Weekly update 2.11


Fully agree. Theres no malicious intend implemented.


I support all of your explanations. I would have done the same.

BUT: If you don’t care for the revolution and the community, you just have to deal with the standard support and stop spamming the community. That’s the problem here. The possibility to report your problems to eve over this community should have been deleted since 4th of december. Just developing. No support, no delivery updates here. Just e-mail and phone contact to eve and to support. Done.

This is and was the biggest mistake of eve and Konsta: Not to clean the community properly from support issues.


Where is the update?


Um… We already paid for that… When we bought the eve.

Btw where’s the update from @Konstantinos? Do we have to wait until Friday? He said he’d get right back to us so I’d assume a quicker update.


We should have heard what has happened, it’s 24 hours later.

I’m so stupid for risking so much on this,
I’m in a spiral.

I guess it’s time to move on, pack up my nothing and pretend this never happened.



Hey @dibadibadu and @Smyler316, you two seem to be optimists.

What’s the best way to react to this lack of checking in on a bank wire that was sent 10 days ago? Is it wrong to expect “I’ll check in asap” means within 24 hours?

@Helios do you have the ability to nudge Konsta to check in like he said earlier? We appreciate your work so far and sorry your livelihood is stressed currently.

  1. @dibadibadu: If Konstatinos hadn’t communicated in the forum, there would have been much more and earlier refund requests. But now, when the bad end gets in sight, this communication has to stop? Of course!

  2. Really irritating is for me, that on Eves site the Eve V still is sold, although they know, that the orders can not be fulfilled. I tried yesterday and could click the “buy” button. The only reason, that the order was not accepted was, that I had not confirmed the terms and conditions before. In my eyes this is fraud.


I am optimistic. This wait sucks and needs to end already but I haven’t seen anything that makes me think that Eve is lying to us or making things up about what’s going on. From what I can see they are still working to fix things as best as they can.

For all I know Eve was checking on the wire transfer, had no reason to think the money wouldn’t show up and therefore really didn’t know what happened. It’s also possible that the investor has just been unreachable in the last couple days. With the string of luck that has plagued everything I wouldn’t be surprised.


Was expecting to have had another short update by this point, even if just to say they’ve been in touch with the investor and back and when we can actually expect the funds to finally arrive.


To be fair, assuming that everything Eve has said before is correct, then I see no reason for them to stop the sale.

Current buyers would (if we had received good news about the transfer yesterday) get their V with everyone else who bought in the flash sale and after, as various flash sale buyers have already requested a refund for a V that is already fully assembled. Eve would probably (as soon as this whole dilemma is over) want to get rid of any spare Vs that are leftover after buyers requested a refund.


I think the biggest complaint with the sales continuing is the honesty about receiving the product. Like I put in my example and one of the responses. People will buy from a website a product that claims to be there and expect to receive it. That is not unreasonable in todays online world. If they chose to continue sales they should have put a backorder notice before a purchase was completed with a required check box acknowledging it. That is the only honest way to continue sales. And that I believe is the biggest problem.


I believe there was a lot of this happening to begin with. Unfortunately if people that aren’t “community” have no place else to vent (support calls/emails/chat), the community is where they end up. I agree with our perspective on the frustration of the venting. But at the same time I can see their perspective and frustration that there is no where else for them to go.

I agree this was another mistake, or at least the mistake of not putting a place specifically for people to vent (unfortunately toxic) and moving those posts there. Creating an account is cheap and venting the same vent with 20 accounts if bans/deletes constantly happen doesn’t help either.
This leads into the problem of not having active support which is possibly stemmed from our prior conversations in this thread.


I will tell you what I think about this. As you know, I had “adventures” with my V. I know Eve-Tech from the beginning. There are two choices: either Konsta is in the Bahamas and sipping a drink for our money, or well … he may be close to suicide. In my eyes Eve-Tech are people with good hearts, but poorly managing the company (they lack experience). I believe and it worries me that it is definitely closer to option number two. Eve Tech has been very unlucky from the very beginning. However, consider whether it is really bad luck or mistakes made.

I know that in my mouth (fingers?) it sounds strange, but I feel sorry for Konsta with all the heart of the amount of stress he has on a daily basis, the amount of things he has to take care for himself is overwhelming in my eyes. And although I know that there are people in a worse situation in this forum than mine, I feel that the situation of each of us may not change anymore.

In my opinion, although doing business on such a scale I am just as good as cooking soup, I think that if an investor decides to stay, Konsta should pass on management to more experienced people while at the same time acting as CEO. I do not know, maybe he should build departments in the company with the director’s staff?

It’s hard to live for people who can not have problems deep in their a**es, that feels bad for every little failure repeatedly. I believe that this is Konsta. Hold on buddy, truly.


Will we get a Friday update ???


Think it’s still time to drink tea and relax :slight_smile: as we should know from EVE: today = tomorrow, this week = next week … and so on…
So if there is an announcement for news, we should calculate *2 and then add 50% plus x… so then we know what time we get news.
Take it with a little black humor, nothing else is possible and being upset is not healthy for us in anyway.

So in that case: Best wishes and keep fingers crossed :wink:


Can’t. Like most people, we made the fatal mistake of trusting EVE too long and went past the typical charge back period. My bank said it was too late.

@Helios have you had any updates yet? Can you nudge @Konstantinos?

Surely Konsta wouldn’t lie that the wire was sent 10 days ago, and I’m imagining 2 days is more than enough time to get in touch with the banks/investors.


Could we at least get a short daily update in order to manage the expectations?


Take it we’re back to our normal Friday updates then! It does seem a little odd that 48 hours later were still none the wiser about the whole situation.


The frame itself, touch login location and rNd that went into it are an asset. There was already a company in India that was looking to get rights to reproduce the body with their own internals.


The silence is deafening