Weekly Update 19.10


Q: Who is the investor?
Q: When did the money come in?
Q: We are in the week following the 15th, have you lied to us again?
Q: What is the reason for the delay?
Q: Will you give us details regarding the EVE business entity? Tax numbers, business address, management names. Hint - release the data.
Q: Can you tell us where do you plan on visitting next? I’d love a chance to give you a high five for the great work you’ve done.
Q: Who is the second investor? The deadlines of them being anonymous have passed, haven’t they?

Q: When can I stop checking this forum for scraps of hope and get szit done? Not the first one here with this problem, but my pc is dying and having a new one right about now would get me running.



Yup I’m waiting as well at this point :confused:


Well at this point I’m not expecting another update till Friday, honestly fingers crossed for it being good news though.


They told if good news would show up, they would post update earlier , so…


I know, hence why I’m thinking Friday as I have a feeling it’s once again not going to be good news.


I know it’s only Thursday, but spoiler alert:
It’s delayed again. More to come next week.


Actually that’s not “spoiler” because everyone know that there’ll be another delay



did anyone find traces of Eve looking for investors somewhere on the web? I found their profile on crunchbase (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/eve-tech#section-overview) and on pitchbook (https://pitchbook.com/profiles/company/172754-83), but nothing more up-to-date.


Does anyone report them at least? People need to be accountable.


Fixed linking for you.

Anyway, they had plenty of exposure when they were at a tech show last year so it is possible there was never a need for a public call for investors.

Not to say that all the delays aren’t dodgy af, just that the fact that there was no publicity around them looking for investors doesn’t really mean anything.



Well here’s a question for @Konstantinos
Q: Is there any way you can actually proof to us that your investor exists and is committed to getting you back on track? After an announced 3 week delay to the 15th and now another week more with so far no signs of the investments having hit the bank I’m starting to heavily distrust the current situation.


Is your support department dead? I have been attempting to reach them for over a month (rapidly approaching 2 months, now) to return an Eve V with a broken screen for repairs. I have sent images and need the machine to effectively continue my studies and research. However, I am at the point that I will just spend money on another machine based on need. I have sent over a dozen messages without a single response. It makes me wonder if support is truly available at this point.


Yes, support exists: I sent them a question about the invoice and they answered well within 2 days.


Dear Anno1960:

Yes, on 6 September 2018, they responded. I uploaded photos. I then have heard nothing. It is 25 October. I have sent many inquires into the progress. I opened another ticket and referenced this ticket. Still nothing until you reached out to me. I simply want to get a repair done for my screen. I need to ship it and I need an authorization to do so. I need an estimate. I think 45days is a bit excessive from the date of photos being uploaded to go without response. If you would like me to forward the emails to you or take screen shots, I will. I have repeatedly requested updates. I still have yet to receive something resembling an update. Please advise.


Tom Lambert


Likewise for myself, dropped a request to start the refund process at around 9:40 pm on Friday the 19th of October, by the next afternoon it was all sorted.

However on that topic, my status hasn’t changed yet on my order, from other people who’ve requested the refund should I expect it to at some point or do all of yours still say paid and unfulfilled?


Gosh when are you people going to understand. Support won’t respond to reauest about repairs! They don’t have any money so they won’t accept your device because that would engage them legally more than they already engaged.
If they don’t have any money they can’t repair your device! End of story


I asked for cancellation in July, still no money back …


Again still same story.

So 2 ways to interpretate. One is the ponzischeme or liers. The second is that they are terrible managers and they don’t have money anymore.


You have to be very careful here. I was temp-banned for a month for (admittedly) being overly toxic/emotional about waiting.


Read through past weekly updates to know why.

The TL;DR is that first V buyers who haven’t requested a refund will get their device to get frozen funds unlocked. The whole process is currently stuck on waiting for the investor to transfer money.