Weekly update 2.11


I would like to know it too


But those “assets” are not worth investing in Eve. They could get those without investing in the boondoggle that is the V. There is nothing worth investing in. Nothing.


Factually untrue, having a physical product as your starting point shaves of months of development time for a company looking to aquire. Here is an example of that cycle being completed:


Thanks for that perspective. I am not aware of all of your “adventures” but I can guess at the “fun” you’ve probably had.

I don’t understand why this community is throwing in the towel. That will get you nothing (well bitterness, resentment, frustration, etc). I would think it would make more sense to set your expectations and hopes low but then push them to succeeding. If they end up failing then high expectations are not met at this point. BUT if they succeed and manage to get everyone their EVE Vs and keep the company going the people get a product that still has better general features than the Surface (the best alternative option).

@Konstantinos and @eve-tech I don’t know if you have read my recent posts but it is still in the best interest of everyone that EVE-Tech succeeds. One of the biggest helps in that is communication and honesty. You still have people willing to support you if you do those two things.


So what interesting is that CC&Paypal froze Eve’s funds because they consider it as a fraud, however they don’t know this action make Eve act like a real fraud.


Wholeheartedly agree with you. Nothing to add, just agreeing :slight_smile:

Redact that, I have "something" to add. Konsta and co. should write a book about their journey, with all the traps and pitfalls out there, but also with the joyous moments of prototyping and support from the community. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


People give up because they are tired. It is hard to set expectations low when you lost 1,5k Euro.


Anyone noticed that the community link was removed from the main page in the previous days?


yeah, I just noticed that same thing. Not good!


Yes - the link is gone


Lets hope its just a glitch…….

Anyway, surely we’re in line for another update today right?


Waiting for it since thuesday :smiley: so it can happen every day from now on ^^
Just depends if it there are news, or just a post with excuses and no news at all, lets hope the best!


I’m looking forward to an update today, on Friday.

As for the community link - do we have an alternate place we can regroup in if the community forum gets shutdown? I’d rather we stayed here (and got our computers, refunds, and whatnot), but WHAT IF?


Phew, excellent! I got that cold wind of being shutdown feeling (burr). I don’t know of any other links to this community on their website. It is not a good sign but I understand why they probably did it. So much bad feedback is here. If I was wanting to buy and Eve I would go to the community and check it out. Now new customers can’t but Eve will take their monies. As has been mentioned often here that is fraud.

Anyway, Thank you @darraghlong for this link and a backup for us. I do hope we get a positive update but… well you all know.


I’m on Reddit and signed up to that Eve V sub Reddit anyway. Do we think there’s a real chance the forums will get shut down? If hat happens it certainly will seem on the dodgy side of things!


Just fyi, there is a working link to this community via the contact support page. But I believe you have to be a customer to get to it.


This will be my last post. I will wait for another hour and log-out permanently unless an update today (European time) convinces me to do otherwise.


That’s a detail I hadn’t noticed, either. The community management team have been asking for the lines at the bottom of each page to be removed for a long time now, the ones telling people to come here for support – so I’m glad to see those gone at last. The links at the top, not sure where they went.

I’m not too worried about it for now, since we’re not doing any crowd development, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of spotlights shining this way once new projects take off.

That said, community isn’t going anywhere.

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