Weekly Update 21.09


Dear Community,

I am making this week’s post to check in with you guys on the latest status. We were contacted by our investors yesterday and were told that for their own internal reasons, the payment will be delayed by one week. We made sure that everything is done from our side. They assured us not to worry and that there is a small hiccup from their side. We will keep you posted and the moment funds hit our account we will be ready to go!

More questions answered from the previous thread in Q&A format:

Q: I ordered accessories and haven’t received them yet. When will I get them?
A: They will be shipped out during the same time frame as orders once investment arrives. They are already in the shipping company warehouse.

Q: How about compensation for people who have been waiting to receive their device?
A: Once the investment arrives and we get orders shipped, we will make sure to figure something out with you. I think it will be a great discussion to have in the community. Once the situation stabilizes, we will be happy to figure out a good solution that works for everyone!

Q: What about my warranty? When will I get my warranty case fixed?
A: We have pending warranty units fixed already. They will be shipped at the same time as the devices. Our issue has been that in order to apply more pressure on us, our manufacturer decided not to release repaired units, or accept new ones before the rest of the units are shipped.

Q: Eve should have stopped sales in December once some units were shipped to avoid this situation.
A: Most of the sales came in a few hours and we made most payments to suppliers then. Stopping sales would only make the situation worse now.

Q: Refund process is too slow. You need to speed it up!
A: We know and understand that. We will release refunds as soon as only possible. Once the investment arrives and units are shipped, we will resume processing the refunds.

Let me know if more questions are missing. Best format to post them would be "Q: Your question"
I will make sure to address as many of them as possible in the next update!


Thanks. I like your new style of updates. I am still concerned wether i get my money back or not but it’s a good thing that you get your investment! Keep it up!


Sometimes there is a jinx on it and everything you can do is continuously trying to fix things as they occur. I deeply respect that you didn’t run away the whole time but fight for keeping the things running. Thank you!


The further delay does make me a little nervous, but these things happen, I guess.

Great to see that things are still looking up. Hopefully things will continue to improve and the flood gates will open, releasing a tidal wave of wonderful detachable 2-in-1s n.n


At least Eve’s investors are appearing as bad at timelines and commitments as Eve; this is good, it allows us to be consistent :joy:


I totally agree with @MrKaktus. Love the new updates. Speaks to the transparency of eve and the actual connection of the community to eve. Also sees us as beeing able to handle information and make up our own thoughts. <- All this is actually one of the biggest reasons why I bought an eve V and still wait for it to arrive ^^


So what does this additional delay mean in terms of delivery? My account still says September but another delay puts us into October delivery at the earliest. I don’t see any language leading us to a more definite shipping date. As for the next update does this mean no further communication from anyone at Eve considering the month is almost over again?

Again I see too much circular talk and very little in the way of what we all want to know- shipping dates and when those who have asked for refunds a more solid answer. I don’t believe any one of us cares about anything more than this.


My personal shipping estimation :
Begin to mid of November

Reason :
Investor’s delay ends this month, then money hits eve account and finalizing

Which means another month goes away

Warranty / refunds next maybe end of
Nov or Dec

Grab me a beer if my estimation is accurate :sleepy: (but I am sure at least it can kick eve’s estimator ass)


Friendly reminder that support issues are still being handled by the support team, and not in the community.


@Konstantinos Q: Will shipments start at the end of September?


Sadly that sounds kind of realistic, dependant on no more delays from the investors of course!


If you’re estimation holds up - and I hope it does, instead of EveTech just tanking - then all us who demand our money back, will receive our ‘loans’ back, one entire year after we’ve invested into this fool’s errand.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if this updating procedure will go on for another couple of months, at which point I hope for all/ some of those funds to be returned to their rightful owners, rather then EveTech going ‘bankrupt’ and the new investor giving it a new name and thus not being liable.

Until then get used to @Konstantinos template for updates:

  • Some story about investors
  • Things went wrong
  • Another delay
  • We’re all really working hard
  • EveTech consists of the most honest people on this planet, but we’re just sooooo unfortunate
  • Give no concrete facts, dates or promises
  • Repeat next week


hey man. I’m really sorry for your situation and have to admit that I eventually would have acted the same way as you a year ago when I was waiting for my HEB V i7 from the indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. But I have never lost faith into this company and especially into Konsta. If he would have taken your money he could do it in december without caring anymore about community and this shit. But he is really working his ass off to get the shit he’s responsible for done and make the best out of this shitty situation for us all, and especially for you. Hope you will get your refund soon. If community gets destroyed by this refund-shit there’s nothing eve can get money for from investors - and then there is no refund… because this community is the main value of eve… why should they carry on with these updates instead of shutting everything down and start something new?


