Weekly update 2.11


IMHO if they are concerned by current tone of the messages, I wonder why they got on board, since there was even more flamming on the forum when Eve was sourcing investments…


Make sure to update us as soon as you know more.


Konstantinos has been the absolute soul of reliability and truth, so we should absolutely take this at face value.

It is genuinely amazing to me that (a minority of) folks on here are willing to accept that an investor committing large sums of money to an ailing company

a) didn’t read the forums pre investment, and was unaware of the groundswell of discontent
b) decides to read the forums (after Konstantinos told us the money had been wired remember) and is shocked (SHOCKED!) to learn that people who were promised a device 6 months are not happy. So shocked in fact that they magically stop an in flight transfer of funds.


Honestly DarrahLong
It is incredible. It’s would be mind boggling level lies if this is what we heard next.

But, yea it’s all I see coming.
I see a mind boggling lie about reading the comments today being why they pulled out as investors as being more likely than ever receiving my V.


What do you think is the core value of eve? What are the investors paying for?


It has been done. They have been in contact with the bank. They were told the money would come through on Tuesday. They told us this. When the money didn’t come through they immediately told us (rather than hiding) and let us know that they’d contact the investor and report back.


Well obviously not the update I was hoping for.

I’ll be pretty (well probably very) annoyed if the investor(s?) pull out due to the comments on the forums. People are getting worried about whether they will get their V, get their money back, or have a functioning support when they all have their V. I’d say these are valid concerns to have, maybe people haven’t expressed their opinion in the most polite fashion but again, it’s nearing a year since many of us paid £1000 plus (much more in some cases) for a PC that’s yet to materialise so tensions are obviously going to be running on the high side.

Doubled with the fact that we were told Tuesday at the latest for the funds to arrive/get cleared and we’ve now had another update saying it’ll be longer than that.


This is getting not a surprise, you are aware if you have read this thread, that we were expecting this to happen. I am very disappointed that you lived up to my expectations. You need to be more open, because right now, we have little interest in anything other than when our computers and accessories are going to ship to us, or when we will get our refunds. You have now proven that you could not get it done. Nothing other than that is going to be accepted.


Hey let’s keep things friendly between forum members. In one way or another we are all in this together.


It has nothing to do with not wanting to be publicly associated with Eve. As Konstantinos stated in one of the updates…
“Unfortunately, I cannot disclose the name of this company as such openness with the community is unusual for them as a private company. They are quite strict about their publicity.”
Some investors simply prefer to remain anonymous.


Just a quick question: as far as I understand, Paypal freezed the money because it doesn’t trust Eve - Eve itself still accepts wiring funds - so isn’t it possible for people to just get their money back from Paypal (I mean, they still have that money as far as I understand?) and wire it instead?

Sorry if I’m just sounding plain stupid, but I really never understood that part of “Paypal ist bad, they won’t give Eve the money”. Best regards.


MAY I SUGGEST we stop talking all the negatives here? It may be too late if an investor already has a “summary” of the forums and has made up their mind. BUT if they decide to keep up with the eve community regularly let’s not have the topics be:
*Refund me
*Who’s the investor so I can question them directly and swamp their emails and socials
*I’m making paid advertisements speaking out against this company


My guess. Funding for an obsolete computer is hard to come by. The V needs a major refresh and bios updates. Maybe then, someone will invest.


Please take a look at the previous updates. Lots of relevant info there. Questions that are being asked that have already been answered, actions and timelines once money hits the bank, investor info and privacy, etc.


Let’s take couple of facts about the trustworthiness of Eve and Konstantinos:

What can Eve or Konstantinos gain from claiming that there are investors who don’t exist?

  • Does that claim make people throw money at Eve? No.
  • Does that claim make Eve or Konstantinos attractive to other investors? No.

This is my perception about the financial situation: Eve does not have currently available funds to finish and deliver already produced V’s to their customers.

Currently Eve doesn’t have any income as Eve doesn’t sell any V’s at the moment as far as I know.
And there are funds tied with various entities/payment processors that aren’t controllable by Eve.

Eve is a young company and has run into difficulties due to its rapid expansion. These difficulties are not easy to resolve without outside funding, which Eve is trying to secure.

Unfortunately the investor funds haven’t come through. Konstantinos doesn’t know why this has happened and it’s a waste of everyone’s energy to speculate about the reasons. We just need to wait for the facts to be revealed.

