Weekly update 2.11


Exactly, if the investment falls through for some reason we’ve all pretty much lost our money :cry:

The investment has to work out for everyone to be happy at the end of it, lets hope the update on Tuesday is the news we’re all craving! :smiley:


Solid work here, Smyler, thanks for your effort. I was eager to learn from the link you pasted, alas:

So I still don’t have an answer. :confused:

Also, yeah, that financial lack of transparency is clear to me know, I haven’t complained about that recently, have I? It’s the business entity aspect that is confusing.

YES. Exactly. We want to get past this, that is why we ask questions and hold Eve accountable in the way we are able to. No ill will here.

We want to make sure that they are on the path they informed us about, what is the timeline for the rest of the process. With dates, of course, only after they have a solid point of reference. Keep tabs on them.

I mean, I can speak only for myself, actually.

Anywho, I hope that that point will be receiving the funds, and after that, they can layout the PLANNED further steps.

If dates change… Well, shift happens. Although, I’d rather it didn’t happen anymore. But it’s easier to understand your position if you tell us why is that so.

Well, true, We had been updated more frequently with more detailed reasons in the past and the crowd would go wild sometimes, but this stage is supposed to go smoothly as everything that happens after receiving the funds is so meticulously planned, I assume.

Why would I want to see Eve fail? Not to receive the device I ordered? I want to receive the device, make sure it’s okay, bite my teeth everytime I use a cloth to separate the screen from the keyboard, and use the hell out of it for work LIKE A BAWS.

…and guys? Happy 11th monthiversary of your order.


This is the part people were looking for:


just using publicly available data as an example to prove my point.

Point being - this is the kind of info that should be easily attainable from a company’s website and yet, we don’t really know whether it would be the Finnish or HK entity that we might have to sue one day (hopefully not).

I checked on EVE’s About page. There’s a bunch of useless nonsense there, no info that I was looking for, but ironically - there’s a timeline of the steps since the beginning :joy:

HINT - do that for the things to come regarding the delivery, EVE. Graphically it’s really pleasant.

Ironically 2 - the About section tells me to image

EDIT: Nailed it, @Helios. Thanks man. Now let’s focus on the last stage of this telenovella :wink:

Hoping for the writers to have written us a happy ending.


I don’t think such administrative information is something that belongs in a faq or something. You can find fairly easily that eve has another company in HK. The purpose of this company is irrelevant to consumers (if this frozen funds issue wasn’t a thing of course). I know Apple has companies around the globe. Some called Apple some not. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t care what they do.

But Im glad to you found your answer

  1. Yes, this info does belong here, on the company website, and wherever. It’s not secret data, nor it should be. Don’t make a taboo out of a business entity. It also shows the company doesn’t have malicious intents, which needs to be constantly reminded with all the delays and whatnot.

  2. I did not ask for the purpose of the company, rather the administrative distinction. If you followed the saga, than you know I collected it for a different purpose. But hey, more knowledge doesn’t hurt. Also, if sth is irrelevant to you as a consumer, please don’t speak about it like nobody ever needs that info. You don’t know that.

  3. You don’t care what they do? So I guess you’d be oblivious and carefree if next year around this time you don’t have your V, because why care what they did with your PC?

Or a dif. example: the company you bought goods from cuts down rainforest using panda teeth lubricated with orphan tears. Do you still not care for what they do?

  1. I don’t see what your comment has brought to the table except for your opinion on me finding some information which you find irrelevant.

So good job on eagerly gaining attention for no constructive reason. I suppose there is a name for ppl like you… Attention craving? Attention horny? I’m pretty sure I’m close…


The only thing I’m saying is that a FAQ isn’t the place for that information. Not that it shouldn’t be available.


Patiently waiting for todays update :slight_smile:


what if there’s no update today? just imagine that the investor is maybe reading your bullshit haters comments, too. You maybe managed yourself to loose your money by making our great community a swamp.

we need some: "come one eve, take the last step of this hard journey and stand up with fresh money to have a new chapter of crowd development and to get all the still manufactured V’s out and to support the people having a V in their hands properly…"

I have a V in my hands for almost a year now. it is my daily driver 6-10 hours every day… and it is still working without problems. But if there will be a problem someday, I want to have a working eve support and a chance to buy a new V next year! FCK!!!