Hey Guys
I wasn’t on this community page for a long time. This because I canceld my EVE order and bougt another product called surface book 2 :slight_smile: Does someone know, if we get our money back in 2018? Because EVE is the King of Delay, i don’t think they will send the money in end of september ( but they sad that they will)
Can anyone tell me the news about this one? @Konstantinos
As a student 1300$ is a loz of money and I want it back as soon as possible :smiley:


  1. People with requesting refunds should not be put behind those still wanting for devices (Dec 4th sale). It is not our fault we requested refunds nor is it our fault that the majority of devices have not been delivered. Both groups should be treated equally.
  2. Are you saying that refunds for Dec 4th orders by Sept 30th will not be meet as promised in June? If so not a surprise and if you can meet that self inflected deadline than I tip my hat to you. If you miss it I surely hope they will be processed ASAP (like in October).

That is the only part of your update that concerns me so, thank you?


Hey there

As far as I see it, you are replying on the only reliable and newest information on this topic.
The Weekly Update 21.09.:

Q: Refund process is too slow. You need to speed it up!
A: We know and understand that. We will release refunds as soon as only possible. Once the investment arrives and units are shipped, we will resume processing the refunds.

So as soon as there is any movement with the investors, there will be movement with your refund. At least now you can visit every Friday for the newest updates and don’t have to check everyday if there is a new bit of information.

Best wishes.


Good to know, I haven’t visited these forums for most of the summer for the very reason you outlined. To much info and comments to weed through. I am glad you now have weekly updates. By “investments” I am assuming the above mentioned “week delay” are the funds you are referring to? But there are no estimations when refunds will start or begin once receiving those funds. We are left to guess. I know you are waiting for funds. I get it but timelines are still very vague and left us to our own guesses. Seems little has changed in that aspect of communication.

Again, thanks for the updated info. I am not mad an any one person. After 10 months I (we) just want our money back and I know you can understand that.

Best wishes.


I asked for the refund yesterday because I can’t wait anymore. I’ve bought the eve in December and now is the point I need a device. So I ordered a Surfacebook 2. It doesn’t mean that they lost me as a customer, I could imagine buying something from eve-tech in the future.

Back to the refund information I received. They said I will get my money at the end of October.
I’m not sure if it applies to everybody, because I requested it just yesterday. But knowing the delay history, I think it possibe that it does.


I totally get where you are coming from, but I am happy that I at least can now "argue" against one thing you said:

Timelines are still very vague, but for now, communication has changed and I feel we know as much as eve does. We are not left guessing because eve is withholding information. They just don’t know either. They have to wait for two other companies to fulfill their contract and forward funds to eve. As soon as that happens, eve starts sending out new units, warranty units and refund canceled orders.

eve could in no way give a estimate of any value, since they cannot know

when exactly the two investors will forward the money

how the manufacturer reacts once there is a steady cashflow again

how the supply chain reacts to the renewed cashflow

Hence no estimate :slight_smile: I know, an estimate and a reliable one at that would be swell, but like I said, at least for know, with the seemingly honest and verbose informationflow, I weel like I know why the things are like they are and I can make up my own mind about that.

Sorry I answered with so much text, but I am just happy, I can like eve again :slight_smile:

So this just undermines a little what I said… :laughing:


I still believe in Eve though the long time no shipping, I have looked other big brands of such 2 in 1 devices, still no strong competitor to against V. Oct 2 may be SP has an update but I don’t think it will give me surprise then. In my case, shipping V within this year is acceptable.

I quite understand why some forumers want to say something for Eve, look back few years ago Eve really did a success for most customers, everyone created idea, voted, discussed and realized it, from that I know Eve is not intend to be a bad company, delay shipping and refunds, nothing from support, warranty. The problem put Eve in this situation now should be really bad, it takes time and energy, money, for Eve to cover it, which also involves those new customers including me unfortunately. A lot of new customers just don’t want to wait that piece of technology for such a long time, the way Eve chooses to put refunds behind shipping is also unreasonable for them. Many haters arise, but the reason why they hate is simple – they don’t get what they should get.

I just want to declare some gaps between these elder supporter and new customers, I believe V, it is a great product, the idea is fantastic. Those whoever participate in part of V project is appreciated and respectable, I am really in sympathy for them that now negative things fill out almost the full forum, unlike long time before. They feel a real punch in guts. BUT please also understand those new customers, they pay their money, for some customers it is a LOT of money, some customers need V in hurry to work in school, in office. They want the refunds, replacement which is reasonable as a customer, considering EVE, as a company it should take much responsibility to make such terrible mistake.

Now Eve has almost all the V assembled but just wait the funds come then ship, let us just sit there to wait it come.

I just wish no more obstacles to stop Eve’s steps, everyone can get their refunds/shipping/replacement as soon as possible, and Eve can make an acceptable compensation, then learn something to prevent that kinds of problems happen again.