Weekly update 2.11


its difficult hearing about dealth threats to support team, as i work at a managed service provider as well, but the only input i have is about setting expectations, and sometimes its about overestimating ,

if i have done a fix a few hundred times and it takes on average about 5 minutes, i usually tell them 20 minutes to half hour, for the just in-case moments, if the overestimation has been done then i do apologise

For all staff involved, thank you for your support and i do understand the stressful time right now i hope to see updates later ( whether later means tomorrow, or this week )


This is a brilliant plot twist by Eve Tech.

After several months of negotiating and presumably having signed the paper work and initiating the wire transfer, only then does the investor decide to visit the company website and read some posts.

The audacity to use the posts of people who have been victimized by the company and have nowhere else to turn but the company’s message forums against such people is fabulous.

It’s really fantastic, and I for one cannot wait to see what happens next.


What gives you the idea that the investors just now started visiting the community? If you go back and read through some previous updates you will find that the investors have been watching for awhile.


Of course the investors visited the website and the forum before. It would be crazy not to. The actual state of the forum/company doesn’t seem very appealing for an external investor, but remember that they invested based on the future potential of Eve, and not based on the actual state of the company. Eve proved they can build amazing products with the help of the comunity and that’s gold. If an investor can help with the process of building and shipping the actual products on time, then it’s a great combo.


Konstantinos’ words today:

“Our investors are reading the community and it’s concerning for them.”

Obviously, any sane individual would presume that the investors visited the website and was reading these forums prior to investing. Most of us would also presume that such investors would probably not invest in Eve Tech if they were reading the forums, but that’s a whole other discussion.

For Konstantinos to introduce the notion today that the investors are reading the community and it’s concerning for them within the context that the money hasn’t landed that was supposed to land is clearly intending to suggest the possibility that the investor has gotten cold feet from reading the forum.

Of course, it defies logic that the investors have just now for the first time read the forum. At the same time, had the investors previously read the forum, they would have seen the same amount of toxicity 10 months ago or 5 months ago or 2 months ago because the tone of this forum has not changed since the start of 2018.

So, why else would Konstantinos make a comment about the investors being potentially spooked by the forums today when the money hasn’t yet landed if not to lay the foundation for the possibility that the forums have spooked the investor. Which is asinine considering any investor with any real money would have read the forums months ago. Of course.

Hence my message, congratulating Eve Tech and Mr. K himself on this brash technique of intimating that the long-wronged customers at Eve Tech are somehow going to be responsible for the continued wrongs that will (in my opinion, undoubtedly) be perpetrated to them.


As they probably have been reading the forums for a while then it should come as no surprise that some members of the community are running out of patience with the whole situation we find ourselves in. So why does Konstantinos say today they find it concerning? Surely the investors can see people are getting annoyed because of the constant roadblocks each side is facing, whether it be actually finding the investors or getting the money through to Eve?

It does seem a little odd that today of all days (now the investment hasn’t come through) that all of a sudden the investors find the comments on the forums concerning.


Kons himself even doesn’t understand the full situation right now, though he predicts it may due to the community’s “toxic” (I don’t think it’s toxic), but the things are not clear so far so let us just wait Kons to explain asap.

+1 @Konstantinos please notify us if there’s any progress, we are quite frustrated now as we wait for quite a long time for order shipped/refunds/replacement


I think I am telling this third time, but…

  1. What happened to other investor?
    I am pretty sure they didn’t transfer money in one “parcel”. So if one investor’s payment is delayed, other investor’s payment should be already here.

  2. Even if investors read the forum, money has been send already so it will not affect payment transfer in no way.
    Even if it does, the only way to affect it is to cancel the transfer, then bank will notify Eve about cancelled payment transfer etc etc.

  3. Overall, you can’t just say “I don’t know where are money” after 10 business days.

Bank from investor’s side knows exactly where are these money, if they exist.
Any big transfer has multiple middle points before reaching the destination but bank updates about every step, especially by request.



Agree, so I personally don’t think the investor “cancel” the wiring funds because of the negative things in forum, the problem probably exists on bank or other things.

Whatever, @Konstantinos shouldn’t take you long to figure out what’s wrong, a call will be much faster than snail email, we are worried, you should be worried too, it’s too suspicious for you to take another long while finding what’s happening.


It’s been 10 hours since @Konstantinos said he’d look into it.

A totally normal amount of time to contact someone by phone to learn what’s up.


Come on guys, clearly the funds have been delayed by the ebola-ridden middle-eastern refugee caravan traipsing across Mexico because Hillary emailed them Obama’s Kenyan death certificate and those strapping young criminals are carrying eve’s investment across the Atlantic in gold bullion via rubber dinghy.

These things take time, y’know.


What? C’mon guys, that’s just so not on. Stop that.


I look back to see what I did wrong or.could have done better and have determined that I can only move forward by hoping for the best. I wish I had some of my old investment contacts as I still think the idea and product is good. I will have to ask around and see if I can find someone who may be interested in buying into this venture. The original funding was just did not account for all of the potential things that can hit you when doing one bbn of these deals. I don’t like to second guess things, but I used to work with some international business deals back in the 80’s and 90’s as a consultant with the number 1 and number 7 largest accounting firms in the world at that time. Reviewing documents and agreements where a specialty of mine as whether there is a comma or a period between two words can mean major differences. Those where fun times then. Now I’m feeling nostalgic! LOL
But, maybe this deal can be saved. I hope so for everyone. Cause I would grab a piece of this if I could.


