Weekly update 2.11


Hello Community,

Waiting for the investment to arrive. As mentioned in the previous update latest for it to arrive is Tuesday. Looking forward to share great news soon! Next update on Tuesday!


Was kinda hoping it’d arrive in 5 days or less but expected an update like this.

Make sure to update us as soon as the transfer arrives! ^^


oh wow, what a surprise. No money, no update, no answers to any of the zillion questions any of us posted in the last week. Weak, @Konstantinos, real weak.

Looking forward to that Tuesday post, tho.


We all do bro :hugs:


That’s not even an update…

Like Rzab said you haven’t answered our tons of questions, though a lot of them are about your investment and funds, we customers just want to make sure we are not dealing with fraud, especially after such terrible experience.

@Konstantinos I hope that your Tuesday update you can conclude more solid things, but this update isn’t a good update at all, and remember that the time give you to find investors, assembling, shipping, is from us


@Konstantinos Given that you now have a definite date for funds I guess you should be able to commit to an ironcast date for refunds right? You will have full visibility on how much you need to spend to start shipping orders, full visibility on how many people have requested a refund, and now have a confirmed date that funds hit your account, so it should be entirely possible for you to commit to delivering refunds by a specific date in the near future. Will you do this?


Yes! The ubiquitous no update update. How did I not see this coming?


yup! I predicted 3-4 sentence response. Nailed it! Do you really think Tuesday will be different? Btw, I don’t remember the whole Tuesday thing. Must have missed that. :frowning:


Not a surprising update sadly :frowning:

Shouldn’t the money bd with you by Monday anyway? That’s the 5th for me. Could always update us on Monday evening.


I know it’s not an ideal update but if there’s nothing to report then there’s nothing to report. Eve has told us everything they can about the investors and schedules. I guess I just don’t understand what some people are expecting. We have to accept the info given in the updates as it is rather than expecting them to contain every little detail want them to have.

If there’s no update someone will complain and say “You need to at least tell us that nothing has changed. A non-update is better than no update.”

If the update is like this one (non-update) then someone complains and says, “That’s not an update. Why won’t you tell us something? You’re hiding something. I want an exact date for xyz.”

If the update is detailed then someone gets mad when one detail changes by the next update. Then they complain and say, “But you promised xyz! You’re a liar! Just another excuse! Don’t give exact dates unless you’re sure. It just sets us up for disappointment.”

So apparently they can’t say anything that will make anyone happy. Yet they keep trying. That tells me that they’re doing the best they can to keep us informed and aren’t trying to string us along. And before anyone starts up with the “fanboy” or “ya, but you already have your V” comments…I’ve been waiting for another Indiegogo item longer than anyone has been waiting for a V. I get the frustration and know what it’s like to wait. I just don’t see the point in getting out the pitchforks.


They could answer some questions?


I don’t know man. I think they are answering what they can. So many of the questions I’ve seen are unanswerable due to the investment funds not hitting the bank yet (which isn’t Eve’s fault). Many of them have already been answered but then someone doesn’t like the answer so they ask it again. That’s just passive-aggressive and pointless. Plus, answering every question we ask isn’t going to get things moving. Investment funds are.

I want Eve spending every waking moment working to get those funds. I think it’s a waste of time (for all of us) to invest energy in asking the same questions every week and sewing general unrest.

If the investors happen to be reading this, get the bloody money in the bank already! Seriously, what’s the holdup? Let’s get this boat moving again so we can put all this behind us and move onto the next thing. We’re just waiting on you now.


My comment is based on the assumption that these two investors exist and are willing to end the "working capital disaster " Eve has been facing for almost a year. I do hope that representatives of these investors visit this form - especially when Konstantinos’ weekly updates are due. Meanwhile they must have a good understanding of the frustration-level present in this "waiting " community - and they should clearly see that the frustration-level is simply emphazised by any further delay they are causing. Dear investors: you badly damage the (remaining) reputation of the company you partly own


Do you really think that asking about their business entity is passive aggressive behaviour?

Because to me, giving partial answers and not answering fully is.