Hi Guys,

We didn’t get the money to account yet. I don’t know what went wrong. I’ll be try to understand now. Our investors are reading the community and it’s concerning for them. I understand that if there was no delay with this investment it wouldn’t happen. Bottleneck is the European private investor. I am very sorry for this. We really try to do our best and provide everything from our side as soon as possible to the investors. Let me find out what’s going on and get back to you! Unfortunately we are really dependent on the European investor now for things to move quickly. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an explanation for this.

Weekly update 07.12
Weekly update 9.11

Hi Konstantinos,

Grad you follow up the updates.

I don’t really know what is the proper ratio or legal behind the investors proportions.

However, can you talk to other investors to take this not yet transfer amount so that it’s the last jigsaw that you need?

Thank you!:grinning:



Firstly understand that people have unwittingly risked their livelihood supporting you. I don’t know if my messages ever reached you, but without a computer I’ve lost my career and am now working retail.

So what is at stakes has the opportunity to be huge, massive, interdependent to people’s lives, success and livelyhood.
People who were not expecting any of this who have lost so so so much at your hands.

So secondly, and with the first thing in mind, realize that this ever moving excuse is torturous.
Literally, cruel and inhuman, you are hurting are continue to hurt people in deep and effective ways which you ever ask for new apologies for.

This is called Gaslighting


I think we need to see some sort of character witness to Konstantinos person at this point.

Can you produce any evidence to prove that Eve is anyone other that yourself at this point, that there are other live witnesses to any sort of effort of progress?

I’d honestly take the word of anyone willing to say on camera that they know you and believe you are reliable.


Unfortunately I think you nailed it. I get the feeling that @Konstantinos is laying the ground work for the private investor to pull out announcement and blaming us. It is the next phase. Even comments from people like @dibadibadu (who commented they have their V already!) say such things. We are the bad guys for wanting our money or V a year later, having been lied to over and over again. And Mr/Mrs Investor if you are reading this, seriously, if you pull out of the Eve investment because of us on this forum than you really shouldn’t have offered to begin with. You knew what you were getting into! But that said we welcome your money to clean up this mess. :slight_smile: You can make all the complaining go away. :wink: You have the power!


I’m still a supporter. Hoping this Eve-initiative will survive!


First of all. Even sending 10 bucks to another bank takes a day here. And I live in the Netherlands, pretty darn fast when it comes to adopting electronic payment. Secondly. The amount of money being transfered here isn’t done instantly. It takes a while to get everything in place


Kontstantinos just said in his post that

So yes, it’s a real concern for some people and it’s not unfounded. I do agree that any smart investor would understand that people who have been waiting this long will be upset and that isn’t a true representation of the community’s future. I think we all just need to help them see that investing was the right decision.


You’re absolutely right.

Most serious investors do no due diligence before investing huge sums of money, then go on internet forums days before their $ are due to reach the investment company’s account, and get cold feet because of the haters who think that simply paying money for something means that you should actually receive that thing, or have that thing work.

Of course, once the investor (a skittish, nervous creature) has been spooked by the haters, it’s super easy to request your money back, or delay a payment that Konstantinos has assured us was made, so literally everything you are saying is reasonable and realistic.

Thanks for doing SO much in making our great community not a swamp.


Still supporting still good hopes!


Yes, it does take some time. I think we all get it. But Eve is A. Not communicating with us or B. Just not thinking!. I would expect @Konstantinos to tell us more info. Eve should be in contact with the bank/investor/anyone liked to this at all times. This is their livelihood and they come on here and tell us this?!?!

This should have been done! It is just not acceptable. There should be a higher standard here. Even an answer like "The bank tells me… " "The investor tells me… " Not I will figure it out! This is what is so infuriating to us. Not that Eve is in trouble but that they lie and or not communicate the whole truths to us and ignore us. We are left to read between the lines. It is not fair to us the community. Eve, give us some credit! We want you to win but my god seriously work harder for your community and communicate to us!!