With our combined skills & the internet we could probably figure out how to assemble them ourselves. The community just needs to pay for a team of people to go out, get the V’s, find a nice co-working space and get to work.


@mirv thank you for your post.
Weekly update 2.11

Thank you for this and thank you for trying to help the community understand.

Unfortunately that is likely not an option. Contracts already exist with suppliers and manufactures. Those would need to be paid before they would release the parts for anyone else to assemble them.

@eve-tech this is a good example of what many in your community are feeling. Getting past all the emotions/politeness/rage/etc this is how people feel.


So before anyone reads my next post please read this one.
(I did break my posts into three intentionally, anything above I do not want getting lash back from anything below)

I do believe in community, it has cost me more than it has “made me” overall but I still choose to believe in it and hope these concepts can be our future.
I chose to write the next post not because it is what I necessarily believe but because there are two problems here. People that post now are either fans or haters (I know this is not 100% but bare with me).
There is no room for that person that read about a new product in some cool article and clicked the link and purchased. They don’t check forums, company locations, or any other back channel review sites. It’s a retail website with a retail product. Credit card info entered and order submitted. New product in a week or two.
We need to understand there is a lot of frustration from people who may not be “community” people. Who do not understand a companies origins or how this really works.

I am asking @Konstantinos and @eve-tech to read the following post with the described point of view. Please respond and please show us how this is wrong and that we are believing in a company that is worth believing in (not promises that are out of EVE-Techs control but what we are believing in).


Please read the following with the view of a customer with no future objective with a company. Just someone that purchased a product but has not received it.

To the average person means “Our investor doesn’t really exist”.

If our investor does exist we haven’t been paying attention to what has actually been going on with them.

Any investor that reads this community and gets scared at this point has done no due diligence (as previously stated) and is too stupid to understand the cause of it. If their intention was ever to fix this and get EVE-Tech on its feet they would have gotten the money delivered as soon as possible and been involved in ensuring it was properly allocated.

All of these statements make no sense. For a company that was able to build a design, get manufactures, get a sales process going, develop a community like this, and actually deliver all product to the original crowd funders. How can you not have a grasp on how your investment process is going (Technology and manufacturing are different than financial but not that different that a general grasp cannot be achieved).

If I were to look at this for the first time today, read through what has been happening, and come to a logical conclusion; this is what it would be. The crowd funding process did not make enough money and in order to meet obligations to ship the product to crowd funders. You had to do a flash sale to finish funding them. The following flash sales did not make the money to fund the previous retail/flash sales so eventually it would probably crash (but that is why the HK company was created any way, right). The investor path was tried but didn’t pan out so the concept was still followed but sales did not increase. All of EVE-Techs financial obligations are met, it’s just Fortress Tech Distribution LTD that owes people money/product. But good luck with that because it’s in China and who is going to get anything back from a shell company there, right.


The HK company exists from the beginning. Even the IGG crowdfunding was done per Fortress Inc. It’s on my HEB V’s bill.

But all in all your conclusions seem to be realistic. The truth is maybe somewhere between your theory and the story here in community. There are two things you didn’t look to. What sum of money did eve had at the beginning of the journey? What is the cost per month for salary, etc.? Every month of delay (screen delay and investor delay) makes the situation worse…


Now there is a person who speaks some truth! :slight_smile:


Thank you for saying this. I am one in this group. I didn’t sign up for the Eve Revolution or the community project and such. At the time of the Dec 4th sale they were going retail! Sure I read some reviews, did my homework on the hardware and such and than I put down $2K knowing I would get my V in 4-6 weeks. End of story. That is all I care about. I am not here to support Eve in the revolution. I just want my V or my money! it was a retail purchase. It is incredibly black and white for me.

I know many of you on this forum are supporters of the Revolution and have been from the beginning. That is great! But when Eve stepped into the Retail world they were not prepared (even if they thought they were). To me that is 100% on them! Good guys or not, this is the business they choose and you are going to have to deal with customers like myself who are upset. We have a right to be. I think we are civil and respectful for the most part but we are going to show our displeasure. It is our right and our responsibility. Remember, most of us were extremely patient. I for one was mostly positive until the June deadline. That was enough for me. I truly feel like I am going to lose my money and that generally make me very upset. For myself and the others here that make a retail purchase. Personally, I can’t get my money back from my bank. I trusted this company so much that I let the time expire that my bank would refund my credit card. I trusted Eve to deliver despite all others. Up to this point Eve has not delivered. I don’t care anymore about the reasons why because my patience has run out. And quite truthfully it is not my concerned. In the end I bought a retail advertised product and never got my product and the company (bank or whoever) has my money!

I hope Eve gets money so I can get my refund and move on but I don’t care a bit for this revolution!


What I said in that last section does not show malicious intent but a situation that would have developed as the project progressed (your comments I agree with on that). Let me know if rewording is required for the scenario.

Also this is not what I necessarily believe happened, I am a “supporter of the Revolution” as @avenroot put it. But if I step back and look at it from the snapshot today with all the data the forums provide (that being a key component to the perspective), the scenario I provided is unfortunately easy to derive at.