you are a investor… would you have your investment in the development of new products or in the refund of frustrated people never coming back ever???