Eve and Konstantinos have been very upfront about the whole dire situation - maybe even too open and candid. Everyone who’s been involved with business and financing knows that there are loads of non-disclosure clauses in these agreements and they have to be respected.

As much as Eve and Konstantinos would like to reveal everything, they just cannot do that without the investor’s consent. Even if the funds are delayed or in the worst case are not coming at all.

I could write an essay about the financial conundrums that quickly expanding startups face but all that information is available on the internet. Please study at your own leisure.

This situation is described as being between a rock and a hard place - not a nice place to be in. I am pretty sure that Konstantinos doesn’t like that situation either.

Empathy is a hard skill to master but please try!

I fully understand that having paid for a V and not having received one sucks majorly. I was one of the original second stage Indiegogo purchasers and it took over a year from payment for me to receive my V.

It was frustrating but I knew that venting my frustration doesn’t make things progress any faster. And I was suspicious. But getting paranoid is not good for one’s peace of mind. And jumping to conclusions without the facts is a not a good thing either.

It was better to be indifferent about the progress (or the lack of it) for my own mental health. I actually started to consider the money spent as lost in “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” kind of way.

And don’t get me wrong. I could lose that money, but it would have been a minor disaster and would have delayed any other 2-in-1/laptop purchase indefinitely. But my livelihood would not have depended on it.

They say that patience is a virtue, maybe we all just need to be a bit more virtuous. And be indifferent about the things we cannot control.


Seems like my reply to this has been removed. Another case of a young company being maybe even too open and candid no doubt


I’ve gone through the topic, and I’ve cleaned it. In broad sweeps. If your post was removed and you feel it shouldn’t have been, then it may have been a reply to something that was removed, or it may simply have been caught in the line of the broom.

It’s time for a reminder that we will not accept ad-hominem attacks. Not against other forum members, not against Eve staff or management.

You can agree with how Eve does its business, you can disagree with it. Both are fine with me. But be civil about it.

Small off-topic rant:

Part of my job involves making sure there’s an update on update day. I get called by Konstantinos asking to review his draft, or I contact Konsta and suggest what needs to be posted.
“This is what the community has been asking for,” or
“we said we’d tell them such and so by today, so we can’t not have it in there,” or
“if you post this, they’re going to ask that, so it’s best to just include that right away.” Or even
“don’t forget to answer the questions form last week’s update topic, these were them.”
Some of that is the job I signed up for. Some of it is frustrating, because like many community members, I will demand Konsta provides answers, even when there are none.

Even so, sometimes, there simply isn’t anything new to report. And it sucks, but that’s when we post an update that says “There is nothing new to report.”

In some ways, things are easier for me than for community members. I’ve already got my V (though I also had to wait the months delay to get mine in the second batch of early bird shipments). Moreover, I hear the reports from the rest of the team, and even though “We’re waiting for Third Party X to do Y, and we don’t have any information other than that they say they’re on it” doesn’t magically change into “Everything is awesome,” just by being part of a meeting, at least I know who Third Party X is, and what Y they’re doing. That said, I still can’t affect any of it, and like the community I’m left waiting.

In some ways, things are harder for me than for community members. I quit my job to join Eve, and if this goes belly-up, my mortgage doesn’t get paid. I’m not in it for a computer, I’m in it for my livelihood. I need this company to succeed. And it’s excruciating to hear about each delay, and about each little uncertainty.

But I also know that the team are working their ass off to make this work. To make it so that we all still have jobs, and so that everyone who ordered a V receives one, and the support that should come with it. That we can develop new products in the future, without these hassles. And that gives me hope.

(Speaking of support, it sucks to hear that our support staff (who are, contrary to popular belief hard at work resolving tickets) receive death wishes. It doesn’t make their life any better, when they’re already working with limited resources to help as many people as they can. If you’re (understandably) impatient about your order, or if there’s something wrong with your device, then by all means, contact support! But please keep in mind that they are people, too…)


And, may I add, to EVERYONE ascribing criminal intentions to Eve and individuals within it: if that were true they would have taken the money and run a long time ago, back when there was some money!

I’ve seen plenty of posts on here that are libellous. Maybe Eve should sue - that could fund a few Vs! :grin:


Thanks for your insight Helios. Let’s hope this situation gets solved quickly so this forum can return to what it was before and Eve can start to become what it was meant to be :slight_smile:


Sorry but blaming people for wanting their money after a year is ridiculous. It’s not the individual’s fault. Asking people to “hold faith” after countless lies is borderline stockholme syndrome.

The investor story wasn’t the only excuse for the past year!