Some other people and I had some legit questions regarding their EVE OY entity they(not us) never answered. We’re just trying to educate and protect ourselves.

Also I want my never-never-screen to be protected. Is answering the question whether they had resolved the scratching issue too much?

My guess is they haven’t because everything is on-hold during this delivery hiatus, especially hardware research. But it would be nice to have sb with balls on @Team to answer simple questions.

@Konstantinos dam(n) well knows that we want the company’s entity info because there might be a necessity to sue the company or report them to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Not making it easier for us is passive aggressive. Also shady AF. Why wouldn’t they want to explain why there is a discrepancy between the HK entity and the Finnish entity? What’s the difference? Which address do I type in when writing a complaint?

I assume that they put a sock in it because they know that the Finnish entity is under EU law and the HK one is further away.

When you ask a question you want an answer. Especially, when you feel cheated on.

You don’t cave in and l let yourself be misdirected.

So, Konsta, have sb collect the questions for you, get down on your Vs and start typing.


Well let’s just wait to Tuesday and see how’s it going… Hope everything can be fixed up within this year so that everyone can have a good eve but also new year. As the investment shows up the rest things shouldn’t have any other delay anymore.

I am trying to be positive again, because the frustration can’t give me anything


Would you answer our questions that were answerable.
I don’t think either of the ones I had in the last thread couldn’t have received some kind of answer.
Thank you


Not everyone is rich enough to just buy another laptop when EVE steals their original amount allocated for it. Especially in 2018, it’s not surprising that someone needs a device to work and thus would be forced into buying it on credit because EVE won’t refund them.

Also @Smyler316 your posts are outrageous. You are critiquing people who are simply trying to get information on an extremely vague situation (with a history of broken promises) about a device they paid for a year ago. For some, this is extremely disruptive and they are simply trying to figure out what’s been going on with their money for a year.

This lack of empathy and victim blaming (in addition to EVE’s execution abilities) is why I lose faith in this “community driven” product. I was interested in a community, not a cult following who can’t recognize/downplay serious issues.


I don’t understand, what isn’t clear about the OY and the PL?

Screen situation hasn’t changed and is unlikely to, take precautions if you want to keep the coating. They’ve said as much already.



Hahaahahaha, wow that is a hilarious response.

I appreciate you two proving my point. This community is toxic unless you fully believe and trust everything @Konstantinos says and does despite him consistently breaking promises for a year now. Probably because most of the critical voices have been banned from the forums.

Spectacular :clap:

People aren’t sure which company is responsible for their refund/device because they are trying to lodge complaints. The lack of a clear answer shows EVE is being shady and trying to sneak around being reported to the authorities.


No, not in and of itself and that’s not what I said. I specifically referred to a particular type of behavior.

If questions about their business entity have already been answered and people continue to refrase the questions in hope of a different answer then that action is passive aggressive. So let’s look at that. Have these questions been answered? Yes, multiple times. No discrepancy between Eve and Fortress, the difference has been explained already, address any complaint letters to the one that deals with what you’re compaining about.



I do empathize. I want everyone to get their V, refund or warranty replacement. That isn’t going to happen unless the investment money goes through.

This is exactly the reaction a lot of people had when the original screen supplier failed to deliver and funds got frozen. Neither of those parties tried to work through the problem and find a solution. Eve did, yet many people “held them fully or partially at fault”.

If you’re interested in a community and community driven products then stick it out with us. Don’t bail when things get rough. Be part of getting past this. You mentioned empathy. I’m simply asking you to have some for Eve. That’s what those of us still supporting them are doing. There’s no cult following here, just some folks who don’t want to see something good get crushed. We do see the serious issues and we want them fixed as much as you do because we don’t want something we believe in to be forever tainted and we certaintly don’t want to see everyone left with nothing. That’s why I (and others) see the investment as the single most serious issue right now. Without it, we all lose. No V’s, no refunds, no support, no missing accessories…nothing.

So, I choose to be positive, patient and empathetic. I hope others can too because we are all waiting on something and we all stand to lose or gain together.
I think @Lin